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"Tara Quinelly, I will be coming for you..." muttered Chuck. After that, he took a moment to assess the quiet room and made sure that he was alone. Chuck quietly laid down his bed and started thinking through the events.

'Rebirth, new identity, Gods, divine energy, and now a living spell. My life is getting more complicated by the minute. The problem is that I don't know whom should I trust and whom I shouldn't. The Porn Goddess has her agenda. To her, my well being is a convenience, not a priority.'

'Alnaal is also an enigma. She and I share a connection, but so does she and Sorscee. I can't be too trusting of her naive-self, Sorscee may take advantage of the little Chibi's character. Alnaal may have her agenda, but I don't think she will harm my interests. Still, caution is advisable.'

'I get the feeling that Sorscee is playing me for a fool. I have to figure out her angle. Until then, I should put her mission of amassing 1000 followers in the back burner. I lack any usable intel on Sage Cultivation and Faith energy.'

[Exhale] 'I need a reliable source of information to cross-reference the intel I received. I must not expose any of my intentions in words or actions. After all, this body and the living spell both came from that little girl and Sorscee. I should follow the behavior of a blithering fool like how the late Antonio used to be, to fit into this community, and slowly play my cards. The life experiences of Antonio has merged with mine, so I don't think I will have any problems imitating him.'

'From Antonio's memory, the priestess who was present in the hospital room was the only one close to a god in the community. The fiancee Kendra may know something, but the relationship with her is turbulent at best.'

'Compared to Kendra, I don't think it will be hard to get close to the Priestess. Antonio's employment as the Janitor was under her recommendation. From Antonio's memory, her name is Katherine Sacheverell, and she is the High Priestess of the Goddess of Wind, Ventia. She is also the principal of Hillview Academy for young ladies, the upscale education institution for refined young girls. Antonio used to hold the job as the janitor of Hillview academy. Hmmm, so his fiancee also studies there, interesting...'

[Clack] Distracting Chuck from his thoughts, the door of his hospital room opened...

Inside came a hot British beauty dressed in a nurse outfit. Her aesthetics were a complementing combination of deep hazel-brown eyes, small sharp nose, moderately plump lips, thin eyebrows, and long fluttering tassels of shiny black hair. Chuck was awestruck, and his thoughts went up on chaos, 'damn, are there no ugly chicks on this planet?'

The delightful sight of feminine charm gently smiled at the not so charming sight of puggy and semi-bald Antonio.

'If only NEETs knew of such a  place,' thought Chuck as he openly drooled.

"Mr. Mimosa, I will be running some physical check-ups on you to make sure you have a full bill of health. Once you pass the test, you can be out of the gloomy hospital," said the beauty with a  slight English accent.

"Oh Miss, had I know you were here, I would have pretended to be sick just to spend more time beside you, and please call me Chuck," smiled Chuck.

"Chuck? Your medical record states that your first name is Antonio..." the hot nurse quizzically tiled her head awaiting an explanation.

"Ah...umm... Chuck is what people who are close to me call me. Antonio is very formal..." fumbled Chuck.

"Oh... friends call you that? But the rumor around the community is that you have no friends," asked the nurse.

'Damn this small town!'

"Uh... hmm... I don't consider anyone as my friend, it takes beautiful women with a kind heart like miss..." said Chuck as he looked for her name tag, "...Kaitlyn Barker."

'Hmm, a barker... interesting name. Hehe, would be interesting to see if she barks when drilled hard,' Chuck was fantasizing with a perverted look in his face, during which, he missed on the blushing young nurse.

Being praised by a male was something utterly new to her.

"Umm...uh... I will call you, Chuck. If we are friends, you don't have to get sick to meet me. As your friend and caretaker, I want to see you in fine health," said Kaitlyn as she brushed a strand of hair being her hair as she stole shy glances at Chuck.

'Huh... Oh yeah, on this planet, I'm the prom queen, and every woman here are the nerds and geeks. Hmm, guess I don't have wait for Tara to get some porn coins...'

Suddenly, the amulet that Chuck got from Alnaal started to become warm. It wasn't anything discomforting, but soon he began hearing a few words in his head.

'Ah... I am talking to a guy... Am I cheating on Luna... I am sure she won't mind... Ah... he thinks I am beautiful...'

'What is this? Are these the thoughts of Kaitlyn? The amulet lets me read the thoughts?'

'Hmm, interesting Luna, huh?' smirked Chuck as he let his eyes wanted over the fidgeting nurse.

"Since dear Kaitlyn has told me that she wants to see me in full health, I sure will become as healthy as a Boa-Ram." From the memory of Antonio, Chuck knew about Boa-Ram, they are mounts similar to the horses of planet Earth, the only difference is that Boa-Rams are smaller and have a snakehead.

"That... That would be for the best..."

"Do you like Boa-Ram, dear nurse?" asked Chuck while Kaitln strapped the blood pressure monitor of Chuck's arm.

"I... never been to a ranch..." answered the nurse, as she watched Chuck undo his shirt, exposing his flab to her, "Why... are you removing your shirt..."

"Oh, the room felt hot, I am sure nurse Kaitlyn will act professionally, and even if you don't, I won't mind since we are friends," said Chuck as he winked at her.

When Kaitly heard what Chuck said, her ears went crimson, and she looked away, trying to hide from the stare of the teasing man.

However, the heat from the amulet told Chuck that his bastardly attitude is swiftly seducing the nurse.

The comparison between her husband, Luna, and Chuck is driving the nurse crazy.

"Kaitlyn, do you know Boa-Rams are horny animals."

"I... I wouldn't know..."

"They are always horny for a mate and be ever ready for sex. Maybe, that is why they are as healthy as they are..."

"If... if Chuck thinks that how it is... it must be true..."

Hearing the reply, Chuck smirked to himself, 'guess things will be much easier than I thought.'

"In that case, I think dear Kaitlyn should conduct a medical check-up on my little brother here. After all, it is a matter concerning my health and well-being," as he said that, Chuck ignored the flustered nurse and turned over, started to undo his pants, and pulled down his boxers.

Kaitlyn did not say a word, she just stood in front of a naked Chuck like a statue, but the heat coming from the medallion that Anaal gave Chuck, indicated to him that the married nurse is writhing in arousal.

"I... I have a husband... I don't think I should conduct a check-up like this," though her mouth said those words, she could not help but stare at the first naked male body that she had ever seen in her life. Her nipples hardened and jutted out from her white uniform.

"Oh, Miss Kaitlyn is overthinking my request. I only wish to know if I am sex-capable. I am sure, as the women of the community, you would have heard of my situation. After the entire drama over my death, I felt reborn. I thought that my luck with women has also changed."

"As a friend, I thought you would have an extra ounce of care for me. I guess I have overestimated myself," Chuck cleverly manipulated the woman with a sad undertone.

"I... I will check you up, but... but I will only be checking... and... you can't tell anyone about this..."

Chuck thanked his lucky stars and was eager to push the gullible beauty into the pits of adultery further down and drown her in lust. He looked at her sexy tight body of 35 C cups, 26 waist, and 34 full a*s cheeks.


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