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"Yes! I will become this planet's most nastiest pervert f*cking Mothers! Their Daughters! Their nieces! Aunts! Cousins! I will f*ck every girl I see who is over 18 years!"

"Disgusting oath but yes! Let's f*ck Mothers! Their Daughters! Their nieces! Aunts! Cousins! F*ck every girl you see who is over 18 years!" joined in Alnaal.

"Yes, we will be swimming in an ocean of porn energy!"

"Yes! We will! So, how are you going to do it? How will we get an ocean of Porn Energy?" excitedly asked Alnaal, looking at Chuck with starry eyes.

"Hmm, seduction is an easy thing on this planet if we take the doctor as an example. The notable thing is that she was actually surprised that I was interested in her. Women of this planet have no self-awareness of their beauty, at least quite a percentage don't have the confidence I think. Those women will be easy targets for harvesting energy."

"Hmm, agreed. Though we cannot measure everyone by the mindset of Dr. Fujiyama, I suppose there are quite a few women like her," chimed in the little soul avatar.

Despite zeroing their for energy harvesting, Chuck wasn't fully confident, because there is one major hurdle...

 "Hey listen, I can seduce women. I've never had trouble making a girl interested in me, even in my last life. However, no matter how much fondness a woman develops towards me, at the end of it, things turn awkward due to my 'situation'... If we don't fix it, all the seduction is for naught. How much Porn coins will I be needing at a minimum?"

"Well, according to insights passed onto me by Ewelina, the most suitable spell that needs to be cast on you as a daily supplement is 'Hormona Inundatio'. However, the cost according to the inscription is 1000 Bronze Porn Coins..."

"What?! 1000 porn coins? The information gleaned from Antonio's memory states that the little pervert has exhausted all the goodwill of the people of this community with his perverted antics. Worst of all, even if women gave into his harassment, his broken d*ck is an unsurmountable wall at the end. This irritated the women to no end. If I try seduction, I think the women will steer clear of me when they learn that I just tease and won't perform."

"Baka! Let me complete what I am saying! Hormona inundatio needs 1000 Porn coins, but you don't need that spell just to get hard. Cruor Cursus, a basic spell that alters your blood flow is already enough, it will cost 10 Porn Coins..."

"Ha! Just 10 Porn Coins? I can easily get that!"

"Grrr, if you interrupt me again, I will make sure your short penis will shrivel up to the size of a peanut. As I was saying, Cruor Cursus can only make the blood flow reach you d*ck. Lacius Seriam, another divine spell, will make the flesh hold the blood in, it will keep the hard-on. It will require 1 Porn coin per minute."

"So, that's..."

"Shh... Keep listening, there is more. You have no stock of semen or any production of it. Eiecta Eluvium, another spell, will restock the fluids in the testicles. It will cost another 5 porn coins. Lastly. it's about sperms. Semen is just the white fluid that consists of protein, minerals, and vitamins. Sperms are what that lets you impregnate a woman, it takes 20 million sperms to impregnate a woman. 1 million sperms will cost you 1 porn coin."


"Baka! I am done, you can talk!"

"Hmm, so the cost of a no-impregnation sex session will be 10 Porn coins to get hard, say 5 Porn Coins to keep it for 5 minutes and 5 porn coins to have a happy ending. So, for 20 porn coins, I can get hard, f*ck a woman for 5 minutes and shoot hot cum deep in her c*nt."

"Heh, not a cheap thing, but I wouldn't want it any other way. Its a thirst of two lives, it would be a let down if it was attained in an easy manner. I heard you say, that the intensity of emotions affects the quality of Porn energy. Is there a way to maximize the energy harvest? The 20 porn coins combo is just the basic thing if I am to f*ck like a Porn Star, I will need more enhancement. Besides, our objective is not to just create a harem but to amass a surplus in Porn energy. Whatever, thoughts you have, don't hold back, tell me everything."

"Hmm, if I have to make a guess, every 'first' for a girl is very intense. Love is another powerful emotional catalyst, a woman always has intense care or reverence towards the man she loves. Food tastes better when you re hungry, invoke the need in women and give them overwhelming pleasure. Ever heard of BDSM?" enquired Alnaal.

"Bondage, Domination, Sadism, and Masochism? the weird way of sex?" unsurely asked Chuck.

"Hmph, there is nothing weird about it. Yes, it is intense, but isn't that what we want? Intense emotions in lewd acts? Be a dom, build a harem. A dom controls his women or submissives, by the ways of pain, commands, and humiliation. They may sound like torture, but it goes beyond. But I think this conversation is for a later date. First, you need a target to seduce to least get the basic 20 Porn coins. I suggest you double on that and set a goal of 40 porn coins, to have some reserve coins."

"Hmm. Yes," replied Chuck as he kept pondering looking lost.

"Thinking of your target for energy harvest?"

"Yes, the most I am familiar with is the doctor and if I go to her, the second round will be more than just nipple play. My shortcomings might be exposed. The women who Antonio knew were also no good, they already know about his condition. If I flirt with them, I will either be ignored or be asked to prove that I am fixed. Both are not something favorable for me at the moment. I need a new girl, who has not much intel on Antonio."

"Don't you already have a girl like that?"

"I do? Who?"

"Cheh, men always ignore the women that fawn over them. Did you forget the cleaner girl who let you out of the restraints even at the risk of getting fired? (Ch. 87)"

"Yes, Tara Quinelly! She will be perfect!"

The little soul avatar suddenly went quiet and an orange glow surrounded her, as she started to incessantly mutter multiple incantations. With a flash of bright light, Alnaal conjured an amulet, after which, she looked visibly tired.

"Here, this is a keepsake of mine that I kept in remembrance of the things of my past, but I think it will be more useful with you. It is a spell amulet, which also has an aura compass. The amulet automatically records the soul aura of people you come in contact with, it also lets you track the recorded aura indicating the direction they are currently present. I've also inscribed the three spells that we talked about, you can cast those spells with the amulet. This is an advanced equipment, you can command it with your mind," as she kept talking, Alnaal kept wobbling the air like a drunkard.

"I think I over-drafted my soul, I will rest in the spell medium, try to get lots of porn energy," saying so Alnaal changed into a bright light and went into the lower spine of Chuck.

With no floating soul avatar, the room lost its sense of mysticism. The quiet room made Chuck miss the incessantly grumpy Chibi. However, he has no time for reminiscing, he has a serious job to do. He needs to amass Porn energy to gain a foothold on this new planet.

"Tara Quinelly, I will be coming for you..." muttered Chuck.


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