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Living spells were once the denizens of an extinct race who were renowned in the universe. The sentient beings of this race had an intangible phantasmal body. They are called, the Zunris. The Zunris' are well versed in spell inscription and divine spell casting. Energy manipulation came naturally to the kinsmen of this race.

The gifted are always ambitious and ambitions always come along with risk. At times, it can be fatal to oneself. This time, the ambition of the Zunris made them extinct. Similar to the Sages, Zunris wanted to create a cultivation method that independent and have no requirement of faith reserves. 

As expected, when the gods caught wind of what the Zunris were planning, they were enraged and descended in droves to destroy the whole civilization. The strongest of the Zunris' had no choice but to utilize the incomplete created cultivation method and convert all the living Zunris into soul seeds.

Once converted into soul seeds, though comatose, they became invulnerable to all attacks and can never be destroyed. After short a period of chaos, the gods cannot find a single Zunris, not because the gods killed everyone, but because ever Zunris is turned into a soul seed. 

The Gods collectively decided to seal all the soul seeds to let this once impressive race to be forever lost from the annals of time. However, the forbidden always has its own allure. There was never a lack of crazies amongst the gods and one such Evil God decided to conducted a secretive experiment on the soul seeds of Zunris. He smuggled the soul seeds out bribing the guardians of the divine vault, within which he whole populace of the Zunris was imprisoned.

The Evil God conducted many cruel experiments and performed inhumane examinations on the soul seeds of the Zunris, rousing them from their state of comatose. However, he did not publicize the way of rousing the soul seeds of Zunris. He further continued his research until he found a way to create a living spell.

At the cost of innumerable lives of the Zunris, the Evil God found a way to imprison the soul seed of a Zunris within a piece of law imprint, developing a sentient and intelligent soul avatar, which is capable of absorbing divine energy and casting pre-inscribed divine spells.

Good things can never be kept under wraps, the Zunris who was once considered as the forbidden taboo had become a hight sought-after product in a short while.

Now that the Gods knew that Zunris have immense value, the mightiest of Gods that took part in the extinction of Zunris, claimed the soul seeds as their personal property. Every 100 years, the Gods who claimed the soul seeds of the Zunris collectively auctioned 100 soul seeds. The Gods set the upper limit of 100 in order to prevent any ploy of vengeance from the reawakened members of the once prominent race.

Any living spell that got too powerful or any creator nurturing a living spell that showed signs of hatred towards the Gods were immediately eliminated. Every living spell is extensively monitored in the God Realm. However, despite the close scrutiny, the reawakened Zunris hid a big secret from the Gods.

After being cultivated into a soul seed, the Zunris, in addition to their own consciousness, all have awakened a supreme consciousness that is interconnected with each other. Through the supreme consciousness, they share advice and experiences.

Though the shared consciousness may seem insignificant at the moment, the extent of this ability, its potential, and uses are yet to be fully unearthed. After all, just with an incomplete cultivation method, they created a singular consciousness for their entire race. There has to ab method to this madness, but the Zunris are not given the time to grow strong enough to protect themselves.

The burden of the past carried by each and every soul avatar of a living spell is cumbersome. Hence it is noted that every soul avatar develops a peculiar character due to the traumatizing tragedy.

Alnaal is fortunate to have a creator like Chuck, not many will give a living spell the time of their day. To most, a living spell is just a convenient tool. These extravagant artifacts are usually bought for young masters of the rich and renowned families.

They are bought as an early crutch in cultivation and as a tool of convenience, indicating social status. The pampered brats of renowned families rarely treat their servants with dignity, even lesser emotion is showed towards their tools.

Creator cruelty is a normal occurrence to soul avatars. Alnaal has only known about the tragic tales of her kinsmen suffering, the supreme consciousness has no record of a creator like Chuck.

Even though she screams at him being weak ad perverted, Alnaal has not much aversion towards Chuck. So when she saw her creator flabbergasted over his current pathetic power level of being a disabled person, she chuckled in heart enjoying his misery for a short while, amused over her humorous owner.

"THE F*CK!" screamed Chuck, when he got to know that his current power level is not even at commoner level. He knew that he will have a bad start at redoing his life, but he never thought things will be this bad.

"Why am I a disabled person? My arms and legs work fine! I should least be a commoner!"

"...um... your third leg has never worked. The late Antonio of this life has not exercised for even an hour. You have diabetics at 18 for god's sake, So in the truest sense, you are pathetically weak."

"I am fired up to start doing push-ups, but my last attempt to lift the bed left me a painful memory and I don't wish to relive it."

"Good call, I have no energy to heal you again. But listen, not everything is bad. You have me don't you?" Alnaal tried to pose in a grand manner but her 2 feet height only left a comical impression.

"What can you do? You ran out of Porn energy with the last heal spell," sying so Chuck depressedly sat down.

"I did exhaust all the porn energy reserved, but can't you make more? You played the mature doctor with no help from a divine spell. You seduced a respectful doctor into your anytime booty call. I bet she would do any deplorable act that you tell her. When you give women an orgasm it does not matter if you can get a hard-on or not. Besides, I can easily stock up porn energy with just foreplay. Women of this planet are extra thirsty," winked Alnaal.

The more Chuck heard her talk, the more fired-up he became. As if seeing light at the end of a dark tunnel, Chuck firmly clutched onto the suggestion of Alnaal...

"Yes! I will become this planet's most nastiest pervert f*cking Mothers! Their Daughters! Their nieces! Aunts! Cousins! I will f*ck every girl I see who is over 18 years!"

"Disgusting oath but yes! Let's f*ck Mothers! Their Daughters! Their nieces! Aunts! Cousins! F*ck every girl you see who is over 18 years!"

A creator and his living spell heartily screamed out appalling statements that will make them end up in prison if said in public.


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