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PORN STAR 94 The Living Spell Part 2 : The Name and the hope of tomorrow!- Porn Star

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"Hmm, I will want 50% of the porn energy!"

"Ah! C'mon is this the time to talk a deal with your creator?" Chuck gritted his teeth and slowly lifted his body despite his pain, his body broke out in cold sweat from the intense pain of his moments, but there was no anguish in Chuck's face. In his face was a maniacal smile, which was forged from his collective hard-pressed victories over the years.

When the Chibi saw the terrifying will of Chuck her heart palpitated with anxiousness, her innate submission towards her creator was invoked when he displayed his unwavering dignity. 

The Chibi turned away from facing Chuck, as she was afraid that Chuck may see through her hollow grandstand.

"Hmph, fine I will heal you. You are my creator, after all," begrudgingly said the soul avatar as a dim red glimmering light effused out of her and enveloped Chuck.


[Creak] [Pop] [Clack] creaking and cracking bone noises continuously came from the back of Chuck. He suffered more pain healing than he got from getting hurt. However, in a short while, the pain receded into nothing and his back felt perfectly fine.

"Can't you be a bit gentler when you cast healing? I was already in soo much pain," grudgingly asked Chuck as he pouted at the little Chibi like a little kid.

"Gentle? You think I have soo much porn energy reserves to squander on your feelings?" replied the Chibi with her nose held high.

"What do you mean no energy to squander? Didn't I earn 15 porn coins from the doctor?"

"You think that is a lot?" the Chibi looked at Chuck as if it is staring at a country bumpkin.

"...it ..is not?"

"It is very little, completely insufficient for healing spells. Just a basic heal required 50 porn coins."

"What! That expensive? I only earned 15 coins, how did you..."

"The goddess left some porn energy in the spell medium as a life-saving measure and you wasted that with your pointless display of unfounded masculinity, congratulation!" the Chibi sarcastically clapped at the gloomy Chuck.

"...Ummm ...I ...."

[Sigh] "Ewelina imparted me a lot of information and common sense that you don't know regarding this planet, the divine beings, and your condition. First, I think you should understand your current power level and stop thinking like a Tzar. The power levels of sentient beings over the universe are termed as disabled, commoner, hero, noble, royalty, monarch aka King, Emperor aka Tzar, demigod, low god, high god, God Eminence, and God Exalt. There is more, but reaching the realm of demigod itself will already be a vast journey for you."

"I am a former Tzar, isn't demigod just my next power level?"

"You were. Your current power level is..." the Chibi had a complicated face hesitating whether she should tell Chuck or not.

"Hey Chibi!"

"Don't call me that!" growled the little gargoyle.

"I don't know your name, tell me your name, I will call you by that," smiled Chuck.

"...I ...I lied, I don't have a name. I am not strong enough to be a named grimoire..." said the snappy little gargoyle sounding gloom and vulnerable.

"I don't care if you are strong or not, I am your creator and I am going to give you a name today!"

"Idiot! Baka! It doesn't work like that!"

But Chuck completely ignored the little raving chibi and sat on the hospital bed scratching his chin thinking of a good name for the soul avatar. Though the little gargoyle put up a fuss, there is underlying anticipation in its eyes as it waited for Chuck.

However, its anticipation slowly turned into a seething grudge as Chuck kept quiet for more than 30 minutes...

"Hmph, I knew you wouldn't give me a name. Even if you did it is not an imprinted name, I never wanted your stupid name anyway..."

Amidst the angered ranting of the little Chibi, Chuck spoke,"...Alnaal ...you will be called: Alnaal, The Wise. The most astute divine being in all of the universes. I give you this name not just in high hopes, but also in faith. Prove the world that your creator is right."

The sonorous voice of Chuck resounded within the core of the soul avatar, the lower spine in Chuck's body excitedly quivered at being given a name. Alnaal just absentmindedly stared at Chuck, her eyes fill up in tears, which she struggled to not let it fall.

Alnaal, turned away from Chuck, not letting him see her display a weak emotion, "Baka! You know this means nothing, I am still an unnamed grimoire."

"I know, but we can be hopeful for the future. I understand that you, I and the goddess are in dire straits. Through fate's finicky matchmaking, we are all interdependent on each other. Though this is not what I asked for, I am grateful for a second chance at life and this time, I don't wish to be just a brave weakling who will die fighting. This time, I wish to win. I wish to protect all those I care for. I wish to live a grand life with no regrets and control my fate."

Alnaal felt her heart choke up because similar to the past of Sorscee and Chuck, Alnaal had also endured tragedy, her past tragedy was even more heartwrenching than Chuck and Sorscee. When Chuck spoke about making things right at the second chance of life, she felt the same. Alnaal wants to make up the shortcomings that she had in her first life to be made right this time.

"...you ...don't you worry whether if you will be strong enough? You got beat the first time, how can you guarantee that thing will be different the second time?"

"Haha, no one can guarantee the future. But isn't that the same for those who oppressed us? They crushed us just once, with this second life we are not offered an increase in strength, but we are offered a priceless chance at the future, the tomorrow of endless potential."

The more Chuck spoke, the lighter and confident became the little Anaal. She always thought that her future will be a life of gloom and vengeance, but after hearing Chuck's perspective, she started thinking of the future with an added anticipation.

"Now, don't hesitate, tell me about my current power level, how bad it can be?" confidently asked Chuck.

Being infected by the positive outlook of Chuck, Alnaal did not hesitate anymore, she smiled brightly at Chuck and said, "Okay. According to your current power level, you are considered a Disabled person."



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