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"Idiots are easily fascinated," muttered the chibi gargoyle as she let out an exasperated sigh at the sight of its owner who is lost in his own fantasy.

[Sigh] "Simpleton! Fool!"

The little gargoyle felt that her future looks bleak because of having to serve someone like Chuck who is currently building dream castle.

"Hey Chibi..."

"Cheh, I have a name..."

"I have a more important question to ask. Why are you this small?" asked Chuck as he tried to measure her with his two fat hands.

"Hmph! Baka! Do you think I wanted to be small? I could only keep this form to conserve energy. A spell medium gets energy from her creator, the stronger he is the more energy the soul avatar can squander on her aesthetics."

"Squander?! You take a cut in the Porn coins?"

"Did you really think that an unrelated individual will purify energy and cast divine spells for free? You numbskull! Was there such a great thing in the world? Were there benefits without cost?"

"...I ...I thought..."

"Thought what? I'm your little slave? If you are not so weak, I would have used your flabby face as a punching bag!" fumed the little Chibi as she saw through Chuck's thoughts of him thinking of her as his slave.

"I am the soul avatar of the spell medium. Yes, I reside in your body and I am created from your life force. However, that does not mean I am your slave, living spell..."


"Stop shouting! You only lost 30 years of your potential life."

"F*ck! So much for Mister Young and Handsome, 18+30, I have already exhausted 48 years of life?!"

"Why are you freaking out! You were already an old bastard! You just need to amass a bunch of Porn energy and you will be able to regain the lost years and get a whole lot more," countered the little Chibi.

"Cheh, easy for you to say, you are just leeching off me," grumpily retorted Chuck.

Being called a mooch completely vexed little gargoyle, "You imprudent imbecile! Do you have any idea how many in the God Realm will be willing to exchange everything of their possession for a living spell's soul seed? You complain that you have me? If you are not so pathetically weak, I wouldn't have to use your body's vitality!"

"Hmph! Always, weak this! Weak that! I was the planet supreme back on my own planet! Let me show you how strong I am can be!" Chuck was completely annoyed by being belittled time and again. As a former Tzar, he felt his pride sullied and decided that he need to prove his might.

Chuck hurriedly looked around and only saw his hospital bed, "Watch this, you little batgirl!"

"I'm not a bat! I am a gargoyle!"

"Cheh, whatever, watch and be amazed."

Chuck closed his eyes and took a moment to calm himself. He exhaled and slowly open his eyes.

Suddenly, it was as if a beast was born and rapidly growing, the eyes on the balding fatso developed a sharp glint, the hospital room was doused in thick battle intent.

Though Chuck had lost his power and his body, the bloody experiences of his past can never be erased from him. Anyone who traversed the fine line of life and death will develop a fierce presence that has nothing to do with power level, it is pure willpower tempered by the cruelty of fate.


The harmless fatso now appeared like an angry buddha effusing tangible killing intent. The little Chibi shut her mouth and looked seriously at Chuck for the first time.

"Heh, if I demolish things in the hospital room, it will be hard to explain. Let me show you how light is this thick metal bed is to me. Though I am not as strong as I used to be, I can still run amock on this planet."

To be on the safer side, Chuck decided to lift the bed with two hands. A hero of valor should have arrogantly lifted up the metal bed and crumpled it up with his bare two hands. Though, Chuck used to a killing beast of immeasurable strength, who was always able to dig deep and explode with extra might like a volcano, when under pressure. Things were not the same when he lifted the metal bed frame...

"Arrrrggghhhh...." [Creak] [Crack!]

The room went completely quiet when the crack was heard.

"Ahhh! My back!"

The Chibi who was intently watching Chuck's display of strength just facepalmed herself and floated in the corner of the room completely ignoring the hysterical Chuck.

"Hey Chibi! Why are you ignoring me? Your creator is in pain! Heal me!"

The little gargoyle just looked at him and simply asked, "Why?"

"Why?! Is it not your job?"

"Nope. I am obligated to help you out, but it is nothing compulsory."

"Ahhh! It hurts every time I move!" Chuck was down on the floor squirming like a cockroach.

"Please heal me. I am in tremendous pain."

"Ummm, you didn't even ask me my name. You just keep calling me Chibi. I don't feel like helping you. Hmph!" being an opportunistic brat, the little gargoyle took the time to point out the ill-treatment of Chuck.

"I am sorry! I knew you will have a cool name that was why I am taking my time for the grand reveal, I can never appreciate things about you, when I am  in this pain, heal me and we can talk about you, all day."

Though the soul avatar knew that Chuck is spinning a desperate yarn of excuses, it felt slightly better hearing its creator say sorry. Contrary to how the little chibi explained, the creators are usually the dominant ones in a relationship between the creator and the spell medium. It is only because of Chuck's current weakness and lack of knowledge could she trample and make fun of Chuck.

"Hmm, if you want my help, I will take 50% of the porn energy that you collect in the future!"

Understanding the tough spot that Chuck is currently in, the Chibi decided to strike a favorable deal with Chuck.


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