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"Yes, I am very happy," said the doctor with eyes glazed in gratitude and affection.

"In that case, we can least kiss, for now, can't we?"

"...kiss... I..." hesitatingly stuttered the 37-year-old woman with her in turmoil.

"I know the doctor is not interested in kissing me, you don't have to pretend to be nice to me. I ama big boy, I can handle rejection, even if I like the girl soo much."

When Chuck sang a sappy tune of a young boy being heartbroken, the heart of Doctor Fujiyama fluttered with emotions of love, care, and disguised lust.

The panty of the 37-year-old woman is already a wet mess with Chuck's teasing and when Chuck spoke in a heartbroken tone, she was anxious to please him but did not know what to do...

"...I ...I will kiss you ...I just haven't kissed any man before ...don't hate me if I was bad at kissing..." the doctor said with an anxious face, eager to prove herself to Antonio.

Chuck did not word-tease the doctor anymore, he pulled her onto him, their faces close to each other. The balding fatso lustfully smiled at the beautiful and desirous doctor.

The doctor fell on Chuck, who was still sitting in the bed, she had her body leaned over with her face close to Chuck, yet her feet were on the floor, making her butt arch high. Her full 34 D cups became more prominent as she leaned forward.

The perverted fatso did not let any moment slip by him, he grabbed the two fullsome matron tits of the doctor over her work shirt, eliciting a moan from the 37-year-old working mother.

"Ahhh mmmppcccchhhh," her surprised moan was soon suppressed when Chuck pressed his face on her and sealed her lips with his.

He cupped and fondled the motherly tits of the doctor, as he suckled hard on the lips of her, he bit and puller her lips with his teeth. All the while he was circling his index finger all around her nipple over her work shirt.

Fujiyama was alien to the concept of men and sex. To be possessively fondled by a young man like Antonio, Fujiyama's sense went into overdrive. She became completely submissive to Chuck. When he pressed his tongue into her mouth she obediently accepted his slick tongue, and let him wrap it around her own.

Chuck who had held up his passion for too long, acted like a ravenous beast as he kissed the obedient doctor with a messy kiss, spit dripping down, making the duo look like perverted animals.

With all this intense stimulation, the doctor's tits became firm and her motherly nipples jutted out. Each of her nipples extended to an inch long after her breastfeeding her child. Now they looked like two small erasers that are poking out from her work shirt.

Chuck rubbed his thumb on the tip of her nipple over the dress, to which the doctor's entire body shivered and before she could get acclimated to the sensation. He pinched and twisted her nipple, making her sense erupt, and very slowly but surely her womb felt a reaction.

To send things into overdrive, Chuck pulled hard on the extended nipples of he doctor.

"Uuuhhhhuuu mmmmmyyyyyy ggggoooodddddd," the doctor moaned out as an explosion went off deep in her cunt. The explosion caused no fire, but it caused a flooding of warm pussy juices, letting the doctor experience her first orgasm.

The doctor went limp and laid on Chuck, while the latter was kissing her neck and make her sit upon his lap.

The doctor came to her senses after a short while, only to notice Chuck having his hands stuffed into her shirt, but she did not object, she just let him touch her.

"Antonio... listen... mmm... you need to have your medical check-up..."

"Can't it wait?"

"First, let's get you a full bill of health. Other things can wait," said the doctor as she extracted herself out of Chuck's hold and turned around trying to hide the wet spot in her pants.

Chuck was miffed thinking that he pushed things too far and probably scared the beautiful doctor. However, his thoughts were interrupted when...

"...I ...I will ask the nurses to come and check your vitals and run some tests on you... ummm... You can find me anytime, be it at the hospital or at my house..." the cute mature Japanese doctor hastily said that and rushed out of the room with her heart beating like crazy.

Chuck looked at the flustered doctor, chuckling to himself and muttered, "heh, guess I still have what it takes to nab a hottie like her."

"Hmm, had to agree, not bad at all," said a sweet and childish female voice. Though Chuck has recently come across many females, he had never heard this voice before.

Chuck immediately looked around to find the source, only to notice a small gargoyle of 2 feet in height floating by his side.  The gargoyle does not have a scary face, it had a cute young chibi-like big head, intelligent big eyes and had its orange hair in two pigtails. 

If not for the big ears, big body size bat wings, and the thick tail, Chuck would have thought it was a young cute child.

"Abnormal things like you kept popping up around me so much in the recent days, I am not surprised anymore."

"Who are you calling abnormal! You are abnormal! Your whole lineage is abnormal!"

"Hmm, pampered attitude, name-calling and trying to act mysterious. Definitely a divine being, which god you are connected to?"

"Idiot! Fool! Dumbass! So quick with the assumptions! I am connected to you!"

"Little girl, yes I am desperate for girls, but I have not fallen to the deviant levels of being connected to a little chibi."

"Horny Bastard! Lecher! Perverted Buffon! Why are you trying to act righteously, I know you inside and out. I am a divine being born out of you."

Scratching his head, "I thought my gun wasn't even in commission, when did I make a shot? Girl, I need to meet your mom. Hehe, if I did it once, I can do it again."

"Pervert! Pervert! Fat Pervert! I am born out of you from the spell medium!"

"Ahh, the weird purple spine thing? I thought it was all a dream?"

"Lying pervert! What dream? Didn't you seduce that old lady because you thought you were fixed?"

"Oh, then I guess, it's official. Thanks for being born or whatever. I will meet you later, I have a doctor to bang."

"Idiot! Stupid! Dimwit! Didn't the Goddess tell you that a living spell needs energy? What are you going to bang her with? wet noodle?"

"Ah, damn! ...I ...what should I do?" anxiously asked Chuck as he recollected that his fix is not a one-off cure.

"Hmph, I don't like you! You are stupid, horny and stupid!"

"Now now, first impressions can be deceiving. I am a very caring man. Affectionate and kind at heart," Chuck tried to cajole the little gargoyle knowing that she literally has him by the balls.

The gargoyle chibi gave a long state at Chuck...

"You didn't even ask me who I am," sadly said the little gargoyle with its ear drooping low.

Chuck quickly patted the sad little gargoyle, "now now, since we share a connection, I innately knew about you, that is why I confirmed that you are a divine being."

"Hmph, I am no ordinary divine being! I am the soul avatar of the Porn System!" proudly said the little Chibi.

Chibi : Chibi is Japanese slang for "small" or "short." It's usually applied to objects, animals, or people (ie. a short person or a small child). When chibi is used in manga and anime, it tends to have a positive, kawaii connotation.


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