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"Awh, why are you grumpy? I brought you this creepy thing, cheer up!"

Ewelina showed the weirdly twisting spine, Chuck noticed that red sigils were covering the entirety of the spine, giving off an ominous dim red glimmer.

"...she's done?"

"Hmph, you should treat Mommy with more respect and what else did you expect out of a Goddess, to take forever like a weak mortal?"

"Ahh, sorry sorry," Chuck tried to pat the head of Ewelina, for which the armament conjured a sharp horn from her forehead appearing like a demon child.

"..eeeh... so touching is off-limits?"

"Mmm, Mommy told me that I should skewer any stranger who tries to touch me."

"I'm not a stranger. Am I not your Goddess's Champion?"

"Heh, Ewelina is a little girl, but she is smart," after which both the armament and Chuck kept their thoughts to themselves.

"...Ummm... I have a question. You don't like the Gods. Then, why did you accept being our Champion?"

Chuck did not say anything for a while and when Ewelina is about to give up, "I agreed because of you."


"Your unconditional faith in her and the way she treated you."

"I don't think you will serve anyone, wholeheartedly."

"..I ..."

"You don't have to reply. Just remember, sometimes dying with a friend is better than living with none. My Goddess may appear weak but she is not easy to fool. She is never arrogant, but always has her pride."

Before Chuck could reply, Ewelina asked him to turn over and readied herself to operate Chuck and replace his spine.

Even if Sorscee has told him that he is a Sage cultivator, Chuck has no recollection of his past lives and still thinks with the common sense of a mortal. He should be applauded to even agree to have his spine replaced. A feat as such is unheard of in conventional medicine.

Chuck calmed his nerves and shut himself up, to prevent distracting Ewelina.

"This is no traditional medical procedure nor are we replacing an ordinary set of bones. Even with anesthetics, I am not sure you won't feel any pain. In the event of feeling any pain, I want you to calm down and grit your teeth, I  should not be disturbed, your life depends on it."

As soon as she said that, Ewelina turned her finger into a large injection and stabbed into his spine administering the anesthesia.

"Ahhh! Could have warrned mweee..."

When the anesthesia kicked in, it made Chuck drowsy, as he quickly entered a state of comatose. Ewelina changed her finger to a sharp scalpel and started to cut the skin for the entire length of his spine.

Blood started to pour out, it was an eerie sight of a child with blood dripping fingers, who was cutting open a man with a callous face.

The usual cheekiness of the sentiment armament was nowhere to be found. Even the most experienced surgeon would not have such eyes of apathy at the sight of blood. No matter how endearing the little armament behaved, this is her true nature, unflinching at the sight of blood, reaping lives with no care, only obedient to her wielder, oppressing everything else.

The cold weapon was at the pinnacle of its precession as she had to sever nerves to the finest neuron threads. At the exact moment, she removed the original spine of the body, the body of Antonio will be dead once again and she has less than an hour to put back the spell medium before the blood starts to clot.

The body of Antonio was already dead for 2 days, it was already pushing the luck of the divine constraints when Chuck was able to resurrect in a long-dead body. Doing it again a second time will definitely give rise to soul repulsion.

Ewelina became like a Sci-fi witch, as she changed part of her body into huge medical equipment and carefully separated Chuck's spine. After removing it she placed the active lumbar spine of the Demon General into the hollow cavity.

It was as if a shark has smelt blood, nerves from the purple spine started to take root and drill into the flesh of Antonio, spilling more blood. It was as if the spine wanted to eat the body of Chuck...

"Arrrghhh!" Chuck woke up in immense pain, he felt as is someone is constantly sawing and pouring magma all throughout his spine.

"I have done all that I could, you have to hold your will firm and wear of the soul imprint of the Demon General."

"AAAARRRRGGGHHH" Chuck had no mind to listen to Ewelina as his whole being was immersed with unbearable pain.

Ewelina soundproofed the room, preventing the mad wails of Chuck being heard out.

In Chuck's mind, was a phantasmal image of a purple ogre that was trying to constantly devour him, no matter what he did.

If he punched, it bit and tore off the flesh in his arm. If he kicked, it bit and ate pieces of his feet. Chuck was left with multiple bite marks all bleeding. The more the phantasmal apparition ate Chuck the more solid it became.

Even its attitude changed from a mad beast to a sentient being of intelligence, it now started to relish the flesh of Chuck and it took its time to eat him. More than the mad rush, the present complacency displayed by the apparition irked Chuck more. 

After it was done feasting on a piece of Chuck, it came for more, but this time Chuck bit into the arm of the phantasm...


The apparition felt it was sullied by Chuck and had is dignity challenged...

[Bam] [Bam] [Bam] [Bam]...

Even with multiple punches to the face, Chuck did not let go. If anything, he sunk his teeth deep into the purple figure, channeling all his pain into biting it. Chuck was finally kicked away but as he went away hurtling, he tore off a piece of the phantasm with him. He wanted to spit it out, but just to taunt the being he chewed on it and swallowed.

Suddenly he felt more energetic and a small portion of his wounds healed...

"Heh, so that's how it is."

Seeing Chuck figure out the situation the phantasma felt threatened, it quickly rushed to Chuck to quickly consume him. But this time, Chuck was ready, roaring out, he also charged at the purple being and bit a hefty chunk of it.

Then it became a race, a cannibalistic feeding frenzy between two sentient beings. The one who consumes the most will survive, the other will just be...


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