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Back in the cold hospital room...

Chuck was back in the body of Antonio when he opened his eyes. He tried to get up but immediately realized that he could not move a limb. He was tightly restrained to his bed.

'What the F*ck! Did people thought I was crazy?'

Chuck thought of screaming for help, but he decided against it.

'I am already tied to my bed, if I make a commotion, I may even be chained. I am very sure I will be questioned before I am let out of these restraints. I needed to sound credible and say everything in sync with this new guy's memory to not arouse any suspicion.'

'Hmm, let me scour through his memory.'

'Antonio Mimosa, born to Paola Mimosa, but was raised by his step-mother, Degna Mimosa. He also has a step-sister Ninfa Mimosa. He has not much recollection of his blood mother and everything related to her and his biological father was kept a secret by his step-mother.'

'He was not subjected to any child cruelty but was never really loved by his step-mother or his step-sister. Haha, can't blame them, the dead Antonio here has the perverted habit of peeking on the females undressing and it seems he didn't even spare his sister to this nasty hobby of his.

'So, on the very first opportunity, his family sent him off as a Pride consort for the princess of the Ballard Family, Kendra Ballard, to Hillview Academy for Elite Young Ladies. The Ballar family is impressive locally, but are actually just a rural big name.'

'How did a loser like him got to be the fiancee of a renowned family like the Ballards, even if it was locally renowned.'

'Oh, so that's the reason, I am currently on Planet Venus and the male to female population ratio is 2:10. So, the male population is soo scarce that every male if fought over by the rich and powerful families. Hence, even a loser like Antonio is considered a prized bull or that would have been the case if not for his ED.'

[Sigh] ' Can't look down on a man who is had to deal with the same situation as mine. Least I get to beat up anyone I wanted. Poor Antonio here lived a life of humiliation, being the most wanted male gender, and failing t the one thing that almost everyone expected out of him.'

'So what is this 'pride consort' all about?'

'Hmm, as expected, a pride consort may sound respectful, but in reality, pride consorts are those who are sold off to a females family to be used as a breeding bull.'

'Oh, so under such intense pressure to breed a female,  he started to peek on girls in the hopes of the taboo to excite him to get a boner.'

'Huh? What are these hazy memory before his death?'



'He was pushed into the water and was forcefully drowned to his death!'

Chuck hastily came out of his deep immersion from the memory of the late Antonio Mimosa.

"So he was murdered," lightly muttered Chuck to himself.


"..huaaaa... What... what did you say..." said a shy and stuttering voice.

Chuck who was shocked by the revelation of Antonio being murdered missed to notice the short frail-looking girl in a cleaner outfit, dressed in plain clothes with a dirty apron being in his hospital room.

Her face is covered by her short messy dirty silver bangs. She does not have much in body curves but did have a pleasant face.

When she made a noise, Chuck found that he slipped up and tried to diffuse the situation by smiling at her saying, "Hi, sorry I startled you. I've had a bad nightmare. Guess sleeping in these restraints will give you some bad dreams, hehe."

The cleaner woman is her mid 20's but due to being malnourished she appeared to be still in her late teens. She had never had a man talk to her before, this was her first time seeing one. Actually, Chuck was not completely at fault for startling the young lady. She was secretly admiring the sleeping Antonio when he suddenly spoke.

Though she was older than Antonio, she did not know how to reply to the smooth-talking Chuck. 

"...I ..you ...sorry ...I have to go..." stuttered the young damsel not knowing how to talk to the first male of her life. She just wanted to run away and that was what she started to do...

"Wait! wait!"

After much hesitation, she turned to him, "...mmm...yes..."

"Can you undo the restraints? I can't even scratch my nose and my limbs are getting sore."

"...I ...I cannot do that... I can go get Dr. Fujiyama..."

"No, not the doctor at the moment, I feel like taking some more rest. I just want to sleep in peace."

After a while of silence, she came close to the revived Antonio and undid the restraints telling him, "...don't tell anyone I was here..."

"Haha, don't worry, my lips are sealed."

As soon as the housekeeping girl undid the restraints, she wanted to leave before Chuck talked to her anymore, because she is already flustered beyond her capacity. But before she could leave, a hand caught her arm...

"Least tell me your name before you go," smiled Chuck.

"...I ...I am Tara Quinelly..." her face turned red like a little apple and when Chuck loosened his hold, she bolted out like lightning not giving him any more chance to make conversation.

However, as soon as Tara left the room, another female voice sounded out, "Huehuehue, Mommy said that you are an unfortunate lecher. I did not what did that mean, but now I understand the lecher part."

Yes, it is exactly Ewelina, she conjured into her little girl avatar as soon as Tara left the hospital room.

"Little girl, is this how you talk to your elder?"

"Hmph, you just look old. Ewelina is alive for over 100 years. She is also stronger!"

"Yes, but I did still save you."

"Mmm, Mommy said that you will say that a billion times. I did not believe Mommy when she told me, because saying one thing over and over is boring, but I think you really can say it," seriously said the little girl in the sailor cap.

Ewelina may seem naive, she is pure at heart, but that does not mean she is not smart. The little girl smartly told Chuck to 'can it' and the middle-aged man was none too happy about it.

"Awh, why are you grumpy? I brought you this creepy thing, cheer up!"

When Ewelina showed the still weirdly twisting spine, Chuck noticed that red sigils were covering the entirety of the spine, giving off an ominous dim red glimmer.

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