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"You little drama queen..." Sorscee shook her head in amusement and continued, "Earlier, when he adamantly rejected us, it wasn't a true rejection, and later when he accepted being a Champion, it wasn't true acceptance. All throughout he was negotiating with me, without voicing it out."

"Huh? A 'no' that does not mean a 'no' and a 'yes' that does not mean a 'yes'? Ewelina's little head hurts...Uwwwuu..." the cute loli held her little head and squatted down as if she was in pain enacting another exaggerated performance amusing her goddess.

"Haha, when he said that he will not be a champion, he did not have complete rejection at heart, he was testing my limits and was subtly trying to maximize his benefits."

"Aaahh! Ewelina listened throughout, he did not make any demands even when you asked what he wanted, he did not ask anything. Don't try to fool a little girl."

For her presumptuous statement, Ewelina earned a painful flick to her forehead from her Goddess.


"Fine, I'll explain. From what you told me of what happened at Earth, he battled the Tzars from the Churches, he clearly knows the pros and cons of being a God's Champion. When I told him to be my Champion the first time, he did not start with any sort of rejection but had more questions. (Ch 81) He is interested in the prospect of having a God's aid but was apprehensive over the restrictions."

"Then he made it known and emphasized the fact that he aided you, trying to invoke gratitude in me. When he first expressed his "refusal" his follow up reason was not on why he did not want to be a Champion, but it was me being ungrateful."

"Hmm, wasn't he just mad at Mommy for not saying thank you?"

"Haha, that is exactly that, he was mad that he wasn't thanked and he wanted to be thanked in benefits for the aid he unknowingly rendered. I neutralized him fishing for benefits when I apologized. A God apologizing is a reparation beyond the material means."

"Mortals have this tradition of public apology that the men of power use when they committed any wrongdoing. If the man in question did not have much authority, he will face serious consequences and punishment of varying degrees. However, if the same wrongdoing doings are committed by a man of power, a public apology will hamper his reputation, but in most cases will leave him Scott free from giving any sort of reparation or compensation."

"Hehehe, the way of mortals are stupid," said the enthusiastic Ewelina.

Sorscee hugged Ewelina, letting the armament snuggle into her and continued, "So when he had exhausted the means of taking benefits from me, he again refused. Similarly, the follow-up reason wasn't true refusal, but it was the acquisition of how poorly Apollo treated his Champion, he expressed his bottom line that he will not be a puppet with no free-will if he were to agree to become a Champion."

"...Uuuhaaaa... Old people talk in circles, so very boring! If Ewelina wants Ice cream, She will say she wants Ice cream! Mommy, I want Ice cream!"

"Hmm, who did you call old people?" Sorscee sharply looked at the little girl in the big Sailor hat.

"...eeek... I meant him, the old man! But Mommy you asked him what he wants, but he did not ask for anything, he is not completely bad, is he?" The smart armament hastily tried to shift the argument.

"Hmmm!" Sorscee started at the cute armament for a short while and moved on, "He is not someone who is selfless, he played it smart by not asking for anything. He didn't ask for anything, but he did not say he did not want anything," said Sorscee as she gnashed her teeth thinking about the calm manner the mortal handled the temptation.

"Hmm, Mommy, is there a difference between not asking for anything and telling people of not wanting anything?" Ewelina tilted her head to the side in confusion as she asked about it.

"Yes, there is a major difference. He did not ask anything now because he didn't know what to ask, he did not want to be short-changed. I am very sure he will use these words of mine when a favorable situation arises, reaping the maximum benefits," grumpily replied the Goddess, as she was made to recollect her memory of being played by a mortal.

"...huaaa... then why did Mommy still ask for him to be our Champion?"

"Because we desperately need him, in my weakened state I cannot leave far from the divine spark and go search for a Champion. I cannot risk you to take me around, we are divine beings, if traces of us were found by the Aequus Garrison or the other Gods who are searching for us, the consequences will be dire."

"...Ummm... I don't like him having all the advantages..." pouted the sentient armament.

"Haha, it may seem that way, but don't we have our hook now?" said Sorscee as she looked at the twisting and turning spine in her hand.

Before the armament could ask further questions, Sorscee interrupted her, "Darling, I will be busy for a while, inscribing the divine spell, after which, I will go into a period of dormancy. Take the inscribed spine and replace it in the body of Chuck. Tell him that I am at a weakened state and if he needs to talk to me, he needs to show my insignia to at least 100 individuals and havest their emotions, so that I can energy to rouse from my weakened state."

"...mmm... I will tell him, mommy."

"Oh, one last thing, how long was the new body of Chuck was dead before you replaced the heart?"

"...Ummm... That guy was dead for 2 days. Ewelina knows that the big scary woman said that the new body should not be dead for more than 15 seconds, but on this planet, there were not many males and I was anxious to see mommy again. Ewelina is sorry," said the innocent armament tearfully.

To the crying anxious little girl, Sorscee just patted her head and just smiled at her.

"Don't worry darling, you have done me a huge favor by not obeying that scary woman," after which Sorscee just coldly looked at the animated purple spine and just coldly smiled to herself, the underlying thoughts of the smile were only known to the scheming Goddess of Porn.

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