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"F*ck! Is that a spine of someone?"

"Yes, it is the lower spine of a Demon General of the Lust domain, to be exact."

"F*ck! I am not eating that! That thing is still moving!"

"Bastard! Idiot! Nincompoop! Who told you that you are going to eat it?"

"Demigods will be lining up to give their most precious treasures in exchange for the lumbar spine of a Demon General and you thought of f*cking eating it!"

Chuck was embarrassed having his stupid thoughts being called out, he immediately tried to change the focus asking, "So how are you going to use it to fix me up?"

"Hmph, you should have asked me that in the first place. I will inscribe a living spell on the Demon General's spine, this spine is especially compatible as it is from the Demon General of the Lust Domain. Once the spell is ready we will replace the spine of your body with this one."

Chuck looked at the creepy spine twisting and turning in Sorscee's hand, and felt a chill on his back thinking about putting that thing into his body, but before he could voice his concerns, the Goddess continued...

"As soon as the spell medium is incorporated into your body, it will make the body overproduce testosterone, a hormone that is crucial in everything related to sex. The torrential testosterone will make you the manliest of men. Getting a hard-on, staying hard, sexual performance, multiple shots, name the most fantastical sexual fantasy, you will be capable of it."

"..you ...you mean like a porn star?"

"Heh, better than a porn star, you will be a Porn God."

"Let's do it!"

"Haha, we will, but..."

"But what? what's the catch?"

"A living spell needs energy for it to operate and sustain, for this particular spine as it will have the inscriptions of a spell from the Porn Goddess. It needs the energy of Porn."

"How do I go about collecting Pornenergy?"

"That's simple, be in the proximity of sentient beings relishing the sinful act of fornication aka sex. Every intense emotion carries energy, we the gods collectively cultivate in the faith energy arising out of the seven virtues. The Seven hells is another supreme realm similar to the God Realm. Strong beings of Seven Hells cultivate in the negative energy that arises out of the seven sins."

"I am a demoness who had risen to Godhood, I can absorb energies of both sin and virtue. Of course, my limitation is that the emotion energy should arise from lewd acts and sex."

"This spine will help you absorb the emotions and convert them into Porn energy. The surplus can be even used to improve your strength. However, every opportunity comes with its own risk. You still want to try?"

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Chuck went silent at the prospect of the dangers unknown. He took a deep breath and calmed his mind. Chuck is cautious but is also dauntless when he has a goal in mind. He thought things over and was very sure that Sorscee needs him, least for the present. The information he has in this new world is limited to the memories of the unimpressive and ill-treated Antonio. Though from his experience he could tell that the gods are selfish beings, in the present scenario, having one on his side is better than having the aid of none.

As soon as Chuck made up his mind, Sorscee smiled brilliantly at him, like a fisherman who had caught his biggest fish. Chuck and Sorscee smiled at each other and had the same thought in their minds.

'Let me see what game you are going to play.'

"Goddess, let's do it."

"Haha, as expected of my dauntless champion. I will return your consciousness back to the body. Leaving an alien body comatose for long periods will develop soul rejection."

"Ewelina will come and perform the operation once I ready the spell medium."

Chuck nodded, feeling anxious over the anticipation and the possible complications.

The middle-aged Tzar does not want to be over-excited and tried to constantly calm his nerves down.

Sorscee smiled at this and quietly sent him away making his soul consciousness vanish from the metaspace.

As soon as Chuck left, Ewelina came rushing towards Sorscee and hugged onto her...

"Mommy! We finally have a Champion!"

Sorscee picked up Ewelina and kissed her on the forehead, "Silly child, we haven't even performed the initiation ceremony. How can he be our Champion as of yet?"

[Pout] "Ewelina is smart. I heard him say that he will become our Champion and bowed to mommy."

Sorscee sternly started at Ewelina, "So you haven't obeyed me and returned to the divine spark?"

"...eeek... I did, Ewelina is not naughty. Mommy told me to return but not to stop listening. I eavesdropped on Mommy," proudly said the little girl in the sailor uniform with her hands on her hip.

No one could stay angry at the cute and innocent girl and Sorscee is no exception.

"You little.." Sorscee picked her up and bit her soft cheeks.

"Ahh... Save me! Mommy is eating me!" the Goddess and armament fooled around teasing each other.

"...uuwwuuu..." Ewelina rubbed her cheek that had the teeth imprint of her goddess. Though Ewelina behaves like a child, she is very intelligent. From Sorscee's reluctance on calling Chuck their Champion, she understood something was going on between Sorscee and Chuck.

"Mommy is that man, not our Champion?"

Sorscee never had any secrets with Ewelina, so she readily replied, "You should ask me if he is our Champion?"

"Okay! Is he our Champion?"

"Yes and no."

"Huh... what do you mean by that mommy? Ewelina is a little girl, you should explain properly," the brat armament tried to act like an old lady to her Goddess only to end up being spanked.

"...uwwu..." the little girl rubbed her little butt as she looked at her goddess with teary eyes.

"Fine fine, don't try to guilt me, I will tell you."

The armament immediately sucked her tears in and intently waited for her Goddess to explain.

"You little drama queen..." Sorscee shook her head in amusement and continued, "Earlier, when he adamantly rejected us, it wasn't a true rejection, and later when he accepted being a Champion, it wasn't true acceptance. All throughout he was negotiating with me, without voicing it out."

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