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"Yes, I can fix up your situation with the ladies."

Chuck had been haunted and traumatized by this condition all his life, he had always dreamed of fixing it up, but to see a real possibility felt completely surreal for him.

For a man like Chuck, who was a top-rated Tzar on Earth there are very little things that could make him feel a longing and to have his little brother become a big brother will be a dream come true for him.

Despite his eyes displaying the deep desire to get himself fixed, Chuck's mind was still sane.

"So I make 1000 people see your insignia at moments of extreme emotions you will fix me up?"

Sorscee, who saw Chuck curb his desire chuckled at her hear, 'as cautious as ever, guess I should throw the bait without the hook.'

"Even better, I will fix you up first in the faith of your potential and ability to serve me."

"Is it a divine trick? or a spell? How am I going to be healed."

"Neither. If you are a commoner, though I am not a god of health, I can easily heal any injury of yours. But you are a sage cultivator, I am incapable of manipulating your body in my weakened state. Besides your situation is no injury or ailment."

"I am all for calling disabled as specially-abled and other nice words, but my little brother is truly disabled. If a cheery counseling is all that you are offering, I pass," grumbled Chuck.

"Haha, impatient as ever. I deemed your situation as not an ailment because of your quirk."

"What of it?"

"Yur proudly call it foresight is it not? Such a big name for just increased brain activity, huehuehue."

"It is a cool name! My readers agree!"

"Hmph, let me explain why your proud quirk caused you ED. Your so-called 'foresight' accelerates your heartbeat right?"


"All the blood pumped gets rushed to your brain and your movement muscles, right?"

"Yeah, so what?"

Sorscee just casually undid her Toga...

"...what...is this the treatment..."


She sensually walked out of it and got on all fours and walked on all fours like a feline predator and sexily trotted her way to Chuck.

With each step her firm and soft tits jiggled and hanged low as her nipples came up to Chuck's view and drop-down, she bit her lips seductively and came near Chuck's feet. She slowly strokes the inner side of his shins to his inner thighs and slowly stroked the naked Chuck's ball sac.

**huff** **huff** Despite feeling the rising lust, there is no activity at Chuck's shriveled member.

"How is your hearbeat?"

"..my .my heartbeat?"

It is only now Chuck noticed...

[Ba-dum] [Ba-dum] [Ba-dum] [Ba-dum] [Ba-dum] [Ba-dum] [Ba-dum]...

His heartbeat is accelerating like an American muscle car. 

"...it was foresight all along..."

"Yes, but it is not just the blood flow or the heartbeat. Your quirk activates with intense emotions and it puts you in a cold mindset. You do have a perverted conscious mind, but your subconscious is not burning with the seething desire to mount a girl.

"Your body's hormonal priority is given to adrenaline. It is good for strenuous activity, burst of multifold strength and to bring out one's potential, but it is the worst for a hard-on."

"Instead of calling it foresight, call it 'enuch making', that is more accurate."

"But...but ...I ...why..." stuttered Chuck as he came to the realization that the only proud thing of his life caused all the shameful moments of his life.

"I.. what should I do..."

"Before I tell you this, will you ever be willing to place your life voluntarily in the hands of someone but yourself?"


"Even if it costs you your only chance at fixing your body?"

"I am sure, I won't let anyone hold my fate."

"Fixing up my condition is a tempting offer, if you said the same in my adolescent years, I might have agreed in a heartbeat. But over the years, I've learned to live with my situation."

"Only when you have something you have the leverage to talk, if not you are forever forced to be mute. Haha, what can I say? I just like hearing me yapping out."

After Chuck said this, neither of them talked, Sorscee coldly looked at him in silence and he just casually smiled back at her.

[Sigh] "As a God, I've given my word. I will fix you up."

"Oh... you sure?"

"What do you mean by sure? Did you think divine beings' words are only worth a fart? Even the most deplorable god will uphold his word. We are beings dependent on faith, how could one believe in a god with no integrity?"

"Hmm, Alright, in exchange I will make 1000 people see your insignia and try my best to make them worship you.

"Hahaha, Good, so a divine contract shall be made," Sorscee excitedly clapped her hands, and suddenly Chuck felt a restraining force envelops him and a golden scroll appeared before him.

Sorscee unhesitatingly dripped a drop of blood over it. Seeing Sorscee, Chuck silently looked at the scroll for a short while but still imitated Sorscee's action of dripping blood on the mystical scroll. The golden scroll dazzled up and vanished.

"We have already signed a contract, don't you think it is time you tell me your plan on how to fix me up?"

"Haha, anxious are we? Don't worry, the contract will be null with a backlash if I could not uphold my end of the bargain."

"I am going to fix you up with this," The obscene Goddess showed an eerie set of purple bone joints, that is wriggling in her hands like a centipede.

"F*ck! Is that a spine of someone?"

"Yes, it is the lower spine of a Demon General of the Lust domain, to be exact."

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