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PORN STAR 83 Give and Take Part 1 : A peek at Chuck's Origins - Porn Star

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Fate a mystical entity touches and entangles everything, now intertwined the future of the Goddess of Porn and a reincarnated Tzar, the changes it will bring both their lives is something that only time can reveal.

Chuck got back up, "So that's it? kneel down and boom I'm a champion?"

"Hmph, your mortal stupidity baffles me. But, what could you expect from a mere mortal?"

"C'mon I'm okay with personal attacks, but no generalization of my fellow men. Have a beef with me, bring it on bitch! Say it straight to my face."

**huff** **huff** " How dare you talk to your goddess-like this! I will freaking skin you alive!" Sorscee conjured a whip and started chasing Chuck. Ewelina who was watching this from far away, peeking out of the divine spark smiled at her goddess being carefree.

"Enough Enough! I surrender!"

[Whip] [Whip] [Whip] 

Despite his surrender, Chuck was whipped thrice on the butt.

"Oww, already with the whips and stuff, cool it, darling."

"Do you have what it takes to flirt with me?" smirked Sorscee.

"I can flirt alright, it's the 'doing' part that is hard for me."

"From my finding, nothing it hard for you, especially down there."

"...that ...I ...first tell me where we are, what happened after Apollo burnt me? All this is new to me."

"Hmm sure, you are my Champion after all. Information is the least I can do for you."

"What besides the life of Chuck do you remember?"

"...hmmm... I remember living another life, I was called as Antonio in that life. Other than that, I have vague bits and pieces of battle and people, but none of it was connected to the life of Chuck or of Antonio."

[Sigh]" I feared this would happen. You need to understand the world of Gods before I explain our present situation to you"

"Listen carefully for what I am about to say..."

"Gods pursue strength by amassing faith energy and they fight converting faith reserves into divine energy. Gods are dependent supremes, the lack of followers will instantly curb the capabilities of a god. Apart from the Gods, there is another type of supremes, the sages."

"The way of sages is billion times harder than the way of gods. Before you become a demigod, you concentrate more on your Soulforce to Elemental Tzars have a better understanding of it. Once you ascend to a demigod, you change your primary energy to faith reserves, from which you will convert divine energy.  However, the sages, they would still try to improve their Soulforce and convert Soulforce into divine energy. Their primary energy will be still drawn from their soul."

"Therefore their power will be completely their own. Initially, the advantages are not very prominent except for improved battle prowess, but the primary reason for one to walk the way of sages is to cultivate the immortal soul body. Of course, what is harder will always yield better results. From the start, a sage cultivator at the demigod power levels will be able to battle 10 or more demigods who rely on faith energy."

"I see the advantage, what are the cons?"

"Simple, a demigod of faith reserves will be able to reach the realm of Low God, easier and quicker. At that time, even the lousiest low god will be able to crush a sage of a lower realm like an ant."

"I kinda get what you are saying, but why are you telling me all that?"

"You remember being dead, why are you alive?"

"Didn't you save me?"

"Ewelina found you a body, but she did not bring you back from the dead and I had no part in any of this."

"...then who did?"

"You did."

"...I ...how?"

"There was once a famous sage cultivator called the Reincarnation Sage. He was a rising star who was able to dominate the realm of High Gods. Unfortunately, he had indirectly offended a God Exalt, God Eminences hunted him in droves. Surprisingly, though he couldn't fight God Eminences, he was able to survive the clashes and was able to run away. However, Fate did not smile fondly upon him, he was soon encircled by the pursuers and seeing no way out. He killed himself."

"Everyone called him a coward as he did not fight till his last breath like a man. He is a disgrace of the Sages, so no one spoke out for his tragedy. Unsurprisingly, the persistence of the Reincarnation Sage did not go unnoticed. The Gods noticed that if given enough time, Reincarnation Sage would be able to battle God Eminences. This fact made them fearful of Sage cultivators and they covertly carried out a purge. Since Reincarnation Sage, every known Sage cultivator is hunted and killed."

"You think..."

"Yes, I suspect you were a sage cultivator, maybe even a disciple of the Reincarnation Sage. Your soul force is already at the level 3 and is hidden deep in the divine spark an old monster that resides deep within you, that is why you were never truly killed by Apollo, he just destroyed your body.

"Huh? What? Sage Cultivator? Level 3? Old Monster? What are you saying? I don't understand anything."

"Chuck your origins may not just be a simple mafia boss. You have a powerful being living inside you, only she may be able to answer all your question. I could only speculate based on my findings. You are too weak to summon her and even if you do, what do you plan to do if you knew your origins?"


"A mere soul strand of Apollo burnt you completely, if not for the supreme being within you, you are as good as dead by now."

Chuck never felt as weak and helpless as he felt now.

"So why did you insist on me being your champion?"

Sorscee sharply looked at Chuck at the way how he articulated his question, for which Chuck acted like he did not notice. Sorscee who had vast experiences on scheming quickly brought her emotions under control. She showed Chuck a dazzling insignia of a never before seen inscription: Πορνό

"This is my divine insignia. I need you to make 1000 people worship it."

"That is hard for me, I'm not a priest, I am not familiar with spreading any god's faith."

"Can you make 1000 people see it, with intense emotions?"

"Hmm, I will try."

"Don't be soo hasty to reject me. I can fix up a condition that has been haunting you from your past to your present life?"

**huff** **huff** "You mean...?"

"Yes, I can fix up your situation with the ladies."

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