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"You are not very bright I see. Guess I need o to spell it out for you. I refuse."

Sorscee was flabbergasted by Chuck's reply.

"You have any idea, what you are walking away from?"

"I perfectly know that I am walking away from a goddess who has no sense of gratitude towards the man who put his life at stake to protect that little girl," coldly said Chuck, and before Sorscee could reply, he continued, "Yes, my intentions were not pure. But could you deny the fact that I protected her? If not for me stalling I highly doubt that she would here and I am guessing that things would not be great for you either, right?"

"..I ...you..." stuttered Sorscee, because Ewelina told her the events transpired. Though Chuck was not the righteous knight in shining armor, his aid was paramount because he did so in a time of dire need.

After hesitating for a while, Sorscee gritter her teeth and with an ugly look as if she ate a fly, she eeked out, "...sorry..."

"What was that again?"

"Don't you f*cking dare push it!"

"Haha sorry sorry, can't help but tease an apologetic goddess."

Sorscee was half miffed and amused by how behaved with her, he was the first mortal that she met who had no sense of reverence within him.

"So, will you become my Champion, now?"

"Oh hell no!"

"What?! Why?! I apologized! What else more do you want?"

"I can negotiate with a god if I am to become a God's Champion?"

Sorscee realized that she let a piece of important information slip out in her rant. She gritted her teeth looked at Ewelina once and seeing her sentient armament safe and sound made her emotions relaxed.

"I would not say this to you if you hadn't saved Ewelina, besides you have a bigger monster within you. I cannot keep things under wrap for long, anyway."

"Where do you think we are now?"

"In a hospital somewhere?"

"You are right at the hospital part and also the somewhere part, but we are not somewhere on your planet."

"Stop Kidding with me."

Sorscee looked at Chuck amused and asked, "What were your last memory?"

"...hmmm... I remember fighting with Apollo, he went ape shit suddenly...and... the power spike was too crazy... I could not even face a single hit from him..."


"...I was burnt down completely..."

"...fire spreading from my heart..."

Chuck relived the agonizing memory as even his soul body shivered as he kept talking about his experience. Sorscee initially thought that Chuck was quaking in fear of remembering his fight with a god, but when she looked at his eyes, there was anger and a deep desire for vengeance.

Chuck noticed Sorscee looking, "Ha, we in the mafia should never get beat by anyone, if you did, you should quit or paint the walls with his brain. That little flaming bitch came to my turf and schooled me, now it would be rude of me if I did not give the favor back."

"Do you any idea how powerful he truly is? He is a High God of Sun, his power was capped at Low God level when you fought him."

"Most you gods are as old as time, I was only alive for 44 years, I will not despair comparing myself to him. If anything, I now have a target to beat and the need to become stronger. I missed that after I became a Tzar."

Till now, Sorscee wanted to make Chuck her Champion, out of gratitude for him helping Ewelina, but now seeing the seething battle intent deep within him, Sorscee is genuinely intrigued.

"I will make you stronger if you became my Champion, what say you?"

"Goddess, I became a Tzar with no blessing of a god and what made me strong back then, will make me strong again."

"What about beyond the strength of a Tzar?"

"I became strong from situations seemingly impossible, I will face the odds and as it is said in a popular anime, 'strength does not come to those who want, it comes to the one who needs it.' I will become strong when I needed to be."

[Sigh] "Why are you soo adamant against becoming a Champion?"

"I watched my opponent killed with not so much as a word by the god he worshiped, his god decided that he should die when the very same devout man was making mortal enemies out of his fellow humans. That is messed up, even as his opponent, I pity his end."

"Not all gods are..."

"Potato, patato. What's your point? I don't need your aid, I don't want to put my life in anyone's hand. And don't talk as if you are doing me a favor, if not for me stepping into your mess, I'll be well and fine back at my home. Not is some forsaken planet!" raged out Chuck as he became annoyed with Sorscee's insistence.

"Why are you screaming at Mommy! I thought you are nice! You are just like everyone else! you are a big bad meanie!" screamed the cute little girl.

"Ewelina, I need to talk to Chuck alone."

"Mommy... he..."

"Don't be a naughty child, do what mommy tells you."

"...Ummm... okay..." the little girl glared at Chuck for a while and left the metaspace.


"It's not new to for me to be screamed at, I am outcast even in the God Realm. I have no temple, I never had a priest nor a Champion before. I am rarely worshiped. To most of the beings, my domain is just a joke. Heh, even you laughed when you first heard of my godhood. I kept myself away, I kept my head down and lived a life without purpose, my life was less significant than a mortal until Ewelina came in my life. Gods' fight with armaments, they multiply a god's strength, Ewelina is a sentiment armament, that is born only once in a million years. Sentient armaments choose the god they want to serve,  to whom they are bound for life. She chose me, this poor excuse for a god. I could not give here faith reserves, I brought her up with care and love with all my heart, but I realized that Ewelina is a weapon at her core and she needed to be wielded with might that renders this whole universe into two, my Ewelina is that capable. By being weak, I was inhibiting her purpose in life, I am okay with letting myself down, but let down someone who believes in me, was a burden too much for me to bear. I left to the remote reaches of the universe to ascend into Mid God, but I never knew that the Gods feared me for having a sentient armament. Gods more powerful than me collectively put a price on my head and stop my ascension and I idiotically dragged my good friend Mortia into all this. Now, I am weaker than ever, my enemies stronger than ever, my friend is in danger because of me. I don't have your iron will, I can only despair in helplessness, Please help me become strong, I will not be ungrateful!" Sorscee bowed down to Chuck and held her head low with tears dripping down from her face.

"...Ummm ...goddess, I'm very new to this Champion thing, but even with my little experience, I don't think you should bow to your champion," said Chuck.

Sorscee immediately looked up to notice Chuck down on his one knee.

Sorscee quickly turned around and wiped her tears away and brought back the haughty look that she usually has, "Hmph, you finally knew your place. Took you long enough."

Chuck looked up at the bipolar God only to notice her brilliant soulful smile towards him, to which he just smiled back... no words were exchanged...

...the weave insignia from the fate blessing shimmered and faded out at the back of Sorscee, unknown to both Chuck and her.

In silence, fate tangled and a bond of destiny was formed between an exiled Goddess and a reincarnated Tzar with no strength. 

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