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"What if say I could fix your condition, Chuck N0rris?"

As soon as he heard the name, all the medical equipment started to blaring out in alarms of error...

[Ba-dum] [Ba-dum] [Ba-dum] [Ba-dum] [Ba-dum] [Ba-dum]...

His heartbeat went through the roof...


All the nerves around his head started to wriggle like worms, blood started to go to his head in torrents. Scenes after scenes of the life of someone was going through the mind of Antionio.

Year1, year 2, year 3, year 4... 

In a short while, he was made to live the life of someone in full, the people that the person knew, the emotions he felt, his love, care, affection, and anger. Slowly memories imprinted into the mind of Antonio, they changed from information to experiences. The differentiation between the personas became blurred and merged.

Year 44. 

"..Apollo..." muttered a sore voice...

Antonio opened his eyes again, anger burning deep in them, like an unextinguishable hellfire.

The Asian-looking doctor came rushing back into the hospital room and was flustered by how crazy the life signals of Antonio were fluctuating, but strangely she did not see the redhead nurse, it was as if the nurse that Antonio saw was just a mirage...

The doctor worriedly looked at Antionio, but she did not see the young boy, the person on the hospital bed was different. In his eyes, she saw an old monster that has clawed its way back from hell.

"...who ...who are you..."

The boy did not say anything, he just kept coldly looking at her. He then pulled out the needles and connections of medical equipment off of him.

The doctor called in for nurses to come and restrain Antonio.

"No stop! You are not allowed to leave the hospital!"

Antonio did not heed the busty doctor, he wanted to walk out, but he was physically depleted and Antonio is just an average boy, he did not have the strength of a Tzar. He walked himself to the door of his hospital room when the nurses walked in...

"Let... me ...go..." it was not a plead, it was a command, all the female nurses felt chilled as they looked into the eyes of Antonio. None dare to come forth to stop him.


The Asian Doctor grabbed the tranquilizer injection from the nurse and jammed it at the spine on the neck of Antonio, quickly making him fall unconscious...


"What the hell are you all doing? I asked you to restrain him!"

"...but ...but Doctor Fujiyama ...he ...he..."

[Sigh] "It's alright, the situation is under control for now. Put him back on the bed, add some restraints this time."

"...yes ...doctor"

'Those are not immature eyes of a boy. I thought it was just a mistaken diagnosis when I was told that this boy came to life from his coffin,' she looked at a while at the now comatose Antonio, 'what are you, Antonio Mimosa...'


Contrary to expectation, Antonio was not peacefully sleeping like his body, his consciousness traveled deep into his mind and reached a metaspace, he was floating naked in a space, where it is white all around. Time felt still and not moving, a second or an eon, he could not tell...

"Welcome back Chuck," said a sweet voice the belonged to a sinfully graceful woman with short bat wings at the side of her head.

Her legs slender and graceful like a renowned model. Her waist lean and her butts together forming a perfect heart, her breasts are perfect for her frame, adding a sense of sinful elegance. To top it all her face carries a divine radiance of allure and enchantment.

Chuck who was Tzar and battled a high god like Apollo, was not rattled by the mystique presence. He just coldly looked at her, yet his heart was shocked at how captivating the woman is...

'bewitchment?' he thought.

"Haha, you don't have to have your guard up, I assure I am not bewitching you. If I did, you'd be already groveling over my feet."

He was miffed at the disrespectful remark of the beautiful woman, but he still held his composure, because, at the moment, information is paramount. She seemed like someone who knows whats going on, so he was patient to hear her out...

"This is a lucky day for a mortal like you! I have chosen you as my Champion, kneel down and pledge your allegiance to me!"

"Hmm, mortal, champion, allegiance... You're a god?"

Her eyes went cold at the casual attitude of him, "Hmph, I will forgive your disrespectful tone this time, in light of your ignorance. I am Sorscee, the Goddess of Porn."

"Wait, what? What are you a goddess of?"



Suddenly a little girl in a sailor uniform popped up from the side of Sorscee, glaring at the laughing man, "Stop laughing at mommy! She works really hard, she is very nice! Stop being a bully!"

Wiping his tears away, "hehehehe, sorry sorry, I couldn't control myself. I apologize, goddess, dear," then he looked that the little girl, "Hey! I remember you, you are the medium roasted little girl that Apollo was after."

"...Ummm... don't talk about that nasty person! You are all meanies! Ewelina was very hurt and she cried, no one came to help..."

"Awh, come on, didn't I come to your rescue? Who asked you to mess with that crazily strong person?"

Sorscee was about to blow a gasket of being excluded out of the conversation, "Ewelina what have I said about talking to strangers! Come back here!"

"...haaa..." Ewelina cutely shut her mouth her two little hands and ran back and hid behind Sorscee.

"And you, you should not ask questions beyond your station! Me, choosing you as my champion is an act that your whole lineage should be grateful for, you will be punished, if you ever so act impudently again," said Sorscee pointing at him.

"Hmph, my interaction with gods is very limited, but so far, you guys are not winning any award for benevolence. Always with impudence, blasphemy, using faithful mortals to your callous whims."

"Do you understand the implication fo your words?" glared Sorscee

"You are not very bright I see. Guess I need o to spell it out for you. I refuse."

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