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**beep** **beep** medical equipment are making faint noises in the otherwise silent hospital room.

I woke up to slowly struggling to open my eyelids as if it weighs a ton, but I still persisted and opened my eyes and I thought I went blind and was imagining things because...

There was least 10 gorgeous woman who stood surrounding me with a worried face and there were more behind them. I felt like I'm an exhibit in a zoo, but the sympathy on their beautiful face helped me calm down. I mean who the heck would not want a gorgeous female concerned over you?

My eyes first locked onto a sexy woman standing straight facing me,  she had curves like an overexaggerated porn actress, but she was dressed in a church vestment.

'huehuehue, I have a naughty confession.'

On her right was a European looking beauty in an A-line dress, she seems to be in her 30s, might be a mother of a child, her breasts were a modest and perky 38 inches C cups. But her motherly ass was such a sexy round bubble, her full circular curvaceous ass was visible from the side, driving me insane.

'Damn, I just want to press my face on the plushy peach ass.'

And next to her, was a younger version of the European beauty with black hair, as the former had brown hair. She must be her sister, she is a lender sexy babe, rocking a wrap dress. She has similar sexy C-cup tits, maybe 36 inches, but her tight ass was a cute shape of an inverted heart. From her tight body, I could tell that she had one of those beach model body.

'Man, bending her over a table and just pounding her would be so good for my daily health, I should replace her as my morning coffee.'

Following the beachside beauty, is a lady who seems to be in her 40's sinfully filling a halter dress. Her kind face is something that everyone wants to see when they wake up in the morning. She has fluffy full 44 inches double D cups, the slight drooping in her hefty tits added to her womanly charms. Her ass was soo curvy and filling the back of her dress. Spanking her would be a stress-relieving therapy.

'Man, how would it be if I could rub my cock on her kind and gentle face. Make her suck on my balls.'

Alongside her, was a similar-looking and much younger female. She must be her daughter. the young girl truly takes after her mother. When I passed my eyes over her tight ass it uncontrollably made me want to reach for a paddle and her for being naughty.

'a double blowjob maybe, huehuehue.'


The one closer to me is an Asian looking woman in a white coat. Her almond eyes, long black hair added to the allure of her protruding tits that can't be enclosed in her white coat. She was dressed smartly in a sweater top and a knee-length skirt. 

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Suddenly the woman in white coat broke the silent atmosphere of the hospital.

"He seems stable, but I think the crowding makes him anxious. There seems to be a spike in his heartbeat and weirdly he is discharging saliva? Ladies, I think you should go back to your houses, leave him in our care for a few days. I believe that he can be nurtured back to full health."

The Priestess looked worried at the boy who had multiple medicals rubes and insertion attached to him and was lying quietly on the hospital bed for a while, "Doctor, there seems to be nothing much we can do by just crowding around him. Antonio is the sanctioned fiancee of the Ballard family's princess.

"Haha, that little demon has a fiancee that is something I never knew," laughed the doctor.

[Sigh] "Antonio has a slight troubling condition, that is why he is not respected as a prized consort. This child had to go through a lot at his young age."

"Doctor, please help him..."

"What is this condition of him?" asked the doctor who had her curiosity intrigued.

When the doctor asked this, all the females in the room felt awkward to answer and developed a blush on their faces.

The boyish Sylvanna carelessly laughed out and said, "The little bugger here could not get it up, no matter how many girls throw themselves at him. He is a disappoint through and through, but the little dweeb is a pervert in and out. I dunno, why he tries soo hard to gets a girl's attention only to fail her in the end."

'What the f*ck! My ED again!'

"Sylvanna! Antonio's awake! He could hear you." scolded the priestess.

'Yeah, shut it you insensitive brat! I soo as I get a hard-on... as soon as... as soon... Ah, fuck it!' the man in the hospital bed quietly cried to himself as he heard Sylvanna talk.

"Priestess, what else can we say? He fell down in the lake trying to peep on women bathing and hit his head on the rock and drowned. The only miraculous thing about him is developing a pulse after 2 days of being dead. He is a freak even in death."

"Sylvanna! I don't want to hear another word from you!  The important thing is that Antonio is alive and we all should grateful for it. Having a faulty man in the community is much better than no man at all. You all must have heard of the awful stories that the Pride Consorts have done to women in the past. Despite being a man, Antonio had never acted out."

Another stern-looking woman interjected, "with his condition, it is stretch to call him a true man. who knows how he will act if his situation was fixed. Maybe he might even leave our community, in search of better women. Our Linburns society is neither rich or powerful."

When the female said this, everyone went quiet feeling depressed...

In order to break the gloomy atmosphere, the priestess turned to the doctor, " Doctor, now you know the situation of Antonio, please help him. If you did, our Linburns Society will forever be grateful for your aid."

[Sigh] "So this is why there have not been many natural pregnancies in recent years. I understand ladies, I will see what I can do. But don't get your hopes high, all the males are availed free medical check-ups and treatments since puberty. If this condition is treatable, the professionals would have done so already."

The lineup of beautiful women collectively sighed to themselves as they looked one last time at the bedridden Antonio with pity and started to leave one by one.

As everyone left, the doctor called in a nurse to clean up Antonio and left by herself shaking her head in disappointment as she read his medical file...

The man on the bed was completely stunned still after he heard the conversation between the women.

'What the f*ck is this reality! My ED is still at full swing!'

When Antonio was despairing, a busty hot redhead in a nurse uniform walked into his hospital room with a mischevious smile.

"Sucks to be you, isn't it?"

"Aw, don't give me the puppy eyes. Let me cheer you with a piece of good news"

"What if say I could fix your condition, Chuck N0rris?"

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