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PORN STAR 9 A girl cums of age part 1 - Legal Phat Ass Loli

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It was a summer morning with the birds chirping around. No loud vehicles driving past the neighborhood, it was a quaint scene of a very perfect residential area.

Contrastingly, the scene of complete complementing elements became diverse by an odd couple. On one side was a rough-looking older male, on the other, it was a slice of chocolate-made sight of a wet dream, Makena is a gifted girl with disproportionate yet perfectly rounded butt cheeks. Her lean girl looks and form-hugging T-shirt shows that Makena is not a fat girl by any means, but her thin waist and phat ass might have coined the term 'Good Fat'.

Makena has a future in psychology studies as the curvature of her ass fulsome cheeks fill her jeans very tight and her strong gait with that tight package swished her perky tight ass up and down, no man could and even women resist being hypnotized by the to and fro of her butt cheek pendulums.

'Shit! What's with this hot piece of ass, literally. This girl looks young, but with that ass, she could win twerk awards by just walking.'

'Have I gone to heaven? Am I literally ogling at a legendary legal phat ass loli?'

'This is so wrong, after all the righteous shit I just said to her brother.


'Oh no, big brother Chuck is looking at my butt! Does he find it weird? Is that why he's looking at my ass so much? This is so embarrassing', thought Makena as she tried to squeeze her butt smaller as she walked.

However, seeing the teen butt squeeze and relax every now and then, Chuck's heart went...

[Ba-dum] [Ba-dum] [Ba-dum]

'Is this girl seducing me? I don't mind spreading the meaty bums and press my face on that ass and eat her cunt for eternity', perversely thought Chuck with a lecherous look.

Thankfully there were no one watching Chuck, or else for the look on his face and his blatant ogling at Makena's raunchy rump, he'd be reported to the police by now.

Chuck has lost his ability to think and was blindly following wherever the volleyball butts took him. In his lecherous reverie, he failed to notice that the volleyballs aren't bouncing, but remained stationary.


Chuck kept moving forward until he pressed onto the squishy softness of the divine cushions.

"Mmph", moaned out Makena is her soft girly voice.

"Big brother Chuck, we... we are here..."

Chuck shamelessly held onto the side of her waist with his body still pressed onto her cloud-like ass globes. He kept his hands firmly holding her as he pretended to check out the house in front.

"Nice house, looks very well-maintained," blabbered Chuck as he slowly inched his hands towards her bare skin above her pants' waistband.

When Chuck's rough calloused fingers stroked her smooth waist, Makena felt herself make a wet spot in her panty. Half of her mind was telling her to move away, but she still stood pressing her soft ass onto Chuck.

"...umm ...yes ...the house ...I help mom ...to clean it," fidgeted the young girl feeling the body heat of Chuck.

Chuck as shameless as he is, started playing with her navel, stroking a finger over her belly button, gently fingering it as if he is teasing a tight cunt.

"...umm ...Big brother Chuck ...I ....we should..." blabbered Makena in a husky whisper as her mind was in complete chaos over Chuck's fingers teasing her navel. The worst part is that he is touching her out in the open, the added embarrassment made her panty thoroughly soaked.

[Sigh] "I understand. I should get going, I need to check up on your brother anyways", wryly said Chuck as he prepared himself to leave.

His gloomy withdrawal was interrupted by a soft small hand, holding onto his fingers that were thoroughly teasing he just then.

"...I think brother will be alright..."


"...umm, we can go inside", said Makena in a quiet voice with her head looking down.

"...if you want", she added with her small fits tightly clenched.

Taking moment to process that the beauty is inviting him to her house, Chuck smiled and said...



"I said I want coffee, won't you invite me, young miss?" smiled Chuck.

Looking at his smirking face, Makena blushed and nodded, grabbing him by his hand, she pulled him into her house.

The living area was not extravagant but was tastefully decorated. One can tell that this a well cherished home.

"...Big brother Chuck, you could wait here in the couch..." saying so she tried to rush away, but she was held by Chuck.

[Ba-dum] [Ba-dum]

'He is not going to give me any time to get prepared!'

'This is alright too if it is with Big brother Chuck', thought Makena as she closed her eyes, puckering her lips, waiting for the inevitable of being taken by her beloved Big brother Chuck.

However, Chuck completely missed Makena being ready for a kiss, as he looked around the room and asked her...

"Hey, I should have asked sooner, what's your name?"

Startled by the question Makena berated herself in her mind for thinking naughty things.

"It's Makena... My name is Makena."

"Your name suits you very well, it is very beautiful, just like you," complimented Chuck, which in turn overloaded the blush meter of Makena, as she excused herself with making coffee and rushed into the back of the house.

'Alright! A sexy ass girl has invited me to her house, I guess this is the day, I'm going to do the deed.'

'It feels odd to still hold onto to your V-card in your 20s.'

'Guess, I'm a late bloomer,' smirked Chuck to himself thinking of how he is going to thoroughly fuck the cute girl with a sinful butt.

'She's bred for spanking. I should imprint my handprint with each of her fulsome buttocks, dreamed on Chuck, during which...

"...um ...Big brother Chuck..." a soft voice interrupted the carnal thoughts of Chuck.

However, when he snapped out of his fantasy trance, the sight of reality overloaded his ability to think as he dumbly stared at what he saw...

Makena was dressed in a skimpy baby doll dress. Though it seemed a size large for her, the dress was cut open in the back with her bare butt cheeks on a G-string. The bare skin of each of her well-rounded ass cheeks was fully exposed for the ravenous eyes of Chuck.
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Part shy and in part eagerness, Makena walked up to Chuck and handed him a hot mug of Coffee.

As Chuck took a sip, she turned around with her butt close to Chuck's face, she turned her head back and looked at him and asked...

"...Is it good? I... did it extra special ...only for Big brother Chuck to like it more."

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