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"We are here today to pay our condolence and our respects to a dutiful young boy, our part-time janitor and student Antonio Mimosa. Not only have the staff and students of this institution have gathered, but many members of the community have also come…"


"All those who have gathered have welcomed and helped Antonio as a member of this institution and the community, and have loved him as a friend.  We are sad because of our love for Antonio. To mourn is to cherish and to respect the memory of Antonio!"

[Ba-dum] [Ba-dum]

"We are here today to display our love and gratitude for Antonio's very precious family.  Not only have we sensed our personal feelings of loss over Antonio's passing, but our hearts have been drawn toward the mourning family, and will continue to feel for them. Though his family was not present here, I am sure their hearts and feelings are here with us today."

[Ba-dum] [Ba-dum] [Ba-dum] [Ba-dum]

"Finally, we are here today to pay respects to the memory of Antonio. We pledge to hold such precious moments in high regard in honor of the late Antonio Mimosa.  We pray to the almighty seeking safe passage for Antonia's soul and let the young man be welcomed into his holy kingdom.

[Ba-dum] [Ba-dum] [Ba-dum] [Ba-dum]...

**cough** **cough**

"Are you going to stay still? They are going to start burying you," said a sweet feminine voice.

"Huh? Where... where am I?"

The male woke up to notice that he was enclosed in a tight space. The walls around him are made of wood.

"What the f*ck! Am I in a coffin?"


A voluptuous woman in ceremonial church vestment was solemnly standing in front of a deep pit. Women of various fashion and ethnicity are standing encircled around the pit. The only thing common between them is that every female has their own unique charm and could be called gorgeous in their own sense.

The women around the pit have varying expressions, some were sad, some just coldly stared, some were angry and some had an amused slight smile on their face when they looked at the object in the pit.

The pit was a substantial dimension of 6 feet x 4 feet and in middle of all that was a hexagonal wooden encasing. 

There in the pit laid a coffin with strange insignias decorated all over its surface.

"High priestess, should we start closing it?"

The kind-faced woman in Church vestment quietly started at the coffin for a while and just nodded her head.

[Swoch] [Swoch] [Swoch]...

A girl in her 20's, short-haired and with a fit athletic body, started to shovel dirt into the pit. One-third of the coffin is covered with dirt, when...

[Dok] [Dok] [Dok] 

However, the sound was too faint and was drowned by the commotion made by the girl who is filling the pit.

A young anemic girl in the encirclement of women, wearing an oversized pink sweater, wanted to talk out but could not muster the courage to do so. The girl was very shy and always had trouble talking out.

Fortunately, the priestess noticed the worried and hesitant face of the young girl.

"Josian, what is it?" smiled the Priestess making the girl settle down. Even at 18, Josian becomes very self-conscious and shy when she was in a crowd.

"...umm... I ...I am hearing a noise..."

When the Priestess talked to Josian everyone's attention was drawn towards hers her, feeling the multiple stares, Josian wanted to jump into the pit and hide. As the young girl was feeling suffocated by the attention, a soft hand enclosed her in a hug, it made her lay her head on the soft cushiony full 40 D-cups bosoms. 

Feeling the gentle hug, Josian pressed her face on the soft tits as she calmed down, while the priestess rubbed her back and gently patted the back of her head.

"Now child, what was this noise?"

"Ummm... I am hearing a noise from down there..."

Josian's answer startled everyone because she was pointing at the coffin in the pit.

"Now come on Josian, quit messing around," chided the fit-looking short-haired girl who was filling the pit.

"...eeek..." Josian hid her face back in the malleable tits of the mature priestess when she was talked to by the short-haired girl.

"Sylvanna, you're scaring Josian," sternly said the priestess as she continued to soothe and calm Josian.

[Sigh] "but Priestess, that is a dead guy's coffin, what noise would come out of it?"

"..I ...I really heard it..." Josioan used her entire courage to say that out and when Sylvanna looked back at her she hid herself back again on the priestess.

"Sylvanna get down and check."

"Awh man! I wore fine clothes today," unlike most women Sylvanna does not like frilly dresses, she loves men suits. She always likes to wear it and to the funeral, she wore a dashing black suit and a bow.

Grumbling at the dirty work, Synvann got down into the pit...

"You better not be alive or I kill you for dirtying my clothes," she grumbled to herself as she wiped the dirt to the side and put her ear on the wooden cover of the coffin and there was...

[Dok] [Dok] [Dok]... she heard a clear knock but they are faint as if the hand in tired and is going to stop any moment...

"He is alive..." Sylvanna involuntarily whispered as her eyes opened wide in shock and a moment later...

"HE IS ALIVE!" she screamed out startling all the women. 

"Throw me the shovel, I need to break open the coffin, he won't have too much oxygen inside there."

[Thump] [Thump] [Thump]

Sylvanna turned the coffin to the side and started to repeatedly hit the lid of the coffin from the side. Once she made the lid lose and create a small opening, she pushes the shovel tip into the gap and kicked the handle using it as a crowbar. On the fourth kick, the coffin lid broke opened and a boy came rolling out of it.

Sylvanna checked the boy again, she couldn't help but notice a faint pulse and shallow breathing.

Her face went pale as if she had seen a  ghost...

"...Priest ...priestess ...he truly is alive ...his breathing is shallow, he needs medical attention..."

The revelation startled all the women present at the funeral, yielding varied expressions...

...and so, a boy roused back from the dead...

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