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"...La ...Lady ...Lilith..."

"...how could it be you... this ...this is inconceivable..." were the last words of Apollo as Lilith crushed the head of the Sun God. Her mouth opened up like a python and then she bit and tore the body of the Sun God and started consuming him like a famished beast that has found a bloody carcass.

The energy body of Apollo, which was devastation to the Tzars could only become a tasty morsel to Lilith. She extracted the pure soul strand of Apollo. Though it is only silver, is it a part of the true soul of the High God.

Apollo wanted to threaten or negotiate terms with the Sin Empress to let his soul strand go, but he never had the chance...

[Creak] [Crack]

Lilith straightforwardly crushed the soul strand of the High God into chaotic soul strands, permanently destroying Apollo's soul imprint.

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"So, little girl how long are you planning to stay still? Don't try to pretend, I know you have been awake since the time I came out from the divine spark."

Ewelina kept her body still and did not show any reaction to the words of the Sin Empress. Lilith did not ask any more questions. The concealment formation of Apollo was destroyed as soon as Lilith crushed the soul strand of Apollo. Immediately after the concealment was lifted, she detected a strong presence locked onto her.

Sigils that are pitch black as night flew out from Lilith and enveloped Ewelina. The symbols went into the armament's body and made her tremble uncontrollably. In a short while, three objects came out of her.

It was the divine spark of Sorscee and the Thunder God Faranis, and finally the glimmering heart of Sorscee.

Lilith did not even pause to check as she threw the divine spark of the dead Thunder God into her mouth...

[Crunch] she easily broke and chewed on the divine spark as if it is a cheap candy. When she picked up Sorscee's divine spark, Ewelina could not stay silent anymore...

"STOP! DON'T EAT MOMMY!" screamed Ewelina teary-eyed.

"Heh ready to talk now are we?"

"...uwu...what do you want? ...Everyone ...hurt mommy..." the little girl started to sob. However, she immediately stopped crying and was dumbstruck when Lilith let the chaotic soul strands of Apollo shower over the body of Ewelina. Though it is a waste to use the soul strands of a High God as a tonic, Lilith did exactly that...

The injuries all over Ewelina swiftly healed up.

"Listen carefully, I don't have too much time. I am chained inside my own divine spark. My soul was completely destroyed and I'm currently a symbiotic existence with another soul. From the soul imprint on the heart, I can tell it belongs to Sorscee, she and I share some history, I will lend her a hand this time. Tell her that she owes me faith tribute for saving her ass."

"I have an important task for you, find a body for the soul. The body should not have been dead for more than 15 seconds. Don't kill, the death should be natural and the body should be intact. Only a living mortal body will mask our divine presence, just replace the heart with Sorscee's when you find a suitable body. All our survival depends on it. If you follow my instructions, Sorscee will be able to form an energy body. Once she is conscious, she will know what to do. Tell her I need 50% of faith, don't forget!"

As Lilith said this, she absorbed Sorscee's divine spark into her own divine spark and inserted the merged divine spark into Sorscee's divine heart. The glowing heart started to beat slowly as if life is coming back into it. Black sigils flowed out from Lilith and started to cover the heart.

"No! What are you doing to Mommy!"

"I don't have time to answer! Can't you feel the strong presence that is coming towards us? I can only cover us for a while, take the heart into your dimensional space. Leave to a different star but stay in the same solar system. Leaving the solar system will make us look inconspicuous. The mortals will help us hide better."

Without waiting for Ewelina's reply, Lilith went back into the Divine spark with an exhausted face when she finished covering the heart in her dark energy.

[Thud] the heart fell on the floor. It had a dark luster and seemed very ordinary except for the eerie sight of a separated heart still beating as if it is alive...

Ewelina hesitated for a short while, but she soon made up her and listed to Lilith and took the heart. The sentient armament shrunk herself into a small piece of unremarkable space debris and hid herself in a whizzing meteorite that was crossing across near Earth. Hidden inside the meteorite Ewelina left the orbital space of Earth and used headed towards a different planet.

Moments after Sorscee hid herself in a meteorite, Chief Knight Arnaud stepped on Earth. His eyes kept flashing like stars as he swept the battlefield of the Tzars for any traces of divine energy. He saw the unconscious Erela and Charmaine, the old man read their memory to understand the events that happened.

[Sigh] "Fate has smuggled something into the mortal realm."

The old man swept his sight once more but still came up with no clues.

[Sigh] "I am a step too late."

Chief Knight healed the soul injury of the Thunder and Winter Tzar in return for reading their memories.

Afterwhich, he left as unassuming as he came, leaving no evidence of his involvement.


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