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Chuck was like a war god on steroids! The very thought of fighting a real God made him shiver in excitement. When your little brother is not capable of getting excited, a man should cherish the moments he does...

The ice armor did not just prevent the heat from adversely affecting Chuck, it also sealed up his open wounds and the bones in his broken arms were reset. Though the bones are not aligned properly, he could still use his ruined hand slightly.

Despite the blazing battle intent and the clever maneuvers and battle skill, Chuck is still getting his ass handed to him by Apollo. But even so, Chuck is like this annoying pest that will never stop bothering you. 

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Clash after clash, Chuck valiantly stands back up. His ice armor kept recovering from the cracks with red spots of frozen blood all over it. However, despite the state of Chuck, it was Apollo who has an uglier expression, because Chuck is wasting the one the thing that the Sun God cannot afford...


The prolonged battle is hurting Apollo more than any attack that Chuck may throw at him.

"Hmph, you leave me no choice! Be proud mortal, for forcing me to use a fraction of my strength on you. You can die content. Everything ends now!"

A small golden fire lit up at the heart of Apollo and quickly spread over, burning the entirety of the magma demon and the remains of Cyrus. Apollo became a being completely made of yang energy, he let go of his apprehension and started using the full power of a Low God.


Elsewhere in the same Solar system...

Knight Ricard of the Aequus Garrison is demonstrating the improvements of the new members of the regiment after their rigorous year of training. Chief Knight Arnaud watched the enthusiastic young'uns with his ever-present genial smile.

Suddenly, his face froze and a frown developed. It is rare to see the old Knight worry over anything. Ricard who is quick to notice the change in the Chief Knight called off the demonstrations and asked the young members to return to their barracks.

"...Chief Kight, I sensed some anomaly, but I dare not guess it..."

The old man nodded and said, "...yes, it is divine energy..."

"...where ...where is it coming from?"

"...Can't pinpoint it. Must be making use of a concealment formation. Ricard, head back to the regiment. I will go and check up on it, I can detect the general direction of it..."

Without waiting for Ricard's reply, Chief Knight Arnaud vanished into metaspace and went in search of the divine energy.



Chuck was sent flying away with his ice armor crushed and catching on fire. The solid ice sizzled into vapor, clearly demonstrating the terrifying horror of the true yang energy of Apollo.

As soon as Apollo made use of his divine energy, things escalated beyond the control of Chuck. He was already surmounting a vast power difference to battle with Apollo. The sudden power increase crushed through all the battle techniques and clever schemes of Chuck.

After he dealt with Chuck with a casual swipe of the hand, Apollo rushed to the ice dome...


The thick defensive ice dome was like a 10,000-year-old glacier. It was harder than a rock, but such hardness was nothing in the eyes of the Sun God. A single hard punch decimated the entire ice dome, sending it flying in pieces.


Charmaine spewed out blood and immediately passed out because her soul received irreparable damage. She was connected to the ice armor and the ice dome spells, her Soulforce suffered the most facing Apollo's rampage. Her entire soul quaked on receiving the attack that is comparable to the full force attack of a Low God. Being a mere Tzar, she is lucky to be even alive.

Erela who had her Soulforce supporting Charmaine also did not escape injury. Her head throbbed in unbearable pain when the ice dome was destroyed. With blood trickling down her lips she could only helplessly watch Apollo walk into the destroyed ice dome.

Apollo did not waste time on the injured Tzars, but on his way towards Ewelina was the comatose body of Charmaine, he just gave the Winter Tzar a single look and decided to stomp her head crushing and burning it all together.

Erela, who noticed the intentions of Apollo screamed out...


"Heh, don't worry, you will be joining her very soon," said the Sun God who about to stomp his feet down on the head of Charmaine...


A lough modified Hummer came at Apollo at its top speed. The sound of the vehicle was camouflaged by the loud rumbling thunder. It is not just a speeding truck, Chuck had the trebuchet arrow through the roof, acting as a lightning rod.

The multiple arcs of lightning came down at the car covering the metallic behemoth like a thunder beast lunging towards its prey.

Chuck crashed into Apollo, but...


...contrary to the expectation, Apollo did not move an inch, he held the 3-ton car in its place with a single palm. It was Chuck, who broke through the front windshield, whizzing out because of the sudden jolt.


Apollo drove his flaming hand into the chest of Chuck who was in mid-air, driving it into his sternum and grabbed the fast-beating heart of Chuck.


Chuck coughed up blood, unable to say anything as his flesh was roasted from inside.

"Heeheeheehee, you thought that this metal thing could stop a God? How naive!"



Chuck seemed to be struggling to say something...

The God of Sun wanted to hear him beg for mercy, so Apollo relented on the fire from his hand and let Chuck speak.

With much difficulty and coughing out blood, Chuck said his last words to Apollo...

"...It is not a metal thing ...**cough** ...it is a truck you dumbass..."

Apollo replied with a hard grab over the fleshy heart of Chuck, making Chuck's face tighten in pain, but throughout the ordeal, Chuck kept coldly staring at Apollo.

It was as if an ant is eating the body of a heavenly beast because the beast allowed it. Though Apollo knew that he is superior in power, he could not help but feel inferior to how Chuck stares death in the eyes with no fear.

Suddenly the Sun God developed a cautious thought, his intuition told him that he should kill Chuck and erase him for good, if not he would face a calamity in the future.

Apollo stopped playing with Chuck and let out a flame envelop the heart of Chuck, the flame quickly spread all over his body and started to burn Chuck to ashes. Despite the flame agonizingly burning all his flesh, Chuck never screamed or shifted his eyes to anything but Apollo. 

It eerily creeped out Apollo, it is as if Chuck is saying to him that even if his body is mortal, his vengeance is immortal. However, the Sun God who had slaughtered countless lives was not rattled by the death stare of Chuck, but he did hastily burnt the entirety of Chuck...

...and thus the third Tzar has fallen, today.

Next Chapter: Die Fighting (Part 6) : The Cocoon Breaks

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