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PORN STAR 75 Die Fighting Part 4 : Song of Ice and Thunder

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As soon as a Charmaine started chanting her incantations...


Ice elemental energy started to enclose Chuck forming a crystalline armor. However, he did not have enough time for battle preparation...  

Apollo was done transforming into a scorching flame demon. 


Chuck did not wait for Apollo to come to attack him, he never had a passive disposition. As soon as his fist covered up with a thickly layered ice gauntlet, he started to run towards Apollo.

Bam! Chuck delivered a heavy punch onto the face of Apollo. He broke the Sun God's head but it was just the hardened magma rock. With the outer rocky layer shattering, hot magma poured out on the hand of Chuck.

**Sizzle** Before Chuck could take his hand away


Every step of the Fiery God made the ground tremble, the falling rain sizzled and vaporized around him, creating a cloud of circling vapor. The entire display gave off an eerie visage of a demon rising from the Abyss.

At the moment of despair, it is as if Fate has dealt the Tzars a good hand, Erela completed her incantation with a pale face. Looking at the incoming Apollo, she immediately put her soul force into Charmaine.

"Quick! Start the incantation for the second spell!" screamed out Chuck as his ice armor became more and more perfect.

"Mahoda Terababus ecoste, uauetur, astas, conon, poanutte, fauau etna, aetter. Qualaba sedlloa, tacreuel, aedae, moco..." muttered Charmaine effusing a chilling presence...

From the very first word of Charmaine, as shimmering white magic circle enclosed the three ladies and ice started to swiftly on the magic circle perimeter and started to form an ice dome that is glistening like a diamond, indicating its sturdiness.

The humanoid magma lump noticed that Charmaine is making a stronghold and ran to the women to prevent them from completing it.

[Boom] [Boom] [Boom]...

"Hey ugly!" Chuck drove headfirst into the magma beast, trying to take it down


Apollo did not take Chuck's attack seriously at all, he elbowed Chuck at the back of his head and kicked him away. Making Chuck's armor to develop cracks all over. However, Chuck did not give up, he forced his bruised body to stand up again and run towards Apollo...




Apollo casually swatted off Chuck every time he came at him. The difference in power level is very obvious, the magma demon is at the physical prowess of a low god. Despite the delay because of the disturbance of Chuck, Apollo reached the ice dome and gave a hard punch into it, driving his fist through 3 feet of the 5 feet thick ice walls...

"Thunder Tzar, where are the lightning!" screamed Chuck as he again came at Apollo like a mad dog who does not understand the concept of giving up.

"Boom!" a bolt of lightning came down and blasted Chuck, completely making him pissed at Erela.

"Hahaha! This is what we call angered by the heavens! Belittle a God and the heavens will smite the heathens!" spoke Apollo in a weird double voice, spewing out clumps of molten rocks because part of Cyrus's throat is now made of magma.

"You freak who possessed Cyrus, what's your name?" asked Chuck, struggling to get back up.

Apollo, released torrents of hot magma on the hole that he made on the ice dome intending to quickly melt it down.

"Hoh, curious are we? Even if you haven't asked I would have told you the name of the one who took your life. I am the God of Sun, Apollo!"

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**huff** **huff**

"Heh, I am not curious about who the fuck you are, I just felt it is unfair for the dead Cyrus to be remembered for the demented actions of a god complex sl*t"

"Haha, I wouldn't let you get me riled up again. Once I am done dealing with that armament, I will make sure to spend the rest of my time here to torture you and every mortal you know. I will let you understand the phrase, worse than death."

"Apollo, this time, I wouldn't want you to be riled up and come roaring at me. I just want you to stay there and stand like the perfect target you are..."

"You dare call a god by his..."


For the first time in the throwdown between Chuck and Apollo. The God of the Sun had to take a couple of steps back. Apollo was shocked by the power that Chuck was capable of bringing forth, he quickly looked at him to notice a long and thick iron arrow in the hands of Chuck. The arrow had a faint discharge of electricity coiling around it.

"Hah, thanks for kicking me flying, if I hadn't seen this thing again, attracting lightning. I would have missed it."

Chuck raised the trebuchet arrow that he used to kill Thurston (the Tzar of the Earth Church) above his head. At the exact same moment...

[Boom] [Boom] [Boom]... the spell of Erela went into full effect, multiple arcs of lightning were being spewed out of the pitch-black clouds like a machine gun and all were attracted to the iron rod that Chuck held in his hand...

[Crackle] Despite the thick ice gauntlet that is covering his hand Chuck felt a slight numbing on his palm. It was because of the millions and millions of voltage of lightning that was circulating on the iron arrow.

"Now, let's start round 2!"





Chuck was like a God of Lightning who called upon the might of the heavens to smite the enemy. With his one good hand, he used the iron arrow like a spear by the arrowhead and as a staff by the rear end, employing various techniques as he took on the terrifying Sun God head-on.




Chuck wasn't dominating the fight, but every time he receives 3 or more beating from Apollo he gives one back. In time, it came to one per two hits. The more he used foresight, the better he got acquainted with this way of fighting, and slowly Chuck started exchanging blow for blow with the God of Sun.

[Boom] Chuck was kicked away! But the Sun God was not enjoying his melee with Chuck, he could notice that Chuck is not strong. On the contrary, Apollo noticed that the Tzar's might is quite limited, but he used his strength with maximum efficiency. He also noticed that Chuck moves are not just emphasizing the strength of the Tzar but they were accurately attacking the weaknesses of the Sun God's fighting style. Despite the overwhelming strength, Apollo could not land any attack on Chuck that can heavily injure him...


Chuck was again sent flying away, wiping off the blood trickling down his mouth...


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