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Never had Apollo endured a humiliation as aggravating as Chuck's drivel. The more Chuck spoke the lesser became the dignity of the Sun God.

Apollo has schemed his way through many gods. The Gods who know him will tell that underneath his benevolent smile are the fangs of a snake. However, the difference in the massive power scale between him and Chuck, made him constantly underestimate Chuck. It is a subconscious behavior that became a habit after eons of supremacy. 

When Chuck verbally abused Apollo more than the anger he was more surprised by the mortal's behavior, the feeling of being disregarded and insulted was new to him. So when he understood that Chuck has a complete disregard for him, the God of Sun went ballistic. 

Despite being driven mad by anger, Apollo is still an experienced High God who had accumulated his strength with slaughter and schemes. When he missed the first time he attacked Chuck, he knew that there is something weird about this guy. So he decided to set up a perimeter.

Apollo's eyes sparkled with various sigils as the flame around him increased...

[Boom]  [Boom] [Boom]...

The nearby cars' fuel tanks exploded in succession, the heat kept escalating, flames started flowing out of the Sun God's hand like a flame thrower. It started forming a huge magic circle with various symbols, that surrounded the three Tzars and Ewelina who is still weakly lying on the ground. The outer perimeter burned with blazing golden flames that seemed to actively attack anything that came near them, preventing the Tzars from escaping out.

Now the trio was enclosed in the magic circle, the Tzars are caught in the domain of Apollo. Their moment, power-level and actions are completely within the prediction of Apollo. At present, the Sun God is similar to how  Chuck was with his foresight ability toward everything that happens within the magic circle...


Apollo instantly teleported next to Chuck and drove his red hot flaming fist towards Chuck. The Tzar of the East did not react in any slower. He immediately raised the metal manhole cover obstructing the Sun God's visibility at the last moment and slightly shifted his body to the side.


Apollo drove his hand through the metal plate, melting it like a hot knife through butter. Chuck immediately let it go, as the Sun God grabbed the metal plate and ripped it in two.

"Heh, what are you going to use now?"

The impatient Apollo did not wait for a reply and again teleported next to Chuck and drove his fist at him, expecting to end the arrogant mortal with one swift move. 

Chuck's foresight went in overdrive with blood vessels around his heart exploding.

**cough** Chuck spat out blood trying his utmost to predict least a minuscule opportunity to survive the attack of Apollo. His foresight always allowed him to predict a chance in the most treacherous situations. But this time, he could only predict...


Death rips off your values and morals and exposes the true core within you. Chuck was shaking at the pressure of the terrifying aura of the Sun God, his hair and skin started to slowly lit up in a slow flame before even before Apollo's fist hit him. It was as if Chuck would scatter away like ash in the wind when Apollo's fist landed.

However, despite the overwhelming odds against him, Chuck still found it in him to raise his one good fist to meet the flaming knuckles of the Sun God.


A loud boom echoed through, breaking the windshields of the cars nearby. The Sun God firmly stood his ground and Chuck was blasted back skidding on the ground, leaving a trail. Despite the obvious suppression that Apollo had over Chuck, the Sun God was frowning at Chuck because he survived...

Chuck struggled to stand up. When he stood with most difficulty the fire all over him was put out and there were white powdery crystals at spots all over his body that made him feel cold. Chuc immediately noticed it ...

"It's about time you guys acted..." he looked back at Charmaine who was nervously looking at him.

"Haha, now should I thank my hunters? What a complicated relationship we all have."

Charmaine did not know, how to answer Chuck, so Erela took over, "Kill him and we will call it even, I promise our Churches will not come looking for trouble with anyone related to you. The Gods can shove their religious domination up their wrinkly old butt."

"Heh, now you're talking, but I will need the help of you two."

"What do you need?"

But before Chuck could reply, Apollo interjected, "What has this World has come to? Ants talk like they can flip the heavens. Stubborn fools dare resist fate and now they talk of murdering a god. Hahahahaha. You little boy, you think you have gauged my strength? I agree I am limited with my strength, at the moment. But I can also choose to release that limit..."

The whole magic circle brightened up, a shimmering orange barrier enclosing the three Tzars and the comatose Ewelina. The missing arm and legs od Cyrus did not regrow but a magma like substance effused out of the stump of his limbs and started to coagulated into an arm and two legs.

Cyrus now appeared like a mutating half-human half-magma flame demon.

As soon as Chuck saw this humanoid magma monster, he acutely noticed that the strength of Apollo has increased multifold. He started screaming out orders to Charmine and Erela.

"Winter Tzar can you build an ice enclosed structure like an igloo covering you two and that girl?"

"...I ...I can try..."

"Trying is not enough our lives depend on it, do it!"

"Mmm, I will get it done!" Charmaine gritted her teeth and agreed.

"I want one more favor from you."


"You covered my body in ice just now when Cyrus attacked, can you build me an armor suit of ice?"

"...I ...I don't have the soul force to cast and maintain two continuous spells simultaneously..."

"I can channel my soul force into her if I'm not required to cast a continuous spell," interjected Erela.

"I have a requirement from you too. I want you to command the lightning to pour down continuously to this magic circle. This circle elevates his ability. More importantly, he is less worried about increasing his power within the magic circle, which he didn't do before. I am guessing this circle offers concealment more than anything, the sooner he is exposed, the lesser will be our burdens."

"Hmm, unlike Charmaine, I don't need a continuous spell to do what you need. I just have to call upon a violent thunderstorm at this location and the lightning will be generated naturally. But there is one problem, if I let go of the control, I cannot prevent friendly fire. The thunderstorm will attack everyone indiscriminately."

"Ice is a bad conductor of electricity, I think I can handle it."

"Alright, should I call upon a thunderstorm of a lightning strike every second?"


"Too much?"

"No, I am thinking of least a 100 lightning strikes every second."

"...you ...you mad man ...you will..." Charmaine was flustered over the crazy requirement.

"Die? We are planning to kill a God, if we are not even ready to die for it, we will never have the chance."

"Can you do it? 100 lightning per second! If you could bring down even more, it will be even better!"

"Can you?" Chuck looked at Erela.

The Tzar of Thunder Church just looked at Chuck silently for a moment, then said but one phrase...

"It is your funeral." 

Immediately after that, Erela started to mumble the spell incantations with hundreds of swiftly changing hand sigil poses, her eyes started to glow a shimmery glow of dull white with slight sparks of electricity.

Within a short while, the sky turned pitch black. A rumble that is like a mythical dragon's roar echoed throughout the land. Arcs of lightning are like murderous flood dragons swimming in the clouds started to form everywhere in the clouds.

Erela's forehead started to sweat as her face fully went pale. A trail of blood leaked from her mouth, but she completely ignored it and kept casting her spell. The more she kept at it the denser became the cloud accumulation and it suddenly started to rain.

"Haha, the heavens are with us! Winter Tzar shouldn't you start casting your spell? I think the guy possessing Cyrus will be battle-ready soon."

Charmaine snapped out her stupor at the voice of Chuck, "Both of you are psychopaths! Complete psychopaths! This is going to be our coffin!"

Though Charmaine has said that, she took one more look at the burning body Cyrus. Then she gritted her teeth and started her incantations.

Chuck looked at Charmaine then at Erela and he thought to himself, 'so, we have a third psychopath in the midst.'

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