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For a High god like Apollo, casting a spell at such a low level is child's play. It is only because of the limitations on his strength and the physique of Cyrus, it took him even a moment.

No matter the restriction, a fight against Apollo, even at his lowered demigod strength is something that it beyond Chuck's capabilities. It is a losing war.

The thought of even opposing Apollo is laudable. However, no praise will equal the cost of life and according to Apollo, Chuck's life is already at forfeit.

"Heh, an unblessed Tzar, I should've known. You little plebs who struggle to amount to such little strength often end up with an elevated opinion of oneself," though Apollo mouth seemed smiling, his eyes are apathetic as if he looking at a lifeless object when he looked at Chuck.

Chuck who is now unarmed, is covered in wounds and scars, most of which are still bleeding blood. One of his hands is twisted a weird angle. He looked as if he will just scatter with a strong gust of wind, but even still he looked up at Apollo unflinching and unapologetic.

"I don't know the entirety of bits and pieces, but if the strength that you displayed is what the extent of a God, no Tzar would respect you. They submit to you because God represents something bigger and unfathomable by us, Tzars. We may be strong, but still mortals, Gods represent a different paradigm of power, am I right?"

"Haha, yes, the idea of God is inconceivable to you weaklings. If not for the limits of this body, just my mere aura will have you burnt to ashes."

"Limits! You kept whining about limits on your power and limits on the body, why?"

Apollo narrowed his eyes when Chuck asked him that, "You insignificant ant, you dare to talk to me in that tone? Kneel!"

Apollo effused a majestic aura, that kept hammering the soul of the three Tzars, making their whole body break out in a cold sweat. An invisible force presses them down, their backs being bent.

Chuck kneeled down with a hand impact, but he wasn't flustered or livid of the insult, instead, he laughed out...

"Hahaha, I see, I see. The limits! You have a limit on strength and I am guessing a limit on time too. The descent of gods was purely ceremonial before. Yet, you came down for combat, if this was the norm, the records of a fight between gods would have least been a popular rumor. You're an anomaly. There has never been a precedence and I don't think there will never be a next like you, " the more Chuck spoke, the more he is able to resist Apollo. With much struggle, he stood back up and looked up at the flaming God of Sun.

"So you've guessed.  It doesn't change a thing. I can still kill you if I so desire!"

"That's the point,  'if you desire' you can kill me. But you are not, despite how you haughty bastards' put emphasis on 'blasphemy'. Heh, you want something from that kid and you only have the strength to torture her. Anything more, the "mighty God" will be incapable just like my little brother," said Chuck as he looked at the half-burnt Ewelina behind him.

"Tch, Bastard! I'll kill you first!" Apollo was livid of being belittled by a mortal whom he doesn't even consider as an ant. He rushed at Chuck like a burning missile, but all that speed did not do him good.

Apollo does not know that Chuck's ability is foresight. A quirk like this is very rare, most quirks revolve around power, speed or elemental discharge. A quirk that involves predictability is something that was never heard before.

So when Apollo rushed up at Chuck,  Chuck did not panic, he picked up the manhole cover under him with one hand.

The Sun God thought it was futile to try and use a makeshift shield, he wanted to prove to Chuck that a god's power is above supreme and unquestionable. He increased his speed and shot himself at Chuck wanting to melt the manhole cover and puncture a hole through Chuck's torso.

When the Sun God increased his momentum, the calm face of Chuck developed a smile, he just took a half step to the side and shielded him from the heat with the manhole cover, because...

**whizz** Apollo rushed with uncontrollable momentum, so when Chuck just tilted his body, he rushed past Chuck like a raging beast that is unable to control its speed. The metal manhole turned red with just the exposure of the heat coming off of Apollo.

**Sizzle** Chuck's finger sizzled in the heat as he firmly held onto the manhole, his fingers developed burn wounds and were cauterized the same. Chuck lowered the dim red manhole cover, a cool and cold face looked at Apollo, treating the red hot manhole burning his hand with no care, Chuck looked at the surprised Apollo with no change in his emotions.

"You are strong I give you that, maybe even terrifying when you don't have limits. But here and now, you are not strong enough to look down on us."

Chuck's words were like a predator's bite to its prey's throat, he accurately grasped Apollo's predicament. Apollo may be a high god in the outer realms, but now he is just a demigod with a body at the level of a Tzar.

More than on Apollo,  Chuck's words had a more profound effect on Erela and Charmaine. Though it is a close save,  when they saw that Apollo could not one-shot Chuck, waves started raising in their hearts. To them, Gods are supreme.

To resist an almighty, even for one move was an impossibility to the two. Seeing that happen, the duo slowly stood up from their knees. Their bent back straightened as they looked up at Apollo.

Different from last time there was no trace of reverence in their eyes. On the contrary, there was resentment. When they looked at the remains of Cyrus, there was heartache.

Then it started slowly.

Initially, there were just sparks.

In time, it became frequent and bright, and it lit up.

It was accumulating in determination, gaining in conviction.

Finally, it sparked through their irises like a heavenly fire that is inextinguishable.

There, deep in their eyes was something new when they looked at the God. Something that they two never dreamed of...

...there was battle intent filling their core raging like a dragon roaring at the skies...

Apollo who saw the change in Erela and Charmine was irritated to the extreme.

"You three think, you can take me on? A God! The almighty ruler of billions like you. The stars and solar systems that sing my praises are innumerable. A mere breath from me will burn your entire planet!"

The more Apollo talked the more hysterical he became, the idea of the wretched ants gaining a backbone was completely unacceptable for Apollo.

"It is you! If you are dead, there will be no blemish on my authority. I did not come here to kill you, but I think I will enjoy burning some heretics as appetizers," said Apollo with the half-burnt face of Cyrus.

"Tch, Do you have an asshole in your face? Why do you keep farting out the same shit you said over and over! What god are you? God of talking out your ass?"

"Bastard! I will..."

"You son of a bitch! for f*ck sake, do something!"

The more Chuck cussed at Apollo, the lesser sane are the thoughts of the  Sun God. More importantly, Erela and Charmine who were brought up with a complete sense of submission and subservience to Gods had their nerves calm down, when they saw the disgraceful display of Apollo.

As if he had eyes on his back, Chuck smiled confidently feeling the changes in the other Tzars. It may seem like Chuck was acting wantonly like a bastard, but every move and every word of him are based on innumerable calculations. If someone took an ECG of Chuck, it will be through the roof with machine buzzing error alarm, because...

...foresight has always been in effect...

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