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When Thurston heard Cyrus's warning, time went slow for Thurston as he turned to look at Chuck. He was holding the trebuchet iron arrow like a spear and was already upon Thurston.

"Heh, you were my target all the time. Thurston thanks for making it easy and running to me. I couldn't have killed you without your help."

As soon as Thurston heard the vice of Chuck, he started to crazily absorb earth elemental energy to make his armor thicker and sturdier. In a short moment, Thurston was like a mini fort and had his entire body covered with thick armor including his face.

Chuck was not surprised by this, he expected that Thurston who excelled at defense will turtle up when he is being targeted and that was what Chuck wanted. Had the Tzar of the Earth Church not seal up his body, he would not have gone blind to the actions of Chuck.

Despite being covered in thick armor, Chuck could easily figure out the position of Thurston's head, but he did not aim the arrow at the heavily fortified hear or the thickly armored chest, he aimed in between.


Chuck drove the long iron arrow into the neck of the Cardinal of Earth Church, but the arrow was stopped with just the arrowhead pierced into the armor. Thurston's armor was much thicker than the arrowhead, his life was not at threat.

Cyrus who could use heat vision saw that the arrow did not reach Thurston, heaved a sigh, he then commanded Erela...

"Blast him off with lightning! He lost the arrow. Erela turn him to ash!"

"Mmm" was all that the Tzar of the Thunder Church replied, but she already started to overdraft her soul and command the mightiest of lightning attack. The land trembled at the loud rumblings of the thunder and lightning cascaded down like a waterfall.

Despite the situation being completely in their control, Cyrus felt a bad premonition, 'why do I feel something is different now? What's different now?' 

When Cyrus thought that his eyes widened in realization as his mind screamed, '...he ...he did not run this time...'. 

Though Cyrus figured out that Chuch had planned something it too late for him to stop anything as Erela already commanded the lightning.

With his quirk, foresight, still active, everything was slow in Chuck's vision, he saw the lightning cascade down at him in torrents...


Arcs of lightning poured out on Chuck...


Lightning covered every part of Chuck, it was like he was going to be minced into meat paste and burnt down to ashes by the innumerable bolts of lightning. However, if one could see beyond the blinding white radiance the will see the eyes of Chuck and the maniacal craziness deep in them.

When Cyrus saw Chuck drowned by lightning, he calmed himself, 'was I just imagining things?'

However, Cyrus was quickly proved that his instincts were right all along...

Boom! Boom!


"Arrrrhhh!" screamed out Charmine as her face was covered in blood, the sunned splatter of blood caught her off guard. When she looked at the source, she saw an iron arrow dripping with blood, that had pierced its way completely through the armor of Thurston.

Without the control of the Tzar, the earth elemental energy quickly drifted away showing a surprised and still Thurston who had the iron arrow pierce completely through his neck.

Cyrus and Charmine were astounded that Thurston was killed so suddenly. However, Erela's face was pale with fright as she saw exactly what Chuck did...

As soon as lightning descended, Chuck jumped and let it envelop him. Despite his skin and flesh roasted with millions of volts, Chuck cruelled willed his body to move, causing more harm. As if he fueled all the pain into a single counterattack, Chuck gave a hard punch to the flat rear end of the arrow that was sticking out of Thurston's armor.

[Crack] Chuck's arm developed multiple fractures as his hand was twisted at an odd angle. The blunt arrowhead was hammed deep in. However, the arrowhead barely touched his skin and was not enough to kill Thurston. But Chuck was not done yet...

As soon as Chuck's hand touched the iron arrow, it was as if a canal was opened for all the lightning. The high voltage devastation drifted into the iron arrow and electrocuted the unsuspecting Thurston. The sudden jolt, let Thurston lip his control on the earth elemental energy making the armor soft for a fraction of a moment. Sadly, that was all that Chuck needed... 


Chuck gave another punch to the rear end of the arrow with his other hand, driving the thick iron arrow through the throat of Thurston.


As soon as Chuck was done killing Thurston, he quickly ran to his blade, picking it up and arming him up to take the head of the nearby Charmine. However, as soon as his body got hold of his blade, he willpower relaxed feeling the grip of his familiar partner. Unable to control himself he laid down, it was only now he felt the soul tearing pain from his body.

**huff** **huff**

Chuck's entire body is roasted, sizzling wounds are still fuming smoke all over his body. His right hand was incapacitated, broken at multiple places.  His flesh was chared at places, if not for a Tzar's elite physique, a normal man would be beyond a corpse by now.

Chuck was spent, despite killing one Tzar, he has nothing left in the tank. Though Cyrus, Erela, and Charmine knew that Chuck has no strength left, his ferocious display of slaughter made them hesitant to approach him.

Suddenly, Cyrus spoke...

"You guys have a fun thing going on here."

Though Cyrus looked the same, his voice sounded different. But the most noticeable thing was his aura, the remaining alive Tzars felt like a little sheep in presence of a tiger when they looked at Cyrus.

The news aura of Cyrus was supreme and pressured their minds into reverence.

...Apollo has descended into the Mortal Realm...

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