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PORN STAR 8 Joab transform! Battle form Red Scowler! The future Mafia Boss!

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[SPLATTER] Warm blood dripped down the face of Joab, Makena screamed out at the sight of her brother's blood. She wanted to step forward but was still tightly held by Chuck.

The bully punk smiled as his knife made contact and drew blood, but his smirk was short-lived. The blood was not from a cut on Joab's face but his hand.

Inches before the blade made contact with his face, Joab caught the blade with his left hand. He tightly held onto the blade despite the cold metal cutting his palm, all the way to his bones. Though the pain was overloading his mind, Joab calmly looked up staring straight into the eyes of his bully with blood dripping down his face.

The punk has never seen a hard dude ever like that, the calm eyes brought a shiver down the spine of the punk. He felt that despite a blade in his hand, he does not feel safe looking at Joab. Fear is slowly consuming the punk as he stared at the predator-like eyes.

This time not with rage, but with desperation the punk forced the blade forward which was still being held by Joab. The blade was long enough to stick an inch out from the other side of Joab's fist. The deranged bully wanted to stab the blade tip into Joab's eyes as he tried to push the hand forward with another hand supporting the push.

Seeing that the punk is more adaptive to the situation and Joab being green to a fistfight, Chuck decided to part some wise words to Joab.

"What the fuck are you trying to act cool for! Use your other hand to punch his face in!"

The holler snapped Joab out of his stupid decision of muscling the knife. Though the punk knew that fist will be coming for his face, he was helpless as he was pushing the knife with both his hand, before he could take one hand away...


Driven by the pain of his hand being cut, his years of hatred over the bullies and recalling his helplessness of seeing his sister almost knifed. Joab threw a punch with every ounce of his being.

[Crackle] Fine cracks were slowly spreading through the bones of Joab's knuckles as the force he packed was more than what a human hand could withstand.

What about the bully's face?

For the bully, time went slow as the fist came close to his face, he knew that he had to take fist on the face, but he thought he could take the fist and use the moment after to stab Joab, but Joab never gave him the chance.

The fist first made contact with the bully's oversized ugly nose. The nose was pressed in until the nose cartilage was torn off from the facial bone, then the fist made drove through to his facial bones and the front of his teeth. The punk had crooked teeth which bit into the fist of Joab, as the punk's lips were punctured. However, Joab didn't pull back, despite the pain of his bones being scraped Joab put more of his body weight into the punch lifting a foot up as if he made a baseball throw, but instead of the ball, it was his fist.


The punk was punched through with a fist bullet. Many of the front teeth of the bully were punched in and was forced to swallow. The fist then led to cause multiple fractures on the facial bones of the punk. The carnage only came to an end as the punk fell flat on his back and slid a few feet on the floor to dissipate the mammoth force that Joab's fist brought forth.

This move of Joab was what made everyone on the streets shiver at the name the Red Scowler and led him to form the Knuckle Red gang. To this day, no one could dodge, resist or stand up after a Red Scowler's fist bullet.

Everyone stared in silence, as Joab decimated the bully. Darby lost his marbles seeing the harmless guy transform into a battle machine.

'This kid is going to rule the streets' is what Darby thought as looked once more at Joab still not understanding how Joab suddenly became a hard dude that made his spine shiver.

'What the fucking hell? Is this kid on steroids or something?' thought Chuck as he walked to Joab, who's still standing in one foot.

Chuck smacked Joab on the back of the head...

"What the fuck are you posing like that for? Want to be immortalized here? When you die I'll be sure to add a stupid looking statue over your tomb." mocked Chuk in light humor.

All the fierceness in Joab vanished as he looked up at Chuck, the timid boy is back. He tried to scratch his head to hide the awkwardness, only to notice that his hand hurt like a bitch.

Chuck whistled at how bad Joab messed up his hand.

"Kid, being fierce on your opponent is fine, but you need to be kind to yourself."

"Big brother Chuck, I was... I just..."

"No need to explain, I understand. Now tell me, if felt pretty fucking cool right?"

"Ha-ha", timidly laughed Joab, but everyone can notice the excitement in his eyes.

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"Yes, big brother Chuck!"

"Do I have to fucking say everything to you? Take him to the hospital."

"Yes, big brother Chuck, will do it immediately," obliged Darby with a smile. He was thinking of a way to form a connection with the fierce kid. Taking him to the hospital when hurt, worked perfectly fine for Darby.

"Big brother Chuck, my sister..."

"Damn, we only have one ride. I'll stay guard with her and when Darby drops you at the hospital and comes back, I'll drive your sister to the hospital."

Joab was about to say yes when he thought of how Chuck had to crash into his bullies to stop the vehicle.

"Big brother Chuck, our house is nearby..."

"Oh then she can walk to your place, I'll wait here for Darby..."

At that time a soft voice interrupted the back and forth...

"...Umm, Big Brother Chuck, can you walk me home?..."

Hearing his sister's request Joab thought that his sister was still shaken over almost being knifed, so he also insisted on Chuck walking her home. However, the caring brother failed to see the blushing red cheeks of her his cute little sister.

'Ahhh, I'm going to be walked home by Big brother Chuck'

'Will we kiss?'

'Will he make a move on me?'

'If he made a move, should I play along?'

Makena's mind was messed up with a million perverted thoughts flashing.

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