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The insignia of a weave shimmered on the cracked and broken sword body of Ewelina. She kept floating about and intersected right at the path of a fast-moving meteorite.


The meteorite hit the handle side of the sword giving the sword the whizzing momentum to move inwards towards the inside of the solar system. Abruptly a floating asteroid came in its path, but luckily the blade side was pointing towards the large floating rock...


The blade easily pierced through the asteroid of 8 km in circumference, as if it was slicing through butter.

Though Ewelina is in no good shape for a battle against a God Exalt, in the mortal realm, she is the sharpest and the hardest weapon, capable of severing everything. On her inward drift in the Solar system, she was hit by multiple fortunate meteorites that made her go faster and faster and correcting her course directing her more inward and deep into the solar system, straight at a blue star.


Meanwhile back at Apollo at outer space...

Zemere, the Goddess of Earth, had her sense returned to her when the red sigils from Ewelina vanished from her. Though she acted in accordance with the whims of the celestial armament when she was ensnared.

The forbidden martial mantra of Ewelina made Zemere serve her completely with her heart instead of forcing or controlling her. Leaving the Earth Goddess with a vivid memory of her actions.

She could not help but blush in shame when she stole a glance at Khionee, who had her face red in embarrassment. Despite the sense of shame, Khionee has a bright luster in her eyes proving that the Ice Goddess's submissive nature is intrigued by public humiliation.

Now that their inner thoughts were exposed, Zemre felt it would be only an act if they continue to act 'holier than thou' and decided to embrace her relationship with Khionee.

However, even if she decided to openly court Khionee, she did not want her shameful acts to be spoken out in the God realm. Faranis was dead and the Fate Mistress is not the social type. Knowing that her dignity is at stake,  Zemere wanted to request Apollo to not expose her moment of weakness...

"Lord Apollo, I apologize for my shameful behavior, I have cost us the mission handed by the High Gods. I will return the gifts you have given me."

Apollo who was in a trance of the unbelievable feats that he had witnessed today, snapped back to reality by the voice of Zemere.

The Sun God dismissively waved his hand saying, "No need for all that. I commanded this operation, I gave poor commands and cornered myself into not participating in the fight when I was needed. Besides, in my watch, Faranis died and Perun's axe got destroyed. If the blame should be placed on someone behaving poorly, it should be me."

"My Lord, how could you take the entire blame. There have been many unexpected elements. Khionee filled me in on the participation of the Dark Lord and Mortia's schemes. We were outmaneuvered and outgunned from the start," bitterly stated Zemere.

"Haha, yes we were! and I couldn't have been happier!"

"My Lord, why are you..."

"Gratified that our mission failed? Heh, would you believe if I have told you all that has happened today, the day before?"

"My Lord, where are you going with this..."

"Just answer me Zemere, would you?"

On the insistence of the Sun God, Zmere took a moment to think the event transpired and asked herself whether she will believe it if she was foretold.

"If yesterday, have you told me the events today. I would think you are trying to write a fantasy novel."

"Hahaha, true true. I felt the same when the God of Prophecy told me all that."

"The God of Prophecy?! That mad man! We did all this for him?"

"Zemere, you think I would take part in the act as embarrassing as crushing a low god, if not from the insistence of someone higher than me?"

"I kept this from you all because before our eye-opening experiences today. Even if it was the God of Prophecy, all that he said to me, simply sounded absurd."

"My Lord, why would someone as powerful and eccentric as the Prophecy God wanted to meddle in a low god's affair?"

"Heh, you think his target is the shitty sl*t goddess?"

[Gasp] "You mean..."

"Mortia better run and hide. Since she had used Bleeding Fate, bad things might happen to her while she is recuperating from her weakness," said Apollo with a crazy glint in his eyes.

Suddenly Zemere realized that events today should not be judged at a superficial level. Everything little action has a deeper layer of ambition and schemes...

'The Sejungus barrier was torn! A god entered the mortal realm! The uncontested Fate mistress is being targeted!'

'A storm is brewing in the god realms, are these the undercurrents of an upcoming Faith Society war?'

Zemere was stunned into silence as she started to notice the signs of the most frightening event of the God realm.


She was Jolted awake by Apollo's holler.

"Ye..yes, my lord!"

"I know I can trust you, I just wanted to remind you that sometimes talking nonsense may lead to someone's death. So you better avoid it..." as he said this the warmth of the Sun God completely vanished, he started at Zemere as if he is a block of ice stifling her with cold killing intent.

"My Lord you have my word! I swear on my divinity!"

"Haha, now I am at ease," Apollo shifter back to warm demeanor as if he had no connection to the cold killer that he just exposed, making Zemere and Khionee gulp in unease.

"Lord Apollo, I... we..."

"Hmm? Speak up!"

"I deeply implore that the lord does not mention anywhere of my shameful behavior when I was bewitched by the celestial armament... I was taken advantage of in my moment of weakness..."

"Haha, fret not Zemere, I am not one to chatter. Let put all that behind us, we still have work to do."

"More...work? Fate Mistress has left and the porn Goddess went into the mortal realm. we... who is our target? Don't tell me we are going to scheme against the Fate Mistress?" despaired Zemere as she voiced out the possibilities.

"Worry not, though I am proud of my strength, I am not idiotic enough to think that I have what it takes to contest against one of the Fate Sisters, even when she is weak."

"Redundantly, our target is still is the Porn Goddess. According to the Prophecy God, Sorscee has the blessing of Fate, killing her will bring out the Fate Mistress from hiding. It will make it easier to corner an outraged God than a scheming one."

"..but ...but ..she is in..."

"Haha, Zemere, though we cannot physically enter mortal realms. You, me and every god knows that we have never lost contact with them."

"...we ...we descend in aura to absorb faith and impart some teachings to the weaklings. But it was just an empty show of mysticism, our time and power have always been limited even when we descend just in aura."

"True. But using this as a sacrifice, I can descend with least the strength of a demigod." Apollo showed the Earth Goddess a glass vial with red liquid. When Zemere scanned it with her divine sense, she was shocked to feel a faint rejection from the red liquid. 

As a Goddess her will is supreme, she may be opposed, but no living or dead has the ability to innately reject her. In the entire world, this is just one exception...

"...the blood of the first generation of Aequus Garrison..."

When Zemere uttered those less spoken words, Apollo did not answer her, but his smile widened from benevolence to a ghastly glee exuding depravity.
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