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Far away from the outer space, Apollo was watching the inconceivable scene of Ewelina pass Sorscee's heart that had divine soul imprints into the mortal realm. The Sun God had always held an elevated opinion of himself. He always acted like he had seen it all and carried himself in poise no matter how shocking the revealings he comes across.

However, today, he is slack-jawed like a country bumpkin that came to the city for the first time. The most unimaginable event of the long Divine History is happening right before his eyes. Apollo questioned his sanity multiple times in this short while to confirm again and again that what he is seeing is really happening...

Despite the unconcealable surprise, Apollo also had a heart full of resentment because it will be an utter embarrassment if those in the God Realm came to know that a low god and a celestial armament with no faith energy escaped under his nose.

He wanted to make a move and stop Ewelina, but she was already at the edged of the Mortal realm when he realized that she was fleeing. Even if he burnt his soul he could not reach her before he got to the Sejungus barrier. Besides, Apollo did not want to go anywhere near the Sejungus Barrier. He felt that Ewelina is driving herself into a death trap, but to see her pass Sorscee's heart into the mortal realm, made him surprised, glum and dispirited, altogether.

The only silver lining for him is that to see that the sentient armament cannot escape the barrier and will be crushed to pieces. To vent his heart full of resentment he was eagerly anticipating the scene of Ewelina being destroyed.

However, when Ewelina gave up on herself and was ready to welcome death...


The fabric of reality beside Apollo exploded into pieces of chaos by the Fate mistress who has been quietly standing all this while.

She crushed reality and developed a wormhole just like how Lucifer did, but the destruction she caused was more overbearing than the Dark Lord.

Mortia stepped through the wormhole which instantly led her to Ewelina. She smiled at the little loli armament who is selflessly sacrificing herself to save Sorscee. With a shake of her head, she berated at the pure and gullible armament in her heart.

"Silly girl how would Sorscee be happy without you," said Mortia.

A supreme force erupted from within Mortia, threads of fate, destiny, fortunes, and adversity rose from her. Like a sacred lotus blooming in the heavenly fire, she was an inviolable deity who controlled the endless happening of the World. 

Stars nearby aged and exploded, yet new stars came into existence. The intricacies of life sped up and slowed down all around her. It was like a burst of firecrackers and blooming of flowers all around her.

Apollo stumbled back in fright raving like a mad man...


Mortia is just a High God, but even God Exalts will not belittle her. Her fearsome reputation is all because of a supreme technique of Fate Mistress, the Bleeding Fate. This peerless technique is something only the Fate Goddess can employ. In exchange for her life, destiny and good fortune; Mortia can command unprecedented might of her choosing, she can command the strength of a God Eminence, God Exalt or even more. 

If the Fate Mistress staked her life there is no being in this world that she cannot kill.

To aid Ewelina, Mortia did not hesitate to command the strength beyond God Exalts. Mortia dauntlessly grabbed onto the Sejungus Barrier with her two hands and tore it into two. Her hair whipping about as a mad aura circulated around her, even the God of War does not have such a  valiant presence.

The barrier powered up at full force, yet it was unable to stop the might of Mortia...


The Fate Mistress tore open a  new hole in the barrier despite its full might, and she lightly nudged Ewelina who has already passed out into the mortal realm and chanted a blessing of fate on Ewelina and Sorscee's heart.

Mortia moved Sorscee's heart back into the storage dimension of Ewelina and sent the foster mother and daughter pair drifting into the mortal realm.

Senjungus barrier picked up on the divine aura on Sorscee's heart and extended a tentacle to restrain Ewelina.


Mortia was about to leave, but when she saw that the barrier is going to capture Ewelina, all caution went out. Her ever-present kind smile was wiped off. Fate is cruel when impartial, but if it against you, death may be a sweet release... 

Threads after threads of fate quintessence spread out from Sorscee, it interweaved itself into the intangible barrier. If the barrier was the feared monster Kraken of the fables, then Mortia became the legendary hunter who captured rampant monsters with one hand.

The fate webs interweaved into the barrier and restrained it as a whole.

Noticing the widespread commotion, beings of power started teleporting out of space.

"Fate Mistress, you have no business here in the mortal realm! All those who trespass will be slaughtered and fate is no exception," hollered an old and powerful voice.

Just his voice created waves of space ripples that caused a cosmic storm in the vicinity.

"Knight Ricard of the Aequus Garrison, Greetings."

"Speak. Why are you here?"

"I was just curious about the forbidden mortal realm. Except for this barrier it was only so-so. I completely lost interest, I shall not keep you company."

"Haha, you undid your Life Seal just to satiate your curiosity? You want me to believe that?"

"Old man, I have time to play word games with you. You believe whatever you want. I haven't stepped into the mortal realm, I am about to leave. If you wish to flex your puny authority, I don't mind taking your head a souvenir. My Life Seal is still undone."

Ricard's face went red with anger as he was insulted before his subordinates as he was about to speak out, an old hand grabbed him by the shoulder and stopped him. Noticing the person, Ricard went down on one knee...

"Chief Knight Arnaud, I told everyone to not disturb you. Those brats never listen to me."

"Haha, Ricard we have a guest, how can I not come and personally greet the esteemed impartial Fate mistress?" wheezed the voice of the decrepit old man. 

Though he looked feeble, his eyes had a deep luster of vitality. He slowly walked to the barrier and rubbed it as if it was a pet. As soon as he did, the barrier shimmered with glowing light, the interwoven fate threads steadily came undone.

"Fate Goddess, not many gods have your sense of responsibility and vision for the greater good. But even still, I am helpless at welcoming you into the mortal realm. I apologize for Ricard speaking with no sense of proprietary. The Gods are forbidden from the mortal realms, but they have always been necessary."

"I will let this go, as long as the goddess turns back. Besides, you are burning away your life with that martial mantra of yours. Take it from an old man, rushing to death is a disrespect to life."

After a moment of silence, Mortia agreed, "...I will take my leave..."

She left without looking back, on her way back, Mortia sighed to herself...

'In the end, I couldn't stop myself from interfering.'

She looked one last time at the blue star which is very close to her as she is in the vicinity of the solar system.

'...I hope his fate is as strong as I prophesied...'

'Sorscee, I cannot help you anymore. You are on your own, now.'
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