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Ewelina sensed herself being close to the mortal as she felt a faint sense of rejection from the Sejungus Barrier coming towards the Divine Spark of Sorscee that she had inside her.

The celestial armament immediately took out the dim Divine spark of Sorscee, she bit into it and cracked it. She hurriedly sucked out all the faith reserves from it. Sorscee had limited reserves, Ewelina emptied it in a fairly short moment. The divine spark lost all its luster and became like a cheap glass orb. As soon as the divine imprints were destroyed, the rejection from the Sejungus barrier was nullified.

However, Ewelina could not destroy the divine soul imprints of Sorscee in her heart. If she did, it ill be no different from completely killing Sorscee. Though it is a minuscule amount, it will be detected as soon as she reaches the Sejungus barrier. Ewelina is stubborn in bringing her goddess alive into the mortal realm, even at the cost of her existence.

To smuggle the divine soul imprints of her Goddess, Ewelina has a crazy plan in her mind. She plans to do something that has not been tried since the First Faith Society war.

Ewelina plans to make a crack in the age-long dreaded and impermeable Sejungus Barrier of the mortal realm.

Apollo who was looking at Sorcee the entire time had faintly guessed the thoughts of Ewelina. He was flabbergasted at the recklessness of the sentiment armament. Involuntarily he muttered, "...how ...how will she even have the power to content against the Senjungus barrier? It needs least the might of a God Exalt to even test the barrier..."

Apollo looked at Mortia for an answer, but the enigmatic Fate Goddess just opened her eyes and look at Ewelina.

As if on cue, the entire back of Ewelina opened up like a big bloodied mouth of a mutant beast and gobbled the terrifyingly destructive energy orb of Lucifer.


It was as if 10,000 megatons nuclear explosion was forced to be contained in a one cubic centimeter box. The entire body of Ewelina started to crack with blood flowing everywhere. One of her eyes exploded with blood gushing out, but the willful stubbornness was blazing in the remaining eye. 

She took out Perun's axe and started to transform herself into a broad and big longsword. She used Perun's axe to be the tip of the sword. Though the axe edge was not a typical tapering edge of a sword, its sharpness was undeniable. It was fabled that Perun once split 10 stars into two halves with a single swing of his axe.

Ewelina was planning to let Perun's Axe bear the brunt of the first contact with the barrier and then use her physical body to deal with the aftershock.

Ewelina will have only a fraction of a second to power through the unactivated Sejungus Barrier, She had to slip through the micro crack of the barrier within a 1000th of a nanosecond if she could even create a crack. If not, either by Apollo or by the Aequus Garrison, her end would be grisly.

Once she transformed herself into longsword, she started to consume the destructive might from the energy orb of the Fathe-Demon to power up her attack aimed at the Sejungus barrier.

When Ewelina started consuming the energy orb, the quintessence of time and space manipulation was lost and everyone could see how fast she was moving.


It was as if a slow-moving fertilizer spraying glider plane suddenly changed into the king of fighter jets and erupted into super-sonic Mach 3 speed.

The transformed Ewelina shot to the Sejungus barrier at breakneck speed, like a divine arrow. The entire longsword was filled with cracks through which the excessive destructive energy is seeping out. It was as if the whole blade is bleeding all over, yet ferocious and undaunting in its momentum. 

Despite knowing the risk of offending the Aequus Garrison, a force that has murdered a God Exalt. Ewelina cast away all the thought of the future consequences and only thought of the now. She decided to do whatever it takes to keep her Goddess alive. Ewelina unhesitatingly drove her longsword form into the Sejungus Barrier.



In a space research center, elsewhere...


"Hey Edgar, watch where you're going!" hollered a coworker who was pissed at Edgar pushing him out of the way.

But Edgar was already past the aisle and was running to the office of the Director of the Space Research Program.

[Dok] [Dok] [Dok] ... Edgar did not even take the time to inform the secretary of the director, he rushed to the Director's office and started thumping on the door like a madman.

"Mr. Ainsley! What is the meaning of this?! The director is in a video conference with the President!" screeched the old secretary of the Space Program Director.

When Edgar was told that the Director was on a call with the country's president, he felt happy thinking that he came at the right time. He ignored the old secretary who was rebuking him.

He unhesitatingly pushed open the door and walked in to see a fuming director who patiently trying to explain the president about the commotion that was happening outside his office.

"Edgar! You better have a good explanation for all this..." said the director while gritting his teeth.

"The satellites picked up a massive meteorite explosion. Estimated devastation is least a million times as the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs."

When Edgar said that, everyone quieted down into silence because the debris of such a massive explosion will whizzle all around the solar system. Asteroids ten times the size of the Chicxulub impactor(the meteor that killed the dinosaur) will become a common occurrence. World extinction is not a theory anymore.

After a while, the director asked, "On which planet did the meteorite made impact? Are we at the risk of being in the path of space debris?"

"That is the weirdest part. There was neither detection of a massive meteorite nor any large space body at the place of explosion. It was as if a stationary nuclear bomb just suddenly exploded on the outer perimeter of our solar system."

It was the President who was on the large screen who spoke this time, "This news is not to shared and everyone who is aware of the finding are to be detained in the office until the Senate is ready to give an answer to the press. Director, do the needful, the federal defense agency will soon contact you and take over."

Saying that the president disconnected the video call from his end.

[Sigh] "It was my wedding anniversary today."

"You are married for over 20 years. At least today you can give the woman a day off."

"Let's go and break the bad news to your team."

[Sigh] "After you director."


A similar scene was happening in Space Research center all around the globe. Every Space Monitor Program headquarters are in a frenzy as their monitoring devices picked a massive meteorite explosion at the perimeter of the solar system. However, all the smart minds of the planet could not figure out the reason why the explosion happened...
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