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"He is in cahoots with you! Both of you had this planned! Mortia, Do you take me for a fool?" screamed Apollo, when he noticed that he has been played by both Mortia and Lucifer. 

He had the positioning talisman in hand, if need be, he could have requested reinforcements from the gods that are capable of restraining Lucifer. Apollo had the means to go against Father-Demon if the situation demanded it. However, in order to pay the least price for the most benefit, Apollo did not make use of it and now he felt like an idiot having been led by the nose by Mortia.

"Ha, you think this is over? You are only delaying the inevitable, where could a goddess with no faith energy or divine body can go to? Not to mention that we have a strand of her soul aura, which is why we could easily locate her even when you two came to the surroundings of the Seven Hells, for her ascension."

"We can find her, no matter which corner she hides in. Until now, I was just an overseer of this mission. Now you have completely offended, I will see this through the end and will personally destroy the Sl*t nd her weapon!"

"Oh, how do you plan to get into the mortal dimension?" asked Mortia with the same gentle smile.

However, to Apollo, that casual smile looked as if he was being mocked, but he quickly ignored Mortia's smiled as he had trouble believing what she said...

"...the mortal realm? How would she get into it..."

At the same time when Apollo said that, Ewelina took out the Divine spark of Faranis.

The divine spark is the core of a god's strength and his/her law comprehensions. Celestial armaments connect with the Divine spark and absorb power from it to unleash their devastating might. A non-sentient armament will obey the wishes of the wielder, it will start and stop the absorption of faith energy at command.

However, though sentient armaments are rare existences. Every God of God Realm knows that they have their own thoughts and capable of acting on their own. This is the reason why Apollo and the others chose to destroy Ewelina even if she agreed to come with them. No god but the chosen of a Sentient armament can let their guard down when they are wielding it.

The consolidated faith reserves and the weak soul imprint in Divine Spark of Faranis are incapable of putting any resistance in the hands of Ewelina. She unhesitatingly the popped the whole of it into her mouth like candy. In just a few seconds the dazzling golden shine dimmed down and went out completely...


The orb of Divine Spark lost all its luster and appeared like an ordinary glass crystal with cracks all over it. It was at this moment the entire existence of Faranis, the mid-god of Thunder, was completely wiped out from this universe. He was not even allowed to reincarnate when the last vestiges of his soul imprint were destroyed from his divine spark.

As Ewelina absorbed the millennia worth divine energy and law comprehensions from within Faranis's Divine Spark, the dazzling red luster returned to her, her entire red hair crackled with red lightning as she swallowed the Thunder God's soul imprint.

Ewelina stopped putting up the show of resisting Lucifer's energy orb, she knew that Apollo and others would have figured it out by now. She turned her back towards the energy orb and let it fully impact her...


Though for others it may appear as if she was moving slowly, only Ewelina knows the innumerable G-forces that she has to bear, if not for her constitution being a Top-grade armament she would have been crushed to pieces by the monstrous destructive forces within energy orb. 


Ewelina threw up more blood, but the luster in her eyes only became brighter as sensed the proximity to the mortal realm.

"Just you wait, my goddess. I will bring you to safety," muttered the mature Ewelina.

The pain caused by the Energy Orb was completely unbearable, it made her entire soul feel as if she is being burned and pierced by burning hot needles simultaneously.

To distract herself from the soul shredding pain, Ewelina tried to attach her mind to a blissful memory that she cherished the most. Ewelina recollected the story of the Restricted Mortal Realm that she heard Sorscee tell her many times when she was in her little loli form.

Mortal realm is the common name for the pockets of solar systems that contain sentient life forms throughout the galaxy.

Sentient lifeforms are living beings that are capable of emotions. They are able to produce faith energy and was highly sought after by the Gods as energy farming grounds.

However, in the first Faith Society war, during the Battle of Gods, the divine beings formulated a deplorable method to weaken their opponent.

The opposing Gods would destroy the planets and solar systems from which their opponents farmed faith energy. The vicious circle of killing the followers went rampant and the galaxy was almost plunged into the extinction of sentient beings.

If the Elemental laws and various Daos form one part of the world, sentient beings are the missing piece of the puzzle that gives the world a picture of completion. The strong raises from the sentient, the Gods are born from sentient races. The weak masses form the faith energy, they procreate, advance in technology and build society and order.

The weak masses create, prosper and destroy, forming the circle of life. If they are destroyed as a whole, the circle will be broken and it is only a matter of time before the whole galaxy system becomes lifeless and dead.

The Elemental Laws and various Grand and minor Daos gave rise to a new breed of creatures, the Aequus Garrison. Though they are sentient they are born with a cardinal purpose inscribed deep in their soul, that is to preserve the mortal realm and slaughter any who dare causes harm to it.

The entirety of the first generation of the Aequus Garrison was created from the Elemental Laws and various Daos, because of that, the manipulation of elemental energy and various daos came to them as natural as swimming is for the sharks.

Those of the first generation of Aequus Garrison were the blessed children of the various laws and daos, they never had a bottleneck and are able to raise their power level in succession. With every battle, they gained new comprehension and breakthrough.

Though the first generation was weak at its creation, they quickly grew to be a fearsome name that flooded the galaxy with the blood of divine beings who took part in the slaughter of the mortal realms.

However, along with the Aequus Garrison, the various laws and daos gave rise to something that is even more fearsome, which quaked all the supreme beings of the galaxy in fear, the Sejungus Barrier.

Powered by the quintessence of World vitality, the existing and new pockets of Mortal Realms are protected by the invisible Sejungus barrier. The barrier prevents beings with a divine spark from descending into the mortal realm.

During the First Faith Society war, many Gods belittled the Aequus Garrison when they were initially weak. However, after the materialization of the Sejungus barrier every divine being that dared step into the mortal realm was captured and killed without exception. The bloody list of dead gods includes many God Eminences and a God Exalt.

It is only when a God Exalt was killed did the entirety of the God Realm and all Divine beings accepted the fact that the Mortal Realms are not to be trifled with and were left alone.
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