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Faranis had his Divine body melted with him screaming indignantly at Apollo. After which, only the glowing divine spark of the Thunder God and the cracked axe of Perun remained. 

As soon as the Divine spark of the Faranis was exposed when his divine body melted, Ewelina immediately grabbed both the divine spark and Perun's axe and put it in the dimensional space inside her.

However, what she did next knocked the senses out of everyone.

Ewelina unhesitantly threw the comatose body of Sorscee against the energy orb...

"Hmph, at the end of the day it's just a cold killing weapon without emotions, no matter how much it pretended like a real person."

"Sorscee should have let us take her armament, it would have saved everyone a lot of trouble and she could have kept her life. Ha, look at this now, the one whom she gave her divine spark to protect is desecrating her remains. Serves the stupid cow right!"

Apollo vehemently spewed venom as he saw the Ewelina even using the powerless body of Sorscee just to stop the energy orb for a short moment. Despite Ewelina's useless actions he still felt that her destruction is inevitable, he is only miffed that Faranis died in vain.

"Apollo, let me tell you a short story. There was once a pregnant lioness with a cub. The lioness did not belong to any pride, she did not have the help of any other lion or lionesses. Despite her distressing dilemma, the lone expecting lioness had to hunt every day to feed her cub and herself. As the days went on, the more pregnant she got and neared the final few days before her labor."

"One day when she went out to hunt, she did not return back to her den and the young cub who waited for her could not bear its hunger and came in search of its mother. In a short while, it found the lioness, but the lioness was laid down on the ground with its body not moving. The cub pushed her face, roared at her, trying to arouse her. Sadly, the small cub had to soon realize that the lioness is dead and not going to wake up anymore."

"A nearby hunter saw this and was feeling bad for the cub, but his concerns turned to disgust in a moment, because the hungry cub started to bite and tear the body of its mother. The hunter disapprovingly shook his head thinking to himself that the cub is still but an animal and in the end, it will eat anything for its survival. After which, he went his way."

"Soon after he went away, the cub tore into the body of the lioness. The cub was fully dirtied with the blood of its mother, it kept biting and tearing deep within the body of its mother. The cub soon pulled out a moving lump from withing the stomach of the lioness. The cub dragged out the still-living sibling from within the lioness."


"The judgemental are short-sighted fools who will never understand the noble actions of the undaunted."

Being indirectly called a fool, chaffed Apollo, "Hmph, you think her actions will amount to anything? Open your eyes and look, none will remain of Sorscee and after that and her armament will quickly join her goddess by being crushed to nothing by the Energy Orb."

Mortia closed her eyes and said but one phrase, "Haha, if only fate was that easy to understand."

As soon as Mortia said that, Ewelina turned her hand into a spinning blade and stabbed into the rapidly melting body of Sorscee, letting blood and flesh fly all around her, painting a grisly sight.

Ewelina carefully pulled out the torn heart of Sorscee that housed the divine spark. The heart has strange sigils and symbols all around it, glowing in a dim golden luster.

As soon as Apollo saw the golden heart, he had a bad premonition that the situation is about to take an abrupt unfavorable turn...

Ewelina carefully put the heart into the hyper-stable dimensional space within her. When Ewelina pulled out the heart it is was as if the divinity was stripped off of Sorscee's body, the energy orb quickly melted the remains of Sorscee as if it was water.

With nothing to use as a buffer, Ewelina had to face the full brunt of the devastating attack of Lucifer.



The impact immediately made her throw up blood. No matter how much Ewelina tried, her resistance was futile as she was being rapidly pushed back by the energy orb, unable to even hold her ground for an instant.

"heh, all she did was still useless in the end," snickered Apollo as he gleefully enjoyed the futile struggles of the Celestial Armament.

Mortia who had her eyes closed did not open to look at the sight of Ewelina struggling. Mortia with a mirthful smile said, "The blind only sees the black."

As soon as he heard the Fate Mistress he immediately turned his sight towards the armament. At first, Apollo did not notice anything out of order, but in a short while, he noticed something. Even as Ewelina was continuously being destroyed and pushed back, there was no panic in her eyes. On the contrary, there was anticipation, burning deep inside the eyes of the mature redhead.

Apollo got more alarmed when he suddenly noticed that though it appeared as Ewelina was moving back as a slow-paced drift he failed to recognize until now that the momentum of Ewelina is caused by Energy orb. The intensely condensed faith energy is capable of altering time and space. Therefore despite the appearance slowly drifting, Ewelina was moving at a speed of a million miles per second.



"Didn't I tell you the last time? Never f*cking dare to order me."

The humiliation of being slapped in front of mid-gods and the fate mistress made Apollo's eyes turn red in anger, but he still controlled his emotions, gritted his teeth and pleaded again, "...but ...but my lord ...she ..."

"Hmph, do you think I am one of you lots of the God Realm who talk all righteous and go back on their word as if their oath is a pile of cow dung?


"ENOUGH! I declared that the karma between us is severed with this attack. To live or die that corresponds to her fate and fortunes. I will take no part in this circus act, anymore."

Saying that the Dark Lord turned back to leave to the Seven Hells. Before his exit, he coldly looked at Mortia and said, "You owe me one," after which the Father-Demon destroyed the space creating a wormhole and left through it.
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