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After he announced his intentions, Fathe-Demon did not hesitate to make his move.

"Since I said I will utilize my full power, I wouldn't be fair to still allow you to take part of my power." 

As Lucifer said that he casually made a punch motion aiming at the Seven Hells. The entire space wobbled and rippled like water on the very fabric of space.

The entire Seven Realms of Seven Hells started to tremor and shake, the land started to shiver like a level 10 earthquake. The constructs of the Seven Hells make use of magic, hence, they were known to be quiet sturdy.

However, despite their innate firmness, the buildings and houses started to break and crack.

As the monstrous vibrations started to wobble the entirety of the seven hells, the remaining 1/3 of the dark kin who were ensnared in Sorscee's Divine domain, the Chimera Expanse, were jolted awake.

As soon as the remaining of the dark Kin was forced to awake, the faith energy that was steadily pouring into Ewelina was abruptly cut. The red luster of her hair dimmed, the glowing red in her eyes went out. Ewelina was like a high powered heavy machinery that suddenly had its power cut off.

After awakening his kinsmen, Lucifer uttered but one phrase...

"Prove your fealty!"

Lucifer's voice echoed throughout the whole Seven Hells.




Screams and shouts of subservience kept echoing as swathes and swathes of the Dark Kin kept kowtowing on the ground with their foreheads touching the floor.

Faith energy started to circulate Lucifer, it started as visible streams of wind blowing in gusts.  It soon developed into a circling gale energy ring. Then, slowly, it started to gather and rotate faster and faster developing into a massive cyclone, turbulently forming under the feet of the Dark Lord.

The amount of faith energy was staggering. Just the cumulation of such vast reserves of potent faith energy, made Apollo's face go pale. He was secretly relieved in his heart that he did not go up against Lucifer when he was ridiculed by him.

As soon as the faith energy was cut from Ewelina, the inhibiting force on Faranis's body started to weaken and the red sigils on the body of Zemere started to go dim.

Noticing the weakening of the sentient armament, Faranis who was starting to regain his strength, started to heal his body with the faith reserves. Faranis calculated that he will be fully healed in a short while. Seeing the inevitable bitter fate of Ewelina he laughed saying,

"Haha, this is the end of you. My only regret is that I could not torture you to death myself. You could be proud of being wiped out of existence by the dark lord himself. Heh, this is why you should not touch the forces beyond you."

"Ha, spoken like a true coward. I bet everything you have was handed to you. I am very sure that deep down you know that you will amount to nothing by yourself that is why dogs like you bark for few bones that were thrown your way."

Faranis face turned ugly, as his ascension to low godhood and medial godhood have all been aided by other high gods. He very well knows that without the aid he will have no chance of stepping into godhood. Having his inadequacies pointed out, Faranis screamed out in spite...

"Bitch, you are already at death's door and you still don't repent. Don't you dare survive, I will make you regret the day you came into existence."

"Heh, let's see who has the last laugh."

Meanwhile, Lucifer ignored the gasps and chatter around him, he controlled the whole storming faith energy and started to condense it smaller and smaller.

The faith accumulation went from the size of a planet to the size of the moon...

Then to the size of a large skyscraper...

To the size of a car...

Then to the size of a barrel...

From there to a basketball...

...and finally, it was condensed to a small energy orb at the size of a golf ball.

The space around the small energy orb is volatile and it keeps on being destroyed just from the aura of the energy orb.

"With this, I end our Karma. May this devastation cleanse you into a new life, sayonara."

Lucifer gently let off the energy orb from his hand, as if he is gently laying a lotus on a pond. The orb started to slowly drift away from him towards the floating body of Sorscee.

Ewelina has been storing a portion of the faith energy from the earlier downpour from the Seven Hells.

At the same time, Lucifer let off the Energy orb, she ignited the entire vast reserves of faith energy stored inside her, within a short instant. Her aura exploded like a nuclear bomb, as she rushed toward the floating comatose body of Sorscee.

Ewelina was faster than a bolt of lightning and traveled the short distance in 1/1000th of an instant.

However, the strange thing is that the slowly drifting energy orb and the fast-moving Ewelina reached Sorscee's body at the same time.

As Apollo saw that he was terrified...

"...no way... that ...that is ...Time and space manipulation..."

Though it was rumored that Lucifer could fight the Creation God, Apollo did not believe it with certainty as there was no proof to this claim, until now.

Space and time manipulation was a supreme skill of the Creation God, to see Lucifer being able to alter space and time completely frightened him.

As Apollo's face went pale with his understanding of Lucifer, Ewelina already arrived before the energy orb. Unanticipated by everyone, she brought along Faranis, firmly holding him by the neck.

"What! What are you planning to do with me! Let me go! Let me..." 

Faranis just needed a fraction of a moment to overpower the control of Ewelina, but sadly he will never get that opportunity...

Ewelina thrust Faranis's divine body onto the drifting Energy Orb. Faranis had only regained a fraction of his ability and could only position Perun's axe in front of his body in defense.


The explosion wasn't large, it contorted to a shot sphere. However, space around the short contortion down into a black hole constantly absorbing al the aftershock, proving that the reality of the outer space is not strong enough to handle the aftershock.

"ARRRGGGGGHHHHHH" the wretched screams of Faranis kept ringing like a slaughtered pig. Just the aftershock was unbearable for Faranis's divine body.

A divine body is God's primary construct, it houses a God's divine spark and their divine soul. Tempered in faith energy and elemental laws over multiple millennia, Divine bodies are one of the hardest objects in the entire Universe.

However, the Energy Orb had no trouble melting Faranis's divine body. Faranis was constantly being destroyed by the energy orb, as he continuously floods all of his faith reserves to reconstruct his body. The intense energy clash developed into a losing war of attrition for Faranis. Despite him surviving for the moment, he is only delaying the inevitable...

"Apollo help me! Are you going to let me die here? You won't be able to answer my uncle!" Faranis screamed like a banshee.

"Dark Lord, Faranis is not your target, let him be. He is Perun's niece," Apollo requested in a haughty tone.

"You little punk, just cause I saved you some face, you think you have what it takes to make demands to me. The bastard lives or dies, it corresponds to his ability. If you ever take up that tone with me again, I don't mind snuffing a sun out. There are plenty in the galaxy, one less won't be missed much," Lucifer piercing eyes emanated killing intent proving that he will follow through if Apollo makes as much as a little squeak.

Perun's axe which already had soul damage started to develop cracks when it was forced to take the brunt of the Energy Orb.

"Apollo, help me! What are you waiting for! Make a move! I can't hold out!"

"Tch, You're a God, stop screaming like a little bitch! Least die with an ounce of dignity."

"BASTARD, YOU..." were the last words of Faranis as his entire divine body was melted by the energy orb.
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