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"Dark Lord,  what is the meaning of this?" fumed Apollo as he saw the quietly chained Dark Lord to suddenly interfere in his affairs.

The Sun God was not even a part of the fighting force in this mission, he just promised to oversee this operation as a favor to a high god that he was acquainted with. Time and again when he felt that everything was under his control and was close to accomplishing his objective, something unexpected crops up. This was the nth time that Apollo's countermeasures were proven ineffective. 

It was as if fate was playing a joke on him, he used his divine sense to scan Mortia to see if she has used any of her powers without him noticing, he hoped that she did. It is not humiliating to lose to the High God of Fate. However, if she did not use her powers, Apollo did not want to fathom how things will progress if she decides to use her fate powers.

Lucifer, who did not take Apollo seriously, casually answered...

"Heh, you little twerp, you are on my front door and decide to kill my kinsmen. Did you ask for my permission?" haughtily said Lucifer as he slapped away Khionee...

{Boom] the loud rumble of the hit made the stars far away tremble as Khionee was sent blasting off. The Ice Goddess was completely knocked out cold and was out of commission for this fight.

"Didn't the Porn Goddess trick you and stole your powers for her use? Why are you helping her?" asked Apollo in hopes of directing Lucifer's attention to the floating comatose Sorscee.

"You little wretch, don't think that I don't know what you are thinking. Yes, she did make use of my powers, but do you really think that me, the might Dark Lord, was fooled by a Low God?"

"But you..."

"Heh, a God had to come to my Sevel Hells for her ascension, you think I couldn't guess why?"

"You played the fool..."

"Haha maybe, I know the little Goddess's ascension would step on too many old guys toes in the God Realm."

"Why would it matter to you? Why do you want to get involved in the affairs of God Realm? Do you wish to break the Faith Society Divine Decree?

"Heh, though many may give you respects for the little flaming ball you are, you don't have it enough to make a threat to me. I might give face to the Yang God, but you little fireball should know your place. As for why I let the little vixen run wild, I'll entertain you an answer, just this once, when you reach the levels of my strength it is much fun to let the weaker one try to play the overlord."

"You are..."

"Crazy? Isn't it the same with the old fellows in the God realm? If this mission was as paramount as you think, would they send an egotistical idiot like you to take the helm? Playing tricks and schemes without using your strength. Hahahaha, it was such entertainment to watch you give yourself a pat on your back every time you think you did something smart."

"Hahaha," Mortia who has been watching the back and forth could not help but laugh out loud when the Dark Lord called out the stupid schemes of Apollo.

"You..." Apollo wanted to cuss, but before he could say anything insulting...

[BOOM] Lucifer crushed the fabric of space and instantly teleported next to Apollo, with his face inches close against him. Apolo was astounded by the speed of Lucifer and stumbled a step back.

Lucifer smiled at the flustered Apollo, "I dare you to finish the sentence."

Despite the innate pride of the Sun God, he chose to keep quiet, looking down.

"Heh, thought so."

"Dark Lord, I may not be a match for you, but I was given this positioning talisman to use, if I encounter troubles higher than a High God..."

Lucifer's eyes turned a crazy shine, his signature dark flame started to burn around him, he looked piercingly at Apollo and asked, "Are you threatening me?"

"No, I wouldn't dare. But, if you are to interfere, it leaves me with no choice."

"Hmph, bully the weak fear the strong typical divine beings. I have no benefits interfering with this feud. However, though I let the Porn Goddess run wild, I need to deliver a punishment if not everyone may think that I am easy to disturb," Lucifer talked to himself ignoring Apollo.

All the while Lucifer and Apollo were talking, Sorscee did not pay heed to them. She completely ignored them and kept beating the snot out of Faranis. Complete bloodied all over and with bones broken, Faranis stopped making any sound, when he is hit he could only lightly gasp. He was turned into a true punching bag by Ewelina.

However, her indignation is understandable because Faranis was the one who messed with Sorscee's Divine tribulation. If not for him, Sorscee would not be forced to use rip out her own divine spark. Hence Ewelina did not waste any second on ripping a new one for Faranis.

"Hey, you little girl!" Lucifer hollered at Ewelina.

She looked at the Dark Lord with her brows raised and hefted up both her 50 inches E Cup firm and full boobs with her forearms, "Your Majesty Lucifer, what part of me looks like a little girl?" the mature Ewelina cheekily asked Lucifer.

"Hahaha, don't play that trick again with me. Despite the reason, your Goddess committed blasphemy towards my divine authority. This karma needs to be severed. Don't say anything, I've made up my mind. I will deliver one attack against you and your Goddess and whether you survive or perish is up to your fortune and fate. After that, I will not involve myself in this anymore."

[Sigh] "Seems like your majesty has already decided. This humble one can only accede," smiled Ewelina bravely agreeing to face the might of the Dark Domain's supreme.

"Haha, good, unlike this conniving bastard next to me, you are straightforward. I like it. In respect to your valor, I will use my full might in the attack."

Apollo's face turned ugly when he was called aloud as a 'conniving bastard'. No one but Lucifer dared to openly insult him. However, Apollo understands that he and Lucifer are on different power levels. The difference in power is soo huge, Apollo could not even think of contesting Lucifer. Thus, he could only bitterly sallow his anger with nowhere to vent.

Despite him hating the Dark Lord, he couldn't help but be excited over Lucifer's verdict on Sorscee and her Celestial Armament.  Most beings even at the level of the high god are likely to perish or heavily injured at a full-power attack of the Dark Lord.

Though Lucifer's might is not equal, it was rumored, that the Dark Lord is strong enough to put up a fight against the Almighty Creation God.

Apollo is very sure this will be the end of Sorscee and Ewelina. As he is anticipating the end of Sorscee, Mortia, the fate mistress,  looked at Apollo, the comatose Sorscee, Lucifer and at Ewelina. She did not say anything, but only had a mirthful smile with one thought in her mind...

'...the fate threads are unraveling, it is too late to stop its momentum...'

'...Apollo, you should have made your move sooner...'
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