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The sight of Khionee submitting like an animal, baring her body in the open and throwing away her pride and dignity came as a shock to Apollo and Thurston. 

The God of Thunder and Sun gawked at the pristine perfect porcelain body. But swiftly, Apollo got his emotions under control and he quickly noticed the root of the problem.

The red glowing marking on the body of Zemere and her odd behavior suggested that something happened to Zemere when she was enveloped in the red mist cloud.

Apollo's suspicions were confirmed when he saw Zemere treat Ewelina like her master.

'I never guessed that the armament is capable of soul bewitchment, she even ensnared the divine soul of a mid god. The gods of the Earth element are known for their stable mind and soul. Things seem to develop in favor of the Celestial armament. **sigh** I guess I have to...'

"Not thinking of making a move now, are you, Mister Apollo?" the calm voice of the Fate Mistresses sounded in his ear the exact moment when he thought about making a move.

Apollo was flustered as his thoughts were seen through, to vent his embarrassment he screamed at the gawking Thunder God,  "Faranis you imbecile, why are you staring like an idiot? Use Perun's axe and the might of the tribulation clouds to chop the celestial armament into two!"

Faranis snapped out of reverie when he was yelled by Apollo, though he was miffed at being yelled at like a servant, he immediately obeyed Apollo.

Coupled with the embarrassment of being punched to a coma and the resentment of being reprimanded by Apollo, the Thunder God swiftly came like a bolt of lightning and swung the thunder crackling High God Perun's axe at Sorscee's sentient armament.

Throughout the mad rush of Faranis, Ewelina has no change in her expression or action, she calmly stood at the same place with a smile on her face.


The surrounding space exploded unable to withstand the aftershock of the clash between the two. Though the surroundings were devastated, at the point of contact no one was blasted backward.

Contrary to the expectation of Apollo and Faranis, Ewelina did not even take a step back, she held the destructive axe like last time, but even more casually. Her smooth white palm was not even cut by the glinting sharp edge of the celestial axe.

Before Faranis could understand what was happening, Ewelina quickly grabbed onto the throat of Faranis. As soon as Ewelina gabbed onto Faranis, strange energy quickly enveloped his body and he lost all strength, went limp.

The flows of divine energy within the body of Thunder God was blocked at all the chakra points by a sheen of red light.

"You Foul Armament, you dare grab onto a god? Unhand me or I will..."

Before he could finish... [BAM]

Ewelina drove her elbow into the nose of Faranis, crushing his nose to a pulp, breaking the facial bones around his nose, making a pit in the Thunder God's face.

"I WILL..."

Faranis started to cuss and scream in a nasal voice as his nose was turned into a paste of flesh, bone, and blood. But before he could complete a sentence, his trap was soon shut by a hard punch to his jaw that sent his teeth splattering around.

**puh** **puh** **puh**

The dignified mid-god of Thunder has never received such a  wretched beat down. Ewelina did not give two hoots about Faranis's threats, the more he screamed the more disfigured he got...

[BAM] "...stop..."

[POW] "...I ...I am a god ...stop this..."

[BOOM] "Lord Apollo! I would not last long! Make a move!"

With just a few hits, Faranis who is never known for a firm heart, screamed out for help as he could not bear the cruel beatings of Ewelina.

But before Apollo could respond, Mortia spoke, "Heh, now that your friend screamed for 'help', Mister Apollo would not break his oath and change from a spectator to a participant now, will he?"

The sun god had a real headache, now. He could see that the Thunder God being completely ower powered by the sentient armament, whereas Zemere who is under the control of Ewelina has completely restrained Khionee. The advantage that they had in numbers was completely lost.

Apollo wanted to make a move but his pride and the seraphic curse of the Divine contract made him hesitate. However, Apollo accidentally looked at the Seven Hells and after a short observation, his troubled face relaxed, soon regaining his calm.

"Miss Mortia, of course, I won't interfere with the battle. You did make me sign a divine contract, I am just acting in accordance," as he said that, he rushed forward like a blazing meteor.

Surprisingly, he did not go towards Ewelina, The Sun God rushed to Zemere. he grabbed the earth goddess and restrained her. 

"Heh, Miss Mortia, I am just calming down my friend, I am not taking part in the fight," Apollo gave a shameless excuse, to which, Mortia just smiled back at him as if she is belittling how much of a hypocrite he is...

The Sun God shrugged off his shame and issued his orders to Khionee...

"Khionee snap out of it! Zemere is being controlled. The armament is still receiving faith energy from the Seven Hells, there is still 1/3 of the dark kin that is still giving their faith energy to the Armament! Jolt them awake or Kill them!"

Khionee wanted to help Zemere as soon as she was restrained by Apollo. However, when he reasoned with her, she hesitated unable to decide what to do...

"Khionee heed my command! Zemere is in my hands, I may hesitate to interfere in the battle with the armaments due to the divine contract, but the killing you and Zemre are all but a small feat to me," The God of Sun emanated cold killing intent that made the Ice Goddess's spine shiver.

Noticing the danger for her life and of Zemere, Khionee did not hesitate anymore, she started to gather up enough power to freeze the entire Seven Hells.

Khionee lit up in dazzling white light, as the temperature of the surrounding millions of kilometers around started to drop to hit 0-degree Celcius and kept declining into the negative.

Suns in the nearby solar system started to go dim and the few closer Suns' entire flames went out as it became a dark magma ball of dim red luster. 

The Ice Goddess gathered the maximum of her strength in her hands in a circular orb of ice divine energy that is rapidly circulating in various streams within the glowing orb.

The highly concentrated energy ball of ice is more potent than thousands of nuclear bombs exploding together.

As she was about to launch that epoch freezing ice orb towards the Seven Hells...

A black scale hand grabbed the throat of Khionee and with a squeeze of his strong hand, the Ice Goddess's windpipe was chocked and shut. If not for Khionee having a Divine Body, the power in the arm, which was capable of crushing a mountain into powder, would have squeezed and minced the neck of any other being.

Seeing the new addition in this complicated conflict, Apollo was incensed, with gritted teeth he asked...

"Dark Lord, what is the meaning of this?"
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