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### The outer space of Divine battle between the gods ###

Soon after Apollo signed the Divine contract, Khionee successfully washed away the strange power that was invading the body of Faranis. The Thunder God slowly came out of his coma.

As soon as Khionee saw Faranis open his eyes, she did not spare him any word and rushed to Zemere. Though Khionee respects the High God of Sun, she agreed to this operation only on the insistence of Zemere. The Goddess of Ice and Earth, though not cordial in their domain of elements, the two shared a reciprocative personal relationship.

Khionee always had a fascination and reverence for Zemere, as Zemere helped in helped Khionee in her divine ascension. But in time, Zemere's noble persona and proud demeanor sparked more than friendship between the two. Despite being cold all the time, Khionee is a true submissive deep within, this trait of hers suited the preferences of Zemere. Though Khinonee has not openly courted Zemere, their secret affair was a known gossip in the god realm.

Seeing that her secret lover is in danger, Khionee rushed fast to the ball of red mist, but before she could reach the weird red gaseous ball, a female figure came out of it. It was the beautiful Mocha skinned figure of Zemere. However, the Zemere she saw was different than the Zemre that she knew...

Khionee remembered her secret lover as a proud dominatrix who punishes her at the slightest of errors. The degradation and humiliation though harsh they only served to excite Khionee. However, now, Zemere was chained like a beast and was forced to squat down with her hands to the side of her 40 Double-D fullsome tits, like a dog and was only allowed to walk on all fours like a beast.

Seeing her mistress being humiliated like this, made Khionee complete infuriated. The surrounding space started to freeze over and the nearby dead planets quickly develop a thin sheen of ice.


Khionee blasted off like a meteor towards Ewelina, conjuring a dazzling ice-pike that had an ice elemental qi surrounding it. Khionee's mind was fully consumed with the thought of murder, she wanted nothing more than to drive her pike through the body of Ewelina, freeze her whole being and shatter it to a million pieces.

However, just a couple feet before Ewelina, she stopped, because Zemere stepped up in front of Khionee's pike.

"Zemere, move out! I will destroy this corrupt armament! It should cease to exist for what it made you do, I will..."


Khionee was flabbergasted of being slapped by Zemere, but before could ask why, Zemre has a question of her own...

Zemere coldly looked at Khionee, her deplorable slut face that she showed to Ewelina was nowhere to be seen, "What did you call me?"

"...I ...I"

Zemere did not wait for Khionee's answer, she grabbed Khionee by the hair and made her bend down, her head well below her waist level and her ass raised high.

Zemere further put her foot over the head of Khionee and presses it down, making Khionee raise her butt to the maximum. As he was forced to do this, though Khionee looked like she wanted to say something, she still chose to hold back her words and complied with what Zemre made her do.

Khionee is an elegant European beauty, maroon haired, tall and lanky. She has a tasteful pixie cut decorated with shiny flower-shaped ornaments. Her tight elegant Bodycon dress snugly enclosed 44 D cups perky tits, which was firmer than Zemere's double D's. Khionee's butt is only at 39 inches on her long legs but they are a tasteful inverted heart-shaped butt. As her fullsome ass cheeks connect on her small waist, from behind, it will appear as if she's hiding a naughty jiggling heart within her clothes.

As Khionee's butt heart was put raised high, Zemere conjured a dark black lustering paddle and swing it hard on Khionee's right ass cheek with no hesitation.

[Thwack] A resounding loud smack echoed all around, and before the noise could settle...

[Thwack] Zemere alternated to the left butt cheek, but the hit was harder than the last one... 

[Thwack] This time Zemre hit the left ass again and pressed the paddle on the ass flesh to make the pain seep deep in...





Zemere kept as it till each of Khionee's ass was hit 20 times, "Khionee, I asked you a question and if the answer is not to my liking I won't hurt you more, instead, I will stop."

The thought of being unpunished and ignored by her mistress petrified Khionee as she rushed to answer...

"Mistress, I called you by your name. This slave needs to be punished more for her transgression, please don't stop."

Zemere said nothing but one word, "and?"

"...and ...and I ordered you ...This slave did not know her place. Please hurt me more mistress! Please!"

"Raise your clothes and show your reddened ass cheeks to me."

"...but ...but mistress ...they ...they are watching..."

Zemere pressed her foot harder on Khionee's head, "are you making me repeat myself?"

Forced into public humiliation, Khionee's body trembled in indecision...

...but she still conceded to her mistress.

Khionee slowly pulled her dress up from under, exposing her pale white long thighs that ran up to her shapely plump butt cheeks, reddened by the harsh treatment of Zemere.

The thought of other gods seeing her like an obedient little dog made her face fluster in shame. However, no matter how Khionee expressed her reluctance to the humiliation, the glistening wet fluids that are dripping down her thighs spoke a different story.

Zemere forced two fingers into the plump pink cunt of Khionee, spread her ass cheek and forced her thumb into Khionee's pink rosebud above her p*ssy as Zemere continue to pump Khionee's c*nt and pulled hard on the cli.t, making Khionee moan out loud like a sl*tty prostitute in heat.

Zemere face shifted from the cold mistress that Khionee saw and went back to a perverted lewd sl*t face similar to when she walked out of the red mist.

"Mistress, didn't I tell you I had this bitch eating out of my fat mocha c*nt for over a century. What else do you want me to do to her?" Zemere eagerly asked without any shame as she stood naked and gingered Khionee, expectantly looking at the mature Ewelina for her command.
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