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Looking at the pitiful state of Joab, Chuck sighed and turned to the lanky punk.

"You! what were you planning to do with the knife?"

"I... I... was just..."

"Darby is everyone you know an idiot?"

Darby cursed the seven generations of the blabbering fool in his mind, as he hastily told the punk to spill the beans.

"I was going to teach the bitch a lesson by knifing her face, she came at me on the streets, standing up for her loser brother. You understand me right, big brother Chuck. We men need to keep up our reputation on the streets."

The reply stunned Chuck and Darby at how serious this little lunch money thief thought of himself and after a moment of stunned silence...

"Hahahahaha Darby, did the little dipshit gave us a talk on the 'reputation on the streets'?"

"I apologize Big brother Chuck, it seems the kid's been kicked in the head," said Darby as he also joined Chuck in laughing at the serious punk.

Laughing out loud Chuck walked to the lanky bully and without any notice...

[Slap] Five of Chuck's finger were etched onto his face as the fell face down on the pavement. Angered by being suddenly assaulted the punk planned to get back up and knife Chuck.

Sadly, Chuck loves bitch-slapping a lot.

Therefore, before his plan was even fully thought of, he was slapped 13 times and his head felt dizzy. All the thought of fighting back flew away from his head.

"Big brother Chuck, I will not mess with anyone again, please let me go," cried the punk as he begged to stop the demon from slapping his teeth in.

[SLAP] "When did I tell you to turn a new leaf?"

[SLAP] "Don't assume shit for me!"

"Then... I will bully everyone! I will be the most despicable person there is, looking up to Big Brother Chuck, following his footsteps..."



"Big brother Chuck please tell me what to do... Please stop slapping me, even my mother won't recognize me if my face swelled anymore," cried the punk with his tears streaming down.

[SLAP] "That will be the last and it is for not asking me what to do sooner."

"The other slaps are for trying to knife this beautiful face," pointed at Makena as Chuck berated the punk.

"You think it is easy to meet beauties? You fucking retard. I'll fucking knife your balls if you ever try any shit like that again", threatened Chuck as he was furious.

During his heated tirade, he missed the young Makena pressing her athletic thighs together, looking at Chuck with infatuated eyes.

However, Makena's smitten eyes opened wide to what Chuck said next.

"I want you to knife this fellow," said Chuck as he looked in the direction of Joab.

Everyone was aghast at what Chuck said, Joab started quacking in his boots as he heard it.

"Big... brother Chuck... have I... have I offended you..." timidly asked Joab.

"On the contrary, I admire you. You tried to overcome your fear and tried to stand up when your little sister is in danger. Only that, you were held back by the other two dumb fucks."

"Now that I've dropped the duo shit heads, it is a fair one on one between you and the one who tried to knife your sister."

Joab was shivering scared since he heard Chuck telling the punk to knife him. However, at this moment, there is something else in his eyes besides fear. There is anger, anger over what might have happened to his sister if not for Big brother Chuck.
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Along with anger, there is also a smidgen of something else...

...there is a slight tinge of murder in Joab's eyes.

"Big brother Chuck, my brother... he could never..." started Makena in hopes of saving her brother from a knife fight.

"You don't have to worry about him. A boy becomes a man not with age, but with an opportunity to face his fears. Don't stop your brother from becoming a man."

Makena bit her lips and stifled her words over what Chuck said, but she couldn't stop herself from saying...

"I... don't want... anything to happen to him..."

Hearing the little lady's care for her brother, Chuck gave her an all teeth smile and told her in a voice that only she could hear...

"Am I not here? With me around, would I let your brother get hurt?"

With the rough looks of Chuck and a full teeth smile, normally, even sleeping babies would start crying. However, his smile and assurance made Makena feel relived in heart, and also a bit of arousal towards her savior and protector.

On the other end, the bully punk and Joab looked at each other. The punk was worried whether if it is a test by Chuck for him, he did not know if he should go easy on the loser.

However, all reason was lost when the punk did not see a shivering scared heap of human waste, but the cold eyes of the pest that he usually bullies for fun. The punk could take a beat down by the oppressing Chuck, but the thought of his money bank trying to stand up for himself drove the bully insane.

With no announcement, he rushed up to Joab holding his knife in his hand to see the scared look on Joab. Though overwhelmed in fear Joab was ready for the punk. Taking a hesitant half a step back, Joab looked at his terrified little sister. From there he moved back no more.

Swearing to himself that he will face whatever that comes next, Joab stepped up to meet the knife that was swinging at him.

Makena wanted to rush forward, only to be held back by the waist by Chuck's strong hand...

"Big brother Chuck... My brother! He... Please go save him! I beg you!"

"Makena, trust your brother and look carefully on what happens next..."

"...your brother is going to do something cool."

Feeling nervous, Makena could only stare at the showdown between the two...

'Big brother, please be safe... please...', Makena kept repeating it again and again in her head as she watched the event conclude with her wide eyes.

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