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Chuck's quirk is foresight he can predict the next moves of his opponents a few seconds before it happens, with an accuracy of least 90%. These few vital seconds when combined with the elite Tzar physique makes him a deadly foe. This ability allowed him to triumph over his opponents irrespective of strength levels, as he is always one step ahead in a fight.

When Cyrus exploded in a scorching might, Chuck quickly ran towards Cyrus. For those who are looking at Chuck, it might appear like he is an unrestrained warrior galloping with brimming battle intent. However, in reality, he is a cold calculative chess player who knows that time is of the essence and the sooner he makes a move, the higher will be his chances of killing Cyrus.

[Exhale] as Chuck released his breath his brain activity multiplied many folds, his heart was thumping like a fast motor, pumping oxygenated blood to every part of his body.

'I need to hurry up before he increases any more in temperature.'

'The ground is already starting to melt into a molten Magma. He must be around 450-degree Celcius and increasing.'

'My sword has a titanium edge. Titanium has its melting point at 490-degree Celcius. At most I could deliver one good swing.'

'I need to make the best of this one chance and take his head with me! Come on! Let see if you melt my blade or if I cleave your head off!'

With such thoughts swimming in Chuck's mind, the short few seconds he closed upon Cyrus, charging like a bull. Meanwhile, the flaming cardinal was trying to increase the temperature as high and hot as possible and was getting ready to punch Chuck in with a hand that is guzzling out a blazing flame like a flame thrower.

The fiery sight was like an evil creature of the fire pits of the hell that came to the surface with blazing anger to burn the world as a whole.



Both Cyrus and Chuck screamed at each other as they both came close and swung at each other. The sword in Chuck's hand was buzzing in a screech as he set its vibration to maximum buzzing at 600,000 vibrations per minute. One-touch of that blade even the hardest of rocks could be rendered in two.

The hot flames reached Chuck first...


Despite his skin developing blisters facing extreme heat, he went through the flame and reached close to Cyrus and at the moment of impact, when Chuck's knife was about to fall on Cyrus's neck...

[BOOM] The knife hit a hard object and screeched on it, drilling deep, grinding it.

Chuck who could predict everything with astounding accuracy met his limits when he had to monitor fours Tzars together. The 10% of unpredictability developed an anomaly in Chuck's plan of action. For the first time, Chuck's attack was thwarted by someone.

It was Thurston, he came between Chuck and Cyrus at the exact moment that Chuck was going to behead Cyrus. He used his earth-element armor and his powerful body to forcefully bear the devastating damage of the blade, which otherwise would have been a guillotine for Cyrus.

Chuck wanted to change his target to Thurston as soon as he saw him coming in between him and Cyrus, but Thurston seemed to be prepared for Chuck. He conjured up a shinning buckler over his forearms. The buckler glimmered similar to diamonds but was 10 times harder than diamond and due to the constant influx of earth elemental energy, it automatically heals itself when damaged.

Despite the impressive Buckler, given enough time, the Sonic blade would have cut it into two, but the optimum time to strike Cyrus was already gone. Chuck who knew that he missing the golden opportunity, did not stay and fight, he immediately rushed past the Thurston and Cyrus and ran into the row of buildings. He quickly rushed away and was lost from the sights of the four Tzars.

"What are you doing?" fumed Cyrus, clearly displeased over Thurston's interference in his fight with Chuck.

"What am I doing?! What are you doing?! If I hadn't stepped up now, your head will be rolling on the road like a flaming football."

"I understand the warrior intent. I am also one of the strong. Though this power was given to me, I never thought I am the strongest. Especially because I was given this power, I am more vigilant of those who are able to get as strong as a Tzar on their own. They have their way of fighting and we have ours. Call me a coward if you want, but there are things that I want to preserve too. I think our ideals are worth more than our egos."

Thurston said all that, he didn't wait for a reply from Cyrus. He walked to the side and after a short moment of silence, he said...

"You still command this operation. I will obey what you tell me, Cyrus. If you want to fight with your life on the line, let's do it. It is just death. But just remember, you brought us here, you don't fight alone..."

No one said anything, the four Tzas looked away in silence as if everyone is waiting for the others to talk.


"I apologize to everyone for acting out on my own and thinking just for me. Though I still want to compare my strength with Chuck, I did not bring you all here for that," started Cyrus

"Divine servants like us had to value our sacred mission over our honor. I called all of you to hunt a Tzar and no matter how undignified I may be forced to act, I will kill a Tzar! We will Kill a Tzar!"

"Charmaine you are the fastest of us all, you are tasked to smoke him out."

"This will be interesting," playfully answered Charmaine, with battle intent surging in her eyes.

"The combination of Chuck's damage output and his quirk is very alarming and at the right circumstances, except Thurston, he can one-shot all three of us. So, Thurston, you should accompany Charmaine, as soon as she smoked him out, you should tank for her, buying the time enough for us me and Erela to block his escape."

"Got it," said the gruff voice of Thurston.

"Erela, your physique is not your strong point, but your lightning bolt attacks are fast and devastating. You are our long-distance damage dealer. Chuck will make use of our smallest mistakes to deal the highest damage. When any of our team members are in danger, you use lightning to blast off Chuck."

"Understood," said Erela with no emotions and her face cold as her usual self.

"I will stay with Erela preventing Chuck from taking her out, first. He cannot sneak up on me with my heat domain activated. This is our basic plan of action. I will closely monitor the situation and give the necessary commands."

"Everyone, let's go kill a Tzar!"


Chuck, who ran away from the battle scene, went past multiple rows of houses and when he was sure he was out of the detection range of the Tzars.

He went to hide inside a building, he ransacked the house that he broke-in until he found the fridge. The freezer compartment wasn't defrosted for a while as it had a thick caking of ice on all the sides except the opening. Thanking the seven generations of the owners of the house, he stuck his hand that was still sizzling with blisters inside the freezer compartment.

**sizzle** **sizzle** The residue heat in the hand quickly melted the ice.

**huff** 'I lost my best opportunity to topple them, Cyrus's emotions must have cooled off by now. He would most likely form a calculative battle plan factoring in their strengths against my weaknesses.'

When he thought all this, Chuck understood that he is in deep trouble as his mind kept thinking plans afters contingencies, like a supercomputer searching for a way for him to survive. However, the frown in his face only deepened the more he thought about the situation.


"Things could get a lot tricky now."
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