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Bringing the blizzard and thunder the four Tzars made a clamoring entrance, showcasing their irrefutable power.

"Man, I had a nice little party going on here. why do you have to bring the snow?"

There he was...

Bare-chested with dried blood all over his body, a beast of slaughter bathed in the blood of those who dared to raise a weapon against him.

Holding the head of a corpse in one hand and a bottle of 192 proof vodka in the other. Taking a full swig of the bottle, Chuck casually looked at the four who walked into his party uninvited. He poured the remains of the bottle over the open wounds on his back.

"Arrrgghh, **huff** sterilization has always been a bitch," Chuck gritted his teeth as he poured more vodka all the open wounds in his back.

"Chuck you know why we are here. There are four of us. Give up, we will make it quick. If not, things could get messy," Cyrus got straight to the point issuing a death sentence to Chuck.

"Haha, yes yes, I was told the 4 of you has made a quaint little alliance. Ganging up on the strong like a bunch of scared little school girls." 

Thurston's face scrunched up in anger as heard Chuck.

"What Thurston is the truth too bitter for you? I should have cut off your little peanuts last time I kicked your ass. Hmmm, it's still not late, this time I will dice up your little rotten banana and make you eat a fruit salad."

"Bastard! I will f*cking kill you! Tear your limbs apart! Burn you to ashes!"

"Oh yeah, your cuss is just soo outdated like your face," Chuck cleaned his ear with a bored look and continued, "I heard that you killed your gardener. Listen you cannot fault a man with a better banana than you, the missus is hungry and has her needs after all. She seeing your rotten limp wrinkled sac every day, she just cannot help herself when she sees a nice long fruit."

He then looked at Erela and Charmaine, winked at them saying, "The two ladies know what I am talking about.

"Bastard, you just..."

"Just wait, rite?"

Chuck suddenly bowed to Thurston saying, "I am sorry for making fun of your manhood. I am deeply sorry. Please forgive me!"

"Hmph, it's too late, no matter..."

"Oh, I am not scared of a sl*t like you picking a fight with me. I b.itch slapped you in your church, I will slap your twice more today. I am sorry because I should not have made fun of something you don't have. You're a p*ssy who's too scared to step up to fight me. So I am going to ignore an old ugly c.unt like you," Chuck turned his sight to Cyrus, "you put together this nice little suicide squad and you seem to be the big cheese in your small little group. So why don't you tell Thurston here to DJ his fu.king worth and the ladies to twerk their naughty round butt, while we dance."

Chuck looked at Cyrus with a smile ignoring the intense killing intent from the other three. He held his knife tightly as it starts to buzz making a slight screeching noise in the turbulent wind as if the devil is mockingly laughing at the Tzars for bringing their head only to be chopped off.

"You said you knew that we would be coming, who told you?"

"Of course it's the big daddy of the World Army. You thought your tea house party would go unnoticed?"

"No, I thought we could swiftly catch you, three rogue Tzars, one by one and crush you before you formed an alliance of sorts."

Chuck took out a small gadget out from his pocket, "See this is a satellite GPS tracker and buzzer. One-click and the old guy in the World Army would rush to my location."

Thurston, Erela, and Charmine were flustered over the fact that Chuck had the backing of other Tzars. They had their focus primarily on Chuck but now knowing that other Tzars might come, the three spread their focus on the lookout for any sneak-attack.

"Hahaha look at you lot, just mentioning another Tzar had your panties up in a bunch. If you are soo scared why do you even bother showing up for a fight? Hahaha, Religious domination my pale white butt. The old man in the army gave you guys too much credit."

"So, no one was coming?" asked Cyrus, who understood the underlying meaning of Chuck's word.

"Haha, Cyrus, you old bastard,  why the f*ck would I need any help for bitch-slapping you?"

"Do you know why we hurried here as soon as we got to know your location?"

"Oh, all these years, there were plenty who thought that I am easy pickings, and only a few live to tell the tale, only cause I allowed. You know me, I love some heroic tales of me," cheekily said Chuck belittling the encirclement of the four Tzars as they slowly converged around Chuck prevent him from escaping.

"I don't think you are weak. I am terrified of you, you are the perfect assassin. With your quirk, If you were a blade in the shadow, we all would be dead by now. But, despite knowing the limits of your weak body you wish to fight like a brazen bull, putting your life at risk. Let me ask you one last thing, why do fight this way, out in the light, making it a disadvantage for you?"

Chuck looked up taking a moment thinking of the way he lived his life and said, "Unlike the blessed quirk in you four, who were given the power of a Tzar, we other Tzars had to awaken our powers. We gained what we have only by being tempered at moments of hopelessness with only the will to stand! Stand tall at the overwhelming odds, not to live or to win.  Just to keep standing, even at death."


"Cyrus, if you live today, remember this. You don't fight to kill, you fight to preserve. Your fight to preserve your values, morals, the closest of your kin, your right, needs, love and more. You always fight to save something dear to you. You may win or you may lose, but in a  fight, you should never appear weak or scared in the face of overwhelming might. You lose when you bend. You lose when you hesitate. You lose when you step back. A chance at victory oftentimes comes at moments near your death, only the brave can grab onto those chances."

"Tzar mean emperor, the path of the emperor is always up ahead with a courageous gait, head held high with horizons reaching the sky."

The more Cyrus heard what Chuck said the more his heart tremored making him lose his composure. Taking a moment to settle his mind, Cyrus looked back at Chuck and what he saw was not a man, but an ideology and the true meaning of pursuing strength. 

Chuck's grey locks fluttering in the wind with a carefree smile despite the encirclement of the four Tzars made him look like an otherworldly warrior saint. He appeared as the one who embraces life for what it is, staying true to who he was...

Cyrus bowed low to Chuck, "I also have things that I wish to preserve. Please excuse my transgression."

A bright flame burst up around Cyrus like a volcano exploded. The land beneath his feet melted and turned into magma. The heat was melting and sizzling off the blizzard and the thunder clouds. Cyrus forgot all about what will happen next, he brought out his power to the maximum. Battle intent surging deep within his eyes wanting to fight Chuck at his strongest.

Sensing the warrior in Cyrus, Chuck valiantly laughed out in anticipation stepping up to face the scorching Cyrus...

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