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Apollo had a bad feeling when he saw the red mist envelope Sorscee and Zemere.

The Ice Goddess, Khionee, went forward to check up on the blasted off Faranis. She was surprised to notice that a strange power was invading his body, keeping him in a coma.

When the red mist enveloped Zemere, Khionee was already busy with transferring part of her divine energy trying to arouse Faranis from the coma.

As Khionee could not come to the aid of Zemere, a short impasse arose in the intense battle between the gods and the celestial armament. Apollo was twitching to make a move, but the presence of Fate mistress restrained him.

"Khionee hurry up with Faranis! Zemere seems to have been caught in a trap. Our upper hand will be played in vain if we don't strike now," then he turned towards Mortia saying, "I hope the Fate Mistress will continue to stay impartial and not interfere in the battle that is unraveling."

"Mister Apollo doesn't seem to be just the spectator as he mentioned earlier. You seemed more like the commander of the entire battle," said Motia with no emotion in her voice.

"Haha sure you jest, Miss Mortia. If I truly make a more, not even cinders will be left behind. I am just vocally reminding my friends what they came here for."

"Hmmm, in that case, I am no more than a spectator similar to Mister Apollo," smiled Mortia. As soon as she said this, Apollo felt a force envelop him.

Apollo's face turned cold when he felt the force, "Miss Mortia, you are insulting my integrity by imposing a divine contract on me. Do you think that I need to make a move to take down a low god's armament?"

"Haha, the Sun God is fiery as always. If your words are worth their weight in gold, you will not have any trouble signing the contract, will you now Mister Apollo?"

"Hmph, who said I have worries signing the contract, but since this involved two of us and me being the only one signing the contract seems a bit unfair. Don't you think?"

A dazzling scroll of gold materialized between them and it duplicated into two identical scrolls. The two divine parchments flew over to Apollo.

"Identical contracts, please check it. I have no trouble being physically uninvolved. Heck, I won't even lower myself to being a cheer girl like how Mister Apollo is with his friends? What say now? The divine contracts still quake you in the boots?"

"Haha, I am not sure what you are planning Miss mortia. This is a situation that even a blind could see. Schemes are useless before overwhelming might," saying so, Apollo grabbed hold of the divine contract and dripped a drop of blood on it.

The blood morphed into the divine insignia, which is a symbolic representation of the Sun. Seeing Apollo sign his contract, Mortia held her contract and smiled at Apollo...

"Mister Apollo, what if I refuse to sign this contract? I already have you sign a contract of non-interference."

Apollo's face went ugly as he realized that he was hasty with his actions, but he quickly regained his proud demeanor saying, "I am sure the Fate Goddess is not that shameless. Even if she is, I'll face the seraphic curse to stop Miss Mortia from messing up my plans."

"Haha, you are always serious Mister Apollo. Women don't prefer men who are too serious."

Mortia laughed in mirth as she dripping her blood on the contract, which then changed into the divine insignia of a weave.

Seeing Mortia sign, apollo sighed a secret sigh of relief.

"I apologize for not sharing the humor of Miss Mortia."

'Hmm, now I have her firmly tied to myself. This should prevent her from making a move. With this contract, things will be more convenient for me. But why did she insist on signing a contract that was more advantageous to me rather than her?' thought Apollo.

After signing, Mortia stood still in the same position where she has been standing all the while. But this time she had a thin smile on her face as if she could hear everything that Apollo was thinking...

'Oh, you wish to understand me? You fool! No man living or dead understands fate.'

As she thought this, she looked far away at the blue star. Quietly, sighing in her heart as she continued to stare at it...

### Back at the City entrance of Wunhun ###

"It is time," calmly said Cyrus as he made his way into the city with the three other Tzars in tow.

The four of them did not use any fast-paced movent skill or get into any vehicle. They walked to the place where Chuck was at, at an even pace. Unruffled and unfazed, the four Tzars made their way to Chuck. 

The eerie calm of the city that was bustling few hours before was like the premonition of the calm before storm. It is as if the lifeless buildings are watching and are helplessly locked to the ground and was not allowed to leave like the humans who resided in them. 

Bearing witness to the carnage that is about to descend, they watch in silence.

[Clack] [Clack] [Clack] [Clack]

As the four cardinals walk past the police blockade, there was a shift in the deathly stiff aura of the City. It was a sense of danger that only those who are strong can detect. If the world pro boxing champion was here, he will be drenched in cold sweat as if he was in the presence of a predator, clearly understanding that he was the prey...

Sensing the dangerous aura, Cyrus's entire body glimmers as if there were faint flames all around him. The Tzars have yet to see him, but the battle of the aura has already started.

Thurston called upon his elemental energy and it formed into a shining black armor over his bulky muscular frame, making him look like medieval heavy-armored knight.

Erela called upon a thunderstorm to protect her. Charmaine joined in with Erela and called upon a blizzard.

In a few short moments, the entire town of Wunhun was immersed in a devastating calamity. A category 5 hurricane alert was given to the surrounding city. The city was blocked and no reporter was allowed inside


The Police chief was standing behind the line of policemen who were preventing anyone from entering the town. He looked back at the dark black clouds that enveloped the whole town and sighed to himself...

"So it  began..."

"Men on the barricade hear my command! Beat anyone who is not listening to reason!" ordered the Police Chief.

The Deputy Chief was appalled over the callous command.

"Sir, if we do that then the press will..."

"Heed my command all forces use rubber bullets to shoot at the rioters!" The Chief ignored the deputy and shot his rubber-bullet loaded gun at the screaming journalist in the front. The reporter in glasses passed out at the impact of the rubber bullet hitting his forehead.

The gunshot was like the spark that was need to a barrel of gunpowder. The entire police force that was present started dealing with the unreasonable press and media channel employees with force.

Before the deputy could talk sense into the Police Chief, he was held back by an old man. When the deputy wanted to shrug off the hand, he noticed that it was the Defense Minister...

"I authorized this."

"But Minister this..."

"I know, I will bear all the consequences," said the Miniter as he resolutely looked at the Police using batons on the press crowd.

This time hen the Minister spoke, his was not like his usual feeble sickly tone. It was the voice of a man who is resolute and is ready to do the necessary fully understanding the consequences. The firmness in his tone was hard-hitting the very core of the deputy, stunning him speechless.

The deputy had only one thought as he looked around at the commotion that is happening... 

'This is madness! This is a den of madmen!'
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