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PORN STAR 56 Wanton Goddesses Part 2 : Inner lusty slut of The Earth Goddess - Porn Star

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"Quick, Khione, go check on Faranis... Zemere, you stop the armament before she fully executes the forbidden technique. We should never belittle a sentient armament."

### Zemere's POV ###

Assembling 4 gods to deal with a low god is an embarrassment to put it lightly. If not for the involvement of the Fate Mistress, I would not even give two flying f*cks about the sl*t with an accidental divine spark.

When Apollo told me to go deal with the armament, I wanted to get this over with as soon as possible, crumple the armament as a whole with a single slap.

When I came forward to attack, what I saw was not a pesky little brat.

It was...

She was...

I had never taken a man to bed. Unlike the slutty wh*res of the god realm who does not believe in the sanctum of real attraction, I am choosy in finding my perfect mate. Mother Earth's virtue is patience, after all.

However, when I saw her...

**sigh** The perfection that I have sought all these years was personified before me.

That long fluttering red locks, those piercing red eyes, the poise deep within them. 

The first time she looked at me...' mmmm'... I unwittingly pressed my thighs together.

The swells of her breasts, those bountiful treats made me lick my lips in anticipation.

Of what? Even I am not sure...

Her lean and trim waist made me want to rub my palm on the smooth pale milky navel of hers.

The little tuft of her red locks over her plum c*nt...

"mmmm you enticing little devil..."

When the fabled sentient armament was born, I wanted it. I felt that only I was worthy enough of a divine entity of such caliber.

However, when she chose her goddess, I resented the fact that a little dirty bitch had the heavenly fortune to wield an epoch startling celestial armament.

Deep down I always knew that I was resentful over the fact that I was not the chosen. When Apollo asked me to accompany him to destroy the sentient armament, I immediately agreed.

I wanted nothing more than to destroy her...

But when I saw her.

She saw me.

She saw through me...

She saw me want her...

When she walked up to me in a brazen gait, I could not muster an attack and when she pressed her nipples on me. It felt like a hot iron was branded into my soul.

My arousal escalated with c*nt juices leaking down my thick thighs...

I could have attacked at any instance...

But I let her playfully lick my lip as she played with my nipples. Never was forced to such humiliation. Being fondled like a paid harlot who had no right to object...

'Ohhh, **sigh** the sinful blasphemy... was soo heavenly'

Then she kissed me, full on my mouth, wrestling with my tongue with her tongue. Teasing my wet tongue, stroking it with her tongue. She noisily licked and slurped on my spit. The squelching noises made my heart beat faster...

As I hopelessly try to put up a mental defense, the pleasure that is overloading my sense...

She grabbed my fullsome, firm and squishy ass cheeks. She held it possessively as if she owned me.

**huff** She squeezed my ass hard, sinking her fingers into my malleable butt cheek flesh. 

**huff** **huff**

Before I know, I am naked and embraced like a cheap prostitute by the sentient armament. She trampled on my dignity and had the gall to ask...

"Who do you obey?"

'hmph, as if my allegiance is that simple. Pleasures are not enough to conquer me. I, the Goddess of the domain of Earth, does not fall that easily...'

"Hehe, so you want more?"

To my defiance, she laughed, the ring of her laughter sounding like a melody.

I tried to voice my firm refusal...

Wanting to tell her to stop...


I cannot stop myself from anticipating her next move...


Ewelina saw the mental turmoil of Zemere as if she was part of Zemere's mind.

The redhead said nothing as she lifted up a fullsome brown tit of Zemere and kisses the underside of the heavy orb, she kissed all around Zemere's light brownish-pink areola, yet ignoring Zemere's dark pink nipples.

She squeezed a full tit hard with one hand, as she bit the just above the nipples over the other soft fleshy orb, making Zemere moan out. In pain or pleasure, unknown to those who heard it...

"Ohhh... be ...be gentle..."

Ignoring the Earth Goddess, Ewelina gave a hard slap to the bouncy tit of Zemere.

**slap** [Twatch]

Ewelina left a reddened handprint on the smooth bouncy tit of the Earth Goddess...

**huff** "...how ...how dare you..."

"Hehe, you sure you don't want me to do it?"

**slap** [Twatch]

"...st ...stop... mmm..."

**slap** [Twatch]

"...mmmm...I ...I am..."

**slap** [Twatch] devil

"...If ...if you ...keep this up..."

Ewelina grabs the full tits by each a hand, kneaded it like soft dough and squeezed it hard. She made Zemere's nipples to stand erect and quickly fill with blood, as the shade of the pink on her nipples deepen, so did their sensitivity.

"What will happen if I keep this up?"

"...I ...I will ..stoP!" screamed Zemre, as Ewelina leaned down and bit hard on a nipple and yanked on the nipple with her teeth. The stimulation set Zemere's pussy on fire. 

Ewelina bit and chewed on the goddess's nipple like a little beast who is hungry for milk. Zemere eyes rolled back, showing only her whites.

The steady flowing pussy juices of Zemere became a torrent when Ewelina slapped hard on the other tit and pulled on the nipple with all her might. She stretched Zemere's nipple taut, making Zemere scream her lungs out...

"OHHH MYYYYY I AMMM GOINGGGG TOOO DIEEEE," the Earth Goddess p*ssy erupted like a volcano, fluids of sexual release shot out like a geyser. Spurts of pussy juices coming out over and over...

Zemere limply fell on Ewelina, with a sl*tty lewd look. Her tongue hanging out with drool dripping by it. Her face had the happy expression of a crazy person, with her eyes looking lost and far away.

The pleasure was too intense for Zemere, as her body shaking and a steady stream of pussy juices kept flowing out.  Zemere's c*nt kept squirming for more than 20 seconds.

While the Earth Goddess completely lost herself in the throes of pleasure, her mind turning silly, her mental defenses were leveled. The smile on Ewelina's face recede and a sharp and cold look came upon her. 

Red mist flooded the body of the Earth Goddess and started to openly invade Zemere in torrents.  Dark red sigils of strange symbols started to form all over the Goddess's body.

"With this sl*t, things will be a bit more convenient for me."

"Enjoy your slice of ecstasy. You're lucky I need you now."

"Hmph, if not, I have endless ways to torment you..."

'The toughest would be Apollo, Fate mistress has him in check, but can I really believe him to not interfere when their advantage shifts?'

'I need to plan things more meticulously...'
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