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PORN STAR 55 Wanton Goddesses Part 1 : Ewelina matures into a 50 E Cups Hourglass beauty!- Porn Star

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It came as a shock to everyone when they saw the Mid-God Faranis was punched off like a missile. Everyone usually brushed off the might of Ewelina as she always assumed the appearance of a little loli in her humanoid form. Furthermore, her chosen goddess is the lowliest of low-gods with negligible followers and no faith energy.

However, Ewelina herself is the most coveted sentient armament that is born once in a million years, can she be something normal and lackluster? Because of Sorscee's low faith reserves, the gods failed to notice that Ewelina is a finely crafted katana, but was wielded by a child making her appear less threatening. But when given enough energy reserves, the terror that she can bring knows no bounds...

The scariest thing about sentient armaments is that they are capable of learning martial mantras and have an innate forbidden battle form that unlike the usually battle form. The only downside is that it comes with a serious side effect when one uses the forbidden technique.

Usually, the side effects of the forbidden technique are borne by the wielder, but rarely, a celestial armament may fully imprint with their wielder, never to be used by anyone else. When such a bond is formed, the weapon bears the brunt of the forbidden technique sparing the wielder any ill effect.

The red luster that was emanating out from Ewelina completely enveloped her into a ball of red light, as if she is covered in a cocoon.

"Quick, Khione, go check on Faranis... Zemere, you stop the armament before she fully executes the forbidden technique. We should never belittle a sentient armament," ordered Apollo as a war general who has a firm hold over the situation. However, for a mighty plan to work, you need a less mighty opponent, the shrewder your opponent, the more childish your scheme becomes...

Such are of the perks of Ewelina's forbidden battle form, elevated intelligence, and flaw prophecy. 

Before Zemere could get close...

"I will say the Sun god is right, you gods should reign-in your innate conceitedness, it's unsightly. ," an exotic female voice echoed throughout the vicinity.

A beautiful female hand extends out from the ball of red light. Lazily a female figure raises out from the light orb as if she has been soaking long in a bathtub and was miffed that needed to walk out now.

A gorgeous woman of knee-length red hair, red gleaming eyes, plum red lips on a pale white curvaceous body emerged out from the light orb. Unlike the little loli, this female has bountiful curves of hefty yet perky 50 E cups capped with pink n*pples that extend out like erasers. 

Her waist is a work of art like a lean and fit belly dancer's waist. Each of her ass cheeks forms a perfect hemisphere and on the front side, her p*ssy is partially covered by beautiful blood-red curls, making those who saw her want to see more.

She gave everyone a charming devilish grin as pulled on one of her puffy nipples...

"Mmmm, what is this divinity of my goddess **huff** it is making me naughtier by the minute."

Zemere who always had an elevated opinion of herself, cannot help but feel inferior towards the raw exuding sexuality of the new Ewelina.

The redhead casually walked up close to Zemere, her red eyes salaciously scanned the curves of the Earth Goddess making her more conscious of her inferiority.

"I thought you are here to destroy me, why are you gawking at me," coyly asked Ewelina.

Being called out by the cheeky armament, Zemere blushed in shame. Getting her emotions under control, Zemere amassed earth elemental power to crush Ewelina. Suddenly, a red mist arose from Ewelina's body and enveloped the two dispersing the earth elemental energy.

The red-haired beauty calmly walked forward at the shocked Earth Goddess and pressed her erect nipples on the fullsome tits of Zemere, eliciting a moan from her.

"Mmmmm" **huff**

Though Ewelina matured up to be top-heavy hourglass beauty, Zemere's 40 double D sized bountiful tits are nothing to be ashamed about.

The feeling Ewelina exudes is an aura of a flirty playful vixen, while the beautiful mature look of Zemere exudes a restrained sensuality. The sexually charged sight of the divine beings will make mortal die from orgasming.

Zemere wanted to snap out her strange mental state, but Ewelina did not give her the chance.

The sinful celestial armament grabbed Zemere by her neck, still looking at her with a curious smile, pulled the matronly beauty in, lips close to each other.

Ewelina lightly licked the plump lower lips of Zemere, while her one hand snaked its way to the plump ass enclosed in the earth Goddess's culotte dress. Her other hand cupped a full 40 inches double D of Zemere. She squeezes bother hand tightly...

"Ahhh mmmm... what are you ... ummm...mmmm..." Ewelina fondles the sinfully curvy body of the Earth Goddess.

The red mist started to flow around Zemere slowly dissolving all her clothes. Zemere is left with a naked body and her jewels glistening all over her body.

The mocha skin and the gold ornaments contrasting each other, creating a picturesque scene.

"...stop ...stop this ...don't ...try to bewitch ...mmmm..." Ewelina shut her mouth with a full mouth kiss, pressed her nipples over the erect nipples of the matron goddess, her two hands cupped and pulled Zemere's ass and spread her ass wide, exposing the pink pucker.

Ewelina presses her tongue into the mouth of Zemere, licks her tongue, bites and pulls on the warm wet spit coved tongue, licking it.

Unbeknown to Zemere, the red mist started to slowly seep into her body. Red sigils of different symbols started to slowly appear on her skin.

Ewelina pinched and pulled both the nipples of Zemere, as she fervently slurped on the Earth goddess's tongue.

Stilling holding the nipples pulled, Ewelina rubbed her thumb on flat tips of Zemere, overriding her senses with pleasure from her sensitive nipples.

"Who do you obey?"

With a blushed face and red tinted cheeks, Zemere said, " **huff** hmph, you don't own me **huff** that easy **huff**".

"Hehe, so you want more?"

"...no ..that is not ...what I meant..." as Zemere spoke her voice went quieter and unknowingly her eyes started becoming brighter and a faint red shade is reflected deep in her eyes.
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