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The fate mistress saw the similar encirclement of the supremes of Sun, Earth, Ice, and Thunder on Chuck. It is as if a mirroring of mortal and divine fate.'The four Tzars are connected to the four gods here, the Tzars are their champions in the mortal realm. The only two that do not have a connection are Chuck and Sorscee, will their fate change if the duo's fate becomes intertwined...' were the thoughts of Mortia as she saw the uncanny resemblance in the fates of Chuck and Mortia.The Fate Mistresses is unfazed by the massive explosion caused by Ewelina's Railgun because she knew that Sorscee's present of power will not be enough to change the momentum of fate.As Mortia expected...[BOOOOM]The massive explosion shook the entire outer space, destroying the nearby starts and dead planets into space debris.The scale of the attack is more powerful than a desperate full power strike of a mid-god. However, the devastating attack was held back by a force as soon as the attack reached the tribulation clouds.[Booom] [Slash]The attack wasn't just held off, it was sliced in two with sharp bolts of lightning that rendered the energy blast into two, nullifying all its might."...High God Perun lent you his lighting axe!"Sorscee felt hopeless at the sight of the High god's celestial armament."Do all of those in the God Realm want me to fail? The first thing I saw when I ascended to the god realm is the divine construct of the Creator God and the Golden embossed words underneath it, the illustrious verses: 'The divine are one in mind, inseparable in the soul, always together in existence'. What happened to the Creator god's words! Do you lot hate me so much!?""Hmph, you filthy devil spawn do you think that you belong in the god realm just because you have a divine spark? We restrained ourselves and did not murder you on the streets on the very day you ascended, only because of Creator God's teaching. Give an inch and you ask for a yard! Bitch have you ever took the time to consider how many god's divine domains you will encroach upon if you step into medial godhood?" coldly stated Zemere, the goddess of Earth.**huff** **huff** Sorscee took deep breaths to restrain her anger."What do you want me to do? Never to try to ascend and give up on any desires of medial godhood?"This time it was Apollo who answered, "we would have let you be if you quietly existed knowing your place. Instead, you have the gall to amass power and threaten the balance of God Realm. You need a higher punishment to make you repent for your transgressions.""Oh, the might Sun god has some arrangements for me? Let's hear it!" said Sorscee in barely restrained anger."We will take your celestial armament.""No!""If you resist, we will crush your divine spark, make you a fallen god and will throw you into the Heathen blood river, let your soul be tormented for eternity," icily stated Khione, the Ice Goddess.Ewelina undid herself from the form of railgun and back to her humanoid form..."..If ...If I come with you, will you let Mommy go?...""You have my divine oath. I will let her live," grandly said Apollo."What will happen to Ewelina after you take her?"Faranis, the mid-god of Thunder, gleefully answered Sorscee, "Oh she will be fed to mighty Lord Perun's axe, repairing its weapon soul that got damaged in the last Faith Society war."That is no different than killing her! She is a sentient armament that is born only once a million years. You fiends, you want to destroy her!""Sorscee, watch your mouth! It is regrettable that a celestial armament needs to be destroyed, but she is a sentient armament, who knows if she will truly serve her new owner..."Before Sorscee could argue, Apollo continued, " Shut up! I am not here to negotiate with you. You either let us take your armament and keep your pitiful life or we destroy your divine spark, imprison your soul and take you weapon.""Mommy, I will go with them. Let them do what they want, I promise I won't be a disobedient girl. Mommy should live. Live more happily for Ewelina too."Sorscee chocked up in tears as she saw the pure smile on Ewelina's face, being ready for death for a chance at life for her.Sorscee rushed up and hugged Ewelina, "Darling, you are being disobedient.""...Mommy ...I""Remeber the day we met?""...yes...""What did we talk about on that day?""...Mommy asked me...""...asked me, why I choose you...""What did Ewelina say?""When the gods saw me, Ewelina only saw greed in their eyes, only Mommy looked at me with care...""Ewelina said that she wants to be with Mommy and no one else!""Ewelina made Mommy promise never to leave her...""Well, that is enough of your sappy drama. Sorscee give me your armament! or die first!" Faranis impatiently rushed up and swung the High God armament, Perun's axe.Sharp and invasive bolts of lightning shot out arcs after arcs from 5 feet long glinting blade of the axe.Boom!The very fabric of space is being crushed and being continuously destroyed...Ewelina wanted to anxiously change into a fort or a shield to protect Sorscee, but she was held back by Sorscee..."Mommy... they...""It's alright," smiled Sorscee like a freshly bloomed flower, untainted and pure."...Mommy ...are we going to die?""Maybe...""Uwwu, Ewelina is ready to face anything when she is beside Mommy."[Boom] [Boom] [Boom]The might of a high god's armament is unquestionable. When the attack was initiated, the space around Sorscee became frozen, prevent her from escaping. The entire region started to break down and be destroyed into chaos.Sorscee and Ewelina looked at each other, smiling at each other, unfazed by the destruction that is happening around them."Darling, will you fight for me one more time?""Aren't you going to fight with me, mommy?""I don't think I can this time...""...mommy..."Before Ewelina could ask, Sorscee puller into a tight hug, gave a long kiss on her forehead and when Ewelina was silently enjoying the closeness of Sorscee with her eyes closed...[Spulch] warm liquid splatters on her face, jolting her eyes open...Ewelina's face went pale at the sight of what she saw...Sorscee had her hand deep in her chest, her toga dyed crimson with blood. Blood leaked a line out from the side of her mouth, but she still had a loving smile as she looked at Ewelina."..mommy ...why ...why did you ... don't you like me... are you going to leave Ewelina alone..." cried the charming armament, like a lost helpless girl."Silly girl **cough** I want to be with you forever **cough** that is why... here..." Sorscee pulled out glowing orb from within her chest. The fist-sized orb is more dazzling than a bright mid-day sun in summer. The orb invoked the prestige of a sovereign with auspicious golden clouds surrounding it."...mommy ...that...""Darling, fight for me, one last time..."Sorscee kissed Ewelina one more time and pressed the glowing orb into her forehead. The orb met no resistance as it was fully absorbed into Ewelina. The unconscious body of Sorscee fell weakly over the stunned stoic Celestial armament."Shit! she put her divine spark into her celestial armament. Faranis, stop playing, kill them quickly," hollered Zemere, the Goddess of Earth."...mommy ...talk to me ...mommy..." Ewelina kept asking with a lost look on her face.Faranis quickly rushed forward with Perun's axe in hand. With unstoppable momentum, he came to Sorscee and Ewelina and swung down the axe hoping the split the two into four.[BANG] the swiftly descending axe was stopped......by a pale white dainty small hand...No matter how Faranis tried, he couldn't move forward or pull back, as the axe was held tightly by the small white hand. The blade did cut the palm as blood was dripping down, but the hand still firmly held the sharp blade unfazed by the wound..."BITCH, LET GO!""... all of you will pay for what you made mommy do..."Tears of blood came out from Ewelina's eyes, as she calmly looked up at the gods that had come down to deal with her. Her whole body started to glow red and pulse ina rhythm similar to a heartbeat...

She let go of the axe and while Faranis was trying to steady his footing from the sudden release.


He was punched in the gut and was sent blasting off in supersonic. In an instant, he was shot back a 1000 km, crashing into a dead star exploding it whole.
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