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"Chief Ying seems to have not much confidence in us. I agree it is difficult to bet on the conflict between the Tzars when it is one vs one. However, we four churches have allied and congregated now, there is no singular force in this planet that could go against us."

As soon as the voice was heard, Chief Ying's face became more solemn, her ever-present smile was replaced with a serious look...

A man dressed in a pope's vestment, decorated with a sun insignia walked into the command tent. He spared no look to the coiled up and bloodied Li Jun.  As soon as he walked inside, the Tzar of the North-East shut his trap and shrunk down his overbearing attitude.

The man just looked straight at the Defense Minister and said, "have the army surround and maintain the perimeter, not to hold in a Tzar, but to prevent your citizen from accidentally walking in. I will give you 30 minutes to evacuate everyone and not to interfere anymore."

Chief Ying was incensed by the man obstinate attitude to the country's minister, as she was about to voice her thoughts, the wrinkled hand of the minister held her. He shook his head 'no'.

"Tzar of the North, Cyrus Flame, I welcome you as the representative of the country. I have already ordered an evacuation to proceed with swift and haste. However, be it 30 seconds or 30 days, you will move in only after the last of my citizens have exited the city." said the calm voice of the minister, not even standing for the Tzar.

"Old bastard, you dare behave insolently!" fumed out the Tzar of North-East

But he was interrupted by Cyrus, " Thurston, go easy on the minister, he reflects the prestige of the sovereign. We did collectively agree to not contest the authority of the state," then he turned to the minister and continued...

"Don't call me a Tzar, I don't have an elevated opinion of myself, I am but a god's servant. Just call me Reverend Cyrus."

As he was talking, a younger man in a priest vestment walked up to him and whispered something by his ear. After the young priest conveyed a message, Reverend Cyrus walked up to the coiled up and weakly panting Brigadier Li Jun.

Li Jun noticed someone next to him and when he looked up, he only saw the black heel of a shoe...

[Spulch] Li Jun's head exploded like a watermelon as Reverend Cyrus stomped the Brigadier to death.

Cyrus did not give an explanation, he walked out saying, "Though I don't identify myself as a Tzar. A Tzar's prestige is not something that the likes of you should ever try to test Minister, I hope your country does not repeat such an unsavory incident. I don't mind ignoring the peace treaty for a day to let the Chinoise government understand the repercussion of waging a war with a Tzar."

After saying that, Cyrus did not wait for a reply he just walked out with Thruston in tow.

"Hmph, a bunch of hypocrites!" fumed the minister.

"Chief Ying, speed up the evacuation. Though I held my ground on the talking, these bastards would do anything for keeping face. The smallest of their displeasure may very well cost a lot of innocent lives," he sighed

"Minister, the Tzar Chuck Norris is unlike them, his actions never threatened our Nation's security. His presence even guarded our country as a deterrent force. Why are we plotting against him?"

[Sigh] "These were orders of the Prime Minister."

"Little Ying don't think much into this operation. People of our caliber are unable to participate in this altercation. *Sigh* I only hope that the aftermath does not affect our people or our country."


As Cyrus walked out with Thurston, he met up with two beautiful females, dressed in church vestment. The two ladies are the true embodiment of the saying, 'sin doesn't appear sinful.'

The voluptuously enticing women are the former fabled female paladins of the church of Thunder and Winter. The Ice empress Erela and the Bloody Thunder Charmaine. 

Currently, Erela and Charmaine are the Cardinal Priestesses of the Church of Thunder and Winter, while Cyrus and Thurston are the Cardinals of the Church of Sol and Terra. 

The four used to be only four Tzars, the Tzar of North, East, West, and South. They ruled the planets as a whole, uncontested until two more Tzars came to be. One became a notorious Kingpin of the underworld and the other became the honorary General of the World Army.

The four churches' had a deplorable religious objective, they wanted to brainwash the denizens of planet earth into a sanctimonious group of pious followers for their god, making the planet a harvest ground of faith energy.

Although the four Churches had a similar objective, they each wanted their own religion to reign supreme on the planet. Therefore, their alliance was estranged and was only in name.

Before the Churches could overcome their differences, the governments of all nations unilaterally expressed their support to these two Tzars, either openly or covertly, which in turn developed a restrictive counterforce. This complicated relationship held the world powers in check and put a stop to the four churches' appetite of religious domination.

Though surprised, the two Tzars were not a cause for concern for the  Churches, as the churches knew that they still hold the power to dominate when they pooled their forces altogether.

However, the emergence of Chuck shook their foundation. Though they hold the numerical advantage, their unquestionable supremacy is lost on an odds of 3 vs 4. 

Understanding their plight, the churches decided to form a true alliance least until they crush the other Tzars.

Chuck not being affiliated to any major religion or world power made him an easy picking in the eyes of the Cardinals. Therefore, when they heard the location of Chuck, the four rushed up to eliminate a threat.

The four cardinals did not bring in any subordinates, they just stood by the City entrance and talked casually as if they were tourists. Their supreme aura prevented anyone from being within 500 meters of their vicinity. The soldiers and civilians who were close by, had a sudden fear develop in their heart and quickly moved away from the four.

"When do move in?" coldly sounded the voice or the Ice Empress.

"In 30 minutes."

"Do we take him alive or kill him?" playfully asked Charmaine.

"Our alliance is maintained on the grounds of equal strength, if he joins any of our churches the balance will be broken and so will our alliance. I believe nobody wants to see that happen."

Thurston who has been quiet all along interjected with a request...

"I want to personally deliver the finishing blow."

"You still hold a grudge over getting your ass kicked by him?" Charmaine jabbed the sore spot of Thurston.

"Charmaine, cut your playful act. We are about to face a Tzar if he chooses to go down taking one of us with him, one of us may die, at the least one or all of us will be grievously wounded," chided Erela.

"Hmph, always so serious."

Though Charmine said that, everybody went quiet and mentally prepared themself for the most difficult opponent that they ever faced.
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