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When Sorscee and Mortia heard the male voice, they were not surprised. Their calm expression made it seem like the one in the tribulation clouds is an idiot who is trying to play hide and seek when everyone has already guessed where he is hiding.

"So, you already knew?"

"Faranis, only an idiot like you will expect the abnormal reactions of the tribulation clouds to go unnoticed. It is truly a wonder on how you gained the divinity domain of Thunder," casually said Sorscee in a mocking tone.

"Which high god put you up to this mischief? Speak before you lose your life over some little benefits."

"Heh, being as pathetically weak as you are, you have my respects for scheming this deep. But everything ends now, Sorscee"

"Haha, was it just me imagining you screaming up for help or should I blast your ass to make you scream again?"

"Though I have least reserves of divinity, I can toast your ass with Ewelina here."

"Hmph, spoken like the true sl*t prostitute you are, we are..."

[Slash] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] ...

Sorscee did not entertain a war of words, she just crushed another layer of Tribulation clouds. Almost 70% of the tribulation clouds are destroyed with the last assault. However, when she was about to charge the Gun-Sword to the fullest and overcome tribulation in one swift swing, a change happened.

Sorscee's daunting martial prowess came from the endless stream of faith energy from the Seven Hells. She herself did not have such an abundance of pious followers. Only by trapping the whole of Seven Hells, she was able to get the vast reserves of faith energy.

[Boom] [Quake]

The whole of the Seven Hells experienced a tremor that developed into a massive earthquake.  It shook and jolted the whole of the Seven planes. One-third of the dark kin who were caught up in the illusionary world of Chimera Expanse was jolted awake.

Sorscee's eyes constricted as she noticed the sharp reduction in the amount of faith that was constantly pouring into her.

"So that's how it is..."

"Zemere, now that you are here, why do you still hide? Show yourself you coward!" bellowed Sorscee.

"Ha, that was rich coming from a trash goddess who's top divine ability is luring unsuspecting denizens into a fake dream."

"Hmph, if it is not for the request of a high god, I would not dirty my hands on anything related to you." said an unpleasant female voice. As the voice was heard, a proud woman in her mid-thirties materialized above the Seven Hells.

Zemere, the Goddess of Earth, was a mocha-skinned curvy woman with a motherly beauty and a cold stare. Dressed more extravagant than the most profligate Empress in human history, humility is a concept that is lost on her. Zemere stood out like peacock amidst the mediocrity of reality.

"So its the two of you?"

"It's not just them," said a cold voice that is frigid like an arctic blizzard rampantly blowing out.

Another one-third of the Dark kin was frozen over, as they turned into ice-cold statues. The weaker ones of the dark kin, the frozen old and the children had their souls freeze and shatter.

When Sorscee was feeling the pressure of the inevitable face-off between three gods...

"There is no need to kill those peoples. Just waking them up would have been enough for our purpose," said a noble voice that filled all who heard it with warmth.

"Apollo, even you are involved..." coldly stated Mortia, speaking for the first time since the other gods arrived. It shows that even the Fate Goddess has to take him seriously.

"Lady Mortia, I am merely a spectator like you are," smiled Apollo, meaning that he will not get involved as long as Mortia doesn't step in.

"Haha, wasn't I called the lowly bitch of the God realm all these years? Thought all of you enjoyed treating me like an outcast, I am soo touched that all of you have come up to see me ascend to become a mid god. It will be disrespectful of me if I still did not ascend to medial godhood."

As Sorscee said this, Ewelina followed the thoughts of Sorscee and transformed into a massive electromagnetic railgun. Using the reserves of the faith energy charged into her, she fully charged the gun, arcs of electricity crackling all over the railgun.

Wasting no momentum, Ewelina blasted a destructive projectile at the speed of Mach 14, traversing 3 miles per second.


Within a tenth of a second, the projectile hit the remaining tribulation cloud creating a massive explosion greater then 10 nuclear warheads exploding altogether.

However, strangely, none of the gods that came with ill-intent made any move to stop her. It is almost as if they are expecting the fabled sentient armament to quickly use up all her power.

Thought the explosion was huge, it was stagnant. The flames are not rushing towards the tribulation, it seemed to have been stopped by something...

### Back at the Command tent of the Wunhun city ###

[Whittch] "Ahhh!"

"...Chief ...please ...stop..." Brigadier Li Jun kept begging the sadistic Army Chief Ying.

As if God has answered his prayers, Chief Ying was forced to stop her 'bug-squashing' when she heard a male voice...

"Hahaha, Little Ying is feisty as always. Never thought you are into whips. I guess every day is an unexpected revelation in life."

"Welcome, Tzar of the North-East," smiled Chief Ying neither being servile or overbearing. However, her way of calling touched on the sore spot of newly arrived Tzar.

"Hmph, once I kill the bastard, I'll reclaim my territory. You might as well start to call me again as the Tzar of the East, already."

"I'll use that title to congratulate the esteemed Tzar when you reclaiming your territory."

However, a different voice replied to Chief Ying this time...

"Chief Ying seems to have not much confidence in us. I agree it is difficult to bet on the conflict between the Tzars when it is one vs one. However, we four churches have allied and congregated now, there is no singular force in this planet that could go against us."
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