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"Are you going to fight alongside me?" smiled and asked Sorscee.

"No Mommy! I am going to fight with you!"

The metal statue started to come apart by the limbs, ankles, elbows, knees, head, and torso. The statue was hollow on the inside. Each part began to split open into various smaller parts and began to fly towards sorscee.

A metal part stated to fit over Sorcess's feet, another over her knee, the torso came together and covered Sorscee's front as a breastplate. The back of the metal statue came over on her back and fit perfectly with the breastplate.

Smalled metal parts came over her neck, her shins were covered, the thighs were covered. The hands and legs were fully covered with various metal parts. Every part was inter-joint with one another and had no gap in between any part.

Sorscee looked like her whole body was cast in metal, then finally came the helmet, it clicked into the neck armor and the front of the helmet came, it is smooth and had nothing but the illuminated openings for eyes, giving off a blue glow.

As soon as all parts came together, multitudes of screws came about and tightened every part to the max. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"Mommy, do like this? I saw this in one of the movies in the mortal realm," Ewelina's voice started to come from the inside like she is the battle suit's AI.

"Ummm, I'm missing something..."

A weird silver sword of over 12 feet started to materialize. The weird part is that instead of a sharp edge, it had a lineup of gun barrels. The handle had a trigger and trigger guard.

"Go on Mommy, hold it."

As soon as Sorscee held it, the whizzes and sounds of various guns from a pistol to rapid-fire Gatling guns that are installed on navy ships started to fill the vicinity.

"Mommy, slash your sword at something."

Sorscee loaded the Gun-Sword with the overflowing faith power. Strangely, the vast volumes of faith that Sorscee has trouble holding onto, felt little when it was directed to the Gun-Sword. It drank in the faith power with no trouble and it was not even close to being filled.

After charging up the Gun-Sword for a while, Sorscee made a cutting motion. From the start of the motion,  the Gun-Sword started to rumble louder than a thunderstrike as if giving warning to those that are in its path that destruction is imminent.

[Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom]... bullets of various calibers started to fire out, at over 6,000,000 rounds per minute.

A vast patch of the tribulation clouds starts to become destroyed. Before the remaining cloud recuperate the loss...

[Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom]...

Another vast patch was destroyed in an instant. The remaining swathes of clouds stopped recuperating the clouds and started to attach Sorscee with thousands of lightning projectiles.

[Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom]...

[Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom] [Boom]...

With just two slashes she destroyed the attack and destroyed a layer more of the clouds.

Even the Goddess of war never was fabled to have such a valiant momentum. Sorscee stepped forward in an unhurried pace destroying any amount of attack that the tribulation could muster. With every slash, she kept peeling off a layer from the vast clouds. 

The unending expanse of dark clouds does not seem so daunting anymore. Akin to a bringer of dawn, laying waste to darkness, Sorscee kept crushing he dark black clouds bringing light to the lands.

However, when Sorscee's victory is imminent and at sight, a male voice shouted from within the clouds...

"Bastard! When are you going to make your move? She is going to destroy me if she keeps up her attack."
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