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PORN STAR 50 Mirror Fate Part 5 : I want to be beside you! Ewelina transforms! - Porn Star

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### Back at outer space of Sorscee's Divine Tribulation ###

[BOOOOM] Ewelina who was transformed into a nuclear warhead crashed right into the tribulation cloud, destroying more than 1/3 of the whole expanse of the tribulation clouds. 

The explosion was like a bright sun in the mid-day sky hurting the eyes of anyone who dared to look at it. The flame of the explosion burnt and destroyed everything including the very fabric of space.

However, when the fire came around Sorscee, it enveloped her like a protective force field. Ewelina transformed back to the human-like look and held the bleeding Sorscee...

"Mommy..." Ewelina had her eyes filled with tears, but she is trying hard to not cry in front of Sorscee. Porn Goddess who is known for her fickle nature and her cold and decisive attitude showed a genuine heartfelt smile at Ewelina.

"Stupid girl, didn't I tell you to stay with Mortia?"

"...uwww... I don't care what Aunty Mortia has to say... I am your...


"...mmm... yes, I am also your Celestial armament. If you are facing a tribulation than I should face it with you..."

"...No matter what, I want to stay beside Mommy!..." saying all this the cute Ewelina stared at Sorscee with a  stubborn expression with her tear-filled eyes.

Sorscee always pinches Ewelina's ear when she's naughty or disobedient. She extended her hand towards Ewelina as if she is going to punish her for speaking out. The cute girl in the sailor cap closed her eyes tight obviously scared of being punished.  Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

However, the expected punishment did not come, Sorscee patted Ewelina on her head...

"...hmm yes, out of all the gods you choose me as your mistress. You chose me to wield you. I am not a goddess who is good at battles, I don't make much use of my Ewelina."

Before the little loli could say anything, Sorscee leaned close and kissed her on the forehead...

"Come, today, let's fight to our heart's content."

"hehe, yay!"

"Mommy Mommy, I learned a new thing from the mortal realm, want to see?"

"I will do anything you want," smiled Sorscee.


Ewelina's eyes turned red and a red beam came out, it wasn't an attack. On the contrary, it came out and started to scan Sorscee. Green digits of 1's and 0's started to flash in the iris of Ewelina.

Her body started to morph and transform making various mechanical noises...

[Spiliring] [Creak] [Thrik] [Click] [Vroom] [Clack] [Vroom] [Flint] [Click]...

In a few minutes, Ewelina transformed into a metal statue of the exact proportions of Sorscee. It had a flat metallic face and was grey in color. It had jet thrusters on the back and the feet, a red cape was valiantly fluttering behind. Making the statue look solemn and valiant.
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