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Makena grew up with a single parent, lacking half the parental love has toughened her up. However, no part of her life experiences ever made her ready to face a knife at 15 years of age.

Despair wrecked the mind of this bold little girl. She stopped believing in miracles, she never bought into the idea of heroic knights as a child, but just this once she hoped things were different.

As if the smidgen of hope is to be mutilated into pieces by reality, the steel knife grew bigger in her eyes as it neared her exquisite face.

Almost when Makena completely lost hope, the impact happened proving her that in life...

...miracles do happen.

[BANG] A motorcycle rammed into the tubby bully that was holding up Joab. The bike slowed down to a halt as the fatso caught stuck on the front of the bike and kept scraping the road until standstill.

The fatty squealed like a pig being crashed and scrapped on, making the lanky punk and every one freeze up on the scene. Seeing the knife stop inches before her face, Makena felt everything that happened was unreal, more than fear towards the knife, Makena is curious of the fellow who crashed into the bully trio's little event.

"Darby, what the fuck man?! You said holding the brake stops the ride. I have to crash land into this pig to save my precious life," shouted the male rider as he was busy unbuckling his helmet.

With a bitter smile, the guy riding pillion, presumably Darby, patiently explained, "Big brother, you held onto the clutch, the brake is on the other side, besides you should use the rear brake first, which is on your foot."

Still unsuccessful at undoing his helmet, the male rider was annoyed with his poor motorcycle skills. Therefore, he continued to give Darby a hard time, ignoring the trio as he continued his tirade.

The other bully who was holding onto Joab could not tolerate being ignored anymore.

"You gotta be fucking kidding me if you are going to talk things off as nothing happened," screamed the third bully, who happens to be a muscle head.

His big build always makes school kids intimidated. Thus, he was the cockiest amongst the bully trio.

The already fuming male rider, ripped the helmet lock with his bare hands, making Darby and the knife-wielding punk speechless at the scene. He removes his helmet letting people on the scene see his face for the first time.

For Makeena, it is as if she has seen her Knight, but instead of shining armor, he is wearing a skull painted helmet. She was immediately smitten over the high fade punk hairdo and the sharp masculine feature of the unveiled face.

"Hey Darby, what is this pipsqueak is talking about?" said the male rider not sparing a single look at the muscle head.

"Oh, they are some kids trying to play baddies on the street Brother Chuck."

"...hmm? Who the fuck are you calling your brother?"

Frightened over the displeasure of Chuck, Darby quickly slapped himself and spoke with a shaky voice.

"I am sorry Big Brother Chuck, I spoke without thinking. Please overlook this little brother's transgression," anxiously apologized Darby.

Meanwhile, Chuck calmly took a cigarette from the pocket of Darby and leisurely lit it, all the while coldly looking at the bitter face of Darby.

Sweating over the lack of response Darby quickly went to the front of the motorcycle and stomped the face of the squealing fatso bully.

"What the fuck are you screaming about, you are ruining the good mood of Big Brother Chuck."
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The simpleton muscle head is still miffed over the fact of being ignored and he had a weird thought of getting even for his bully partner being stomped. He thought that he could get even with Darby by teaching a lesson to Chuck.

The musclehead made his way to Chuck and grabbed him by the shoulder and told him the stupidest thing that he could ever say.

"Buddy, you're gonna get your ass whooped if you don't tell your friend to apologize and let us three kick the both of you in the face."

Darby looked at him as if the muscle head is sub-par human intelligence and was rushing to smack the dumb bastard before Chuck's mood turned even worse. Darby had a bitter smile thinking that just a short while ago he was a gang boss until he honked his new loud horn at Chuck on the street.

Then the Chuck Norris moment happened, as Chuck pulled Darby off of the speeding motorcycle and threw him on the road, all his biker chums who came to make a ruckus were bitch slapped into silence. Therefore, now he is teaching Chuck on how to ride a motorcycle hoping that his nightmare would come to an end if he could get on the good side of the hooligan.

Reminded of his pathetic situation Darby's eyes turned fierce as took out a knuckle duster, he planned to decimate the muscle head to alleviate some of his anger.

However, before he could arrive at the scene, the skull painted helmet made heavy contact with the skull of the musclehead. The boom rattled the bully and he fell down fainting on the road.

The lanky punk with the knife saw the situation going bad and understood that his juvenile little gang messed with the wrong people. He quickly apologized with Darby and Chuck to let them off. The lanky punk is actually the younger brother of a gang member of his biker gang. After letting Darby know, he overlooked the issue as the bully punks were the one who ended up ass whooped.

As Darby was going to take Chuck away, Joab rushed to the front and kowtowed on the road saying his thanks to Chuck for saving them, even if not intended.

Chuck looked at Joab for a moment and said, "Who said I didn't intend to save you?"

Though Joab and Makena are surprised by the revelation, the dismissive eyes of Chuck made Darby understood that he was just saying it to hide his embarrassment of crashing into someone.

"Benefactor, I am ever grateful for your timely aid."

"Yes, I help people in need, one of my many great qualities. But little fellow, what do you plan to do when I am not around?"

"What do you mean benefactor?"

"What's all this benefactor and gratitude crap, just call me Big Brother Chuck."

"...Alight, Big... Brother Chuck."

"As I was saying kiddo, who do you think will cover your ass when big brother is not around?"


Knowing his timid nature, Joab kept silent when he was asked about his situation.

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