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"...I ...I had no part in this..."

"Somebody is trying to frame me. I am from the reputed martial Li family."

"Why are you questioning whys of the incident with your wild theory? The killer is still at loose and we have an army ready for assault! We should engage him."

"I will surrender myself for an investigation after I've avenged the brave 30 men of our force."

Chief Ying did not try to interrogate him, she was glad he refused to admit. She calmly walked towards her duffel bag and pulled out a pair of motorcycle gloves.

The type that had the metal covering over the fingers and knuckles, she put that on as she nodded to the bullshit that Li Jun was spewing.

"So, in your fantasy, you wanted to go kill a Tzar and the tag of 'war hero' will help you thwart Military tribunal, am I correct?"

The brigadier was speechless as his thoughts were seen through and before he could get a hold of his composure, Chief Ying continued, "I am ashamed that my army was infiltrated by an insidious bug. Like any female, I hate bugs, but unlike most of them, I don't use bug sprays. I squash them with my own two hands,"

"...Chief ...what ... do you intend to do..."

[Thwark] Chief Ying gave a hard punch to the gut of Brigadier Jun.

"...you..." was all that Li Jun could say... Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

[Thwark] he was kicked in the nuts and as he leaned lower holding onto his balls...

[Boom]  [Creak] Chief Ying punched his face in breaking his nose and cheekbone with the metal knuckle bike gloves.

"...This ...this is a violation of ...military conduct..."

[Thwark] [Boom] [Thwark]...

The brigadier's complaints fell to deaf ears as Chief Ying took her time to dismantle his face. 

"...Minister... please ...please help me..."

The sickly old man coldly stared back, "You are a disgrace to the Li family. In  my opinion, Chief Ying is going easy on you."

"Little Ying, finish this quick, they will be arriving soon. We couldn't dare to let them wait."

"Yes, Uncle."

With that, Chief Ying pulled out a barbed whip with a thorny tip

[Whittch] "AHHH!"

[Whittch] [Whittch] [Whittch]...

The sound of whipping and screams of Brigadier Li Jun kept echoing all around the command tent. The officers who stood guard cannot help but break out in cold sweat as they heard the miserable screams of the Brigade General.

With blood spilling on the floor, he grabbed onto her leg and begged...

"...Chief ...I was wrong..."

"...I will ...face the ...military tribunal..."

"...please ...please ...let me go..."

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