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### Back in the command tent at the city entrance of Wunhuan City ###

"I received intel that the entire Special Ops team perished by the hands of the Tzar," emotionlessly said the Army Chief Ying.

"The Bastard! If we let him run loose like this, he will kill every man of our force one by one! Chief, we need to let the army take over and teach the Tzar a painful lesson," solemnly stated Brigadier Li Jun.

However, his righteous indignation did not evoke any praise or pleasant expression from Army Chief Ying, she just coldly looked at him as he awkwardly kept holding the pose of a military salute.

"Who was the one that tasked the Special Ops team to engage the Tzar?"

As the question was raised Li Jun froze up and the forehead started to sweat.

"I have no idea, Chief.  The Special forces wing is not under my command."

"But they are under the command of your friend Zhang Lei, are they not?"

"Chief... what are you getting at..."

"Heh," Chief Ying just smiled and walked up to the entrance of the tent, those that stood guard saluted her as soon as they saw her...

"Don't let anyone in for a while and not matter you hear, no one should be allowed inside."

The guards were baffled at the peculiar command, but they immediately saluted, 

"Yes, mam!"

With a soothing smile Chief Ying walked back in, she ignored Brigadier Jun and went to the Defense minister.

"Minister, can you excuse me for a short while, I have something private to discuss with my subordinate."

"Little Ying, you are heartlessly kicking out your old uncle at this age." [cough] [cough]

"I wouldn't dare! I really have something important to tell Brigadier Jun."

"Silly girl, you thought only you know Brigadier's childish little plot? Get on with it, I wouldn't interfere with your decision."

"...Chief...I..." hearing the casual conversation better the Minister and Chief Ying, Brigadier Jun had a bad premonition.

"You what? Sentenced 30 men to their death?" asked Chief with the same pleasant smile.

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"I mean you called in a favor with your friend Zhang Lei, pressured him to run an unauthorized operation of engaging the Tzar. In other words, you made an army platoon take up a suicide mission. Hoping not for the mission success, but for their death."

However, to this explanation, the only one shocked was Li Jun, both the Chief and the Minister were perfectly calm.
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