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The entire ordeal of being sinisterly attacked by the tribulation clouds made Sorscee guess certain things, but she has no time to ponder upon it.

Deep within the tribulation, she is constantly being attacked by the lightning. Once there is a lag in the reaction, it will create a domino effect of being blasted with multiple attacks.





Sorscee was repeatedly hit by thick arcs of tribulation lightning. Her dark golden battle armor is cracked and destroyed all over. Sorscee was not given any moment to gather her wit, as she was constantly bombarded by multiple arcs of lightning.

"Mommy! I am coming! Hold on Mommy!" Ewelina screamed and wanted to fly into the dark tribulation clouds.

However, her ascent was thwarted by Mortia as she firmly held onto her, "Don't! The mingling of your fated will only add more adverse effects."

However, when Ewelina saw that Sorscee being trampled upon within the tribulation cloud and blood started to leak out from her mouth, she lost all reason.

"LET ME GO!" her scream was like a banshee exploding, the surrounding fabric of space started to collapse, which pushed Mortia away. in her enraged state, Ewelina's eyes turned dark green with a green flame lit over both her iris. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Ewelina is a highly coveted celestial armament in the god realm. This favoritism not just because of her sentient nature, but for her other highly sought trait, which is 'infinite renewal'. She is able to change into weapons of almost any kind that has been created, mimicking its might.

Ewelina is treated like a real child by Sorscee. She often brings Ewelina to the mortal realm to enjoy the pleasures of mankind, she lets her play in the park, go to movies with her, buy her sweet treat and do more fun things. Sorscee tries her hardest to raise Ewelina like a real child, giving her a childhood with no regrets.

The one thing that Ewelina picked up from the mortal realm is the various forms of weapons, her fascination with modern weapons and its function often bring stars in her eyes. Compared to the usual forms of Sacred weapons like bows, swords, sabers, and spears; she loves the novelty in human weapons such as guns, rifles, missiles, and bombs.

Therefore, when she saw Sorscee in trouble, Ewelina did not transform into a sword or a spear, she transformed into a B61-W86 nuclear warhead with 80 kilotons yield destruction and launched herself into the clouds in rapid ascent.


When Mortia saw Ewelina rush out to protect Sorscee, she did not feel happy. The Fate Goddess had an inkling of the kind of encirclement that Sorcee was caught in, but as an impartial mistress of fate, she is helpless to alter the course of the events that are going to unfold. She could prophecize that the addition of Ewelina will not bring a favorable turn for Sorscee.

[Sigh] "So there is no stopping it."

"Sorscee, the heavens are fair, there is always a trace for survival, vie for it!" she muttered to herself. She lost all interest in the battle that is happening around her and looked at the Blue star that was far away.

"Maybe, he will bring a difference in this hopeless ordeal..."
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