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###Back in the outer space, where the mystic tribulation clouds surrounded Sorscee and rumbled in anger, ready to smite her down...###

Sorscee has materialized a cosmic sized golden bow that had a sacred glow surrounding it, making it look awe-inspiring. The arrow was an equally mammoth colossal, befitting the bow. It had a coiled snakehead and a burning flame at its tip.

This holy weapon of mass destruction when combined with the forbidden martial mantra, the Eye of Vengeance. The heaven shaking destruction of the holy bow increases multifold. When Sorscee let loose the arrow, the arrow broke the sound barrier, as it made its momentum escalate. The boom of going supersonic is like a forewarning for the devastation that it is going to bring upon the target.

[Boom] [Swish]

Unlike the throw of the divine spear previously, which created a hole in the dark tribulation clouds, the hold arrow tore a vast expanse of the tribulation clouds. Complete destroying 1/5th of the entire expanse of the tribulation clouds.

However, strangely, the massive impact has not made the tribulation weaker, it inversely made it even strong. The surrounding clouds generated more, swiftly sealing the gorge that was ripped open by the arrow from Sorscee. 

The development is truly strange and unprecedented. Despite her exhaustion of utilizing a forbidden martial mantra, Sorscee is forced to fight on, as the tribulation lightning started to descend upon her.

Each arc of lightning was as thick as an ancient tree trunk. The energy contained in each of the descending lightning is enough to destroy a planet, a whole.

Sorscee infused a vast torrent of faith energy into the bow, making its divine glow brighten like a sun in the mid-day sky. She did not wait for the lightning to come to her, she swiftly shot forward with momentum like a bullet and with a swipe of the bow, she destroyed the lightning arcs that were collectively coming for her.

As if feeling that her show of might is not enough, she flew into the dense black tribulation clouds, broke the intertwining lightning and started to shoot arrows after arrows using the forbidden high god mantra.

For those who are looking from the outside, it is as if golden explosions are going off every now and then within the dense dark clouds, almost making the whole tribulation cloud explode.

"Mommy you can win this! Destroy it!" cheered on Ewelina as she bit her lower in anxiousness. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

The overwhelming might displayed by Sorscee made Lucifer, who spectated the entire ordeal, become surprised. 

Before, he might have not believed if someone said that the goddess of porn could bring down such massive destruction. However now, he is relieved that her beef is with the tribulation, and not with him.

'I hope that she holds no grudge from before..'

As Father-Demon was contemplating his fate after Sorscee dealt with the tribulation, a queer thing happened.

"Ahhh" screamed out Sorscee as a bolt of lightning hit at her in a weird angle, masterfully using the short moment of weakness between her strikes.

The lightning from the tribulation clouds is emotionless attacks of destruction that rains down attack constantly.

It is usually a mechanical form of attack, like a gun attached to a machine and firing at constant to the fixed angle. The attack of the lightning was usually like an attack from a beast, straight on and with no technique.

However, the attack that hurt Sorscee was sentient and sinister in its nature, which is completely unlike a bolt of tribulation lightning.
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