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"...what ...are you?..."

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"Hmm, as a parting gift, if you tell me the name of the officer who made your team take this task, I promise to kill him on my way out."

"Tell me, who was it that signed your entire unit on a suicide mission?"

After that Chuck said nothing more as he walked up to the crouched sniper at a steady pace. His actions and emotions are without a ripple as if he already knows how things will end and no matter of struggle will change it.

"...Brigade General Li Jun..."

[Sigh] "You would have not participated in this mission, if not for the greed of benefits. You are not a good man."

"...you know this better than me..."

"I would have let you live if you were a good soldier, stubborn towards your orders and ready to die for your mission. You hold a grudge at your superior. You moan and b*tch about it in your heart. You feel that your team should not have been assigned to go against a threat as big as a Tzar, isn't that right?"


[Slash] Chuch unhesitatingly cut the head cleanly off of Operative bullet's body, letting his torso fall back with blood spewing everywhere...

"You have it all wrong."

"The right to kill comes from a heart that is ready to die. You are neither a warrior nor a man noble at heart. Dying on the battlefield may be your highest accomplishment in your life. May you be a man of a firm heart in your next life."

Chuck hoped that the departing spirit of  Operative Bullet would take the verses he said into the afterlife. Make it a lesson branded in his soul, never to be forgotten in any of his lives.

"Hmm, now this little appetizer has come to an end. I wonder what kind of banquet that those old geezers have prepared for me."

"Darn, my wound on the back itches a lot and I am damn thirsty."

"Then it's decided! I need alcohol!" 

Chuck talked aloud only to himself like a mad man as he walked through the bloodied street of corpses.

"Oh, what do we have here?"

"The head of commander Li Yong."

"You know you're a funny guy, trying to threaten me with my people, haha."

"Guess, I'll take your head back as a gift to those old fellas."

Chuck picked up the bloody mutilated head of commander Li Yong. As the fight came to an end, Chuck was seen casually walking down with a blood-dripping head of the Special Ops commander by the remainder Police force on the scene. Johanna's face went pale as she got to know the capacity of violence that Chuck is capable of bringing forth...

With a distorted electronic relay, the transmitter on an incomplete dead body buzzed "Platoon 3654! Report your status! Reinforcements will arrive shortly!"

"Platoon 3654..." the message kept repeating.

With shaky hands, the Sergeant picked up the buzzing transmitter...


"Reporting to command..."

"... Report Status! What the hell is happening there? What was all the screaming?" replied an impatient male voice...

"...I don't know …I don't know…"

"…just don't send anyone..."


"...Didn't you request reinforcement?"


"...All those who made the request are dead... Don't send any more men to die..."

"...This is a death abyss! ...We as humans cannot take part in this"

"Order evacuation! Leave! Leave! Don't look back! LEAVE!"

The Sergeant became more hysterical as the more he talked, he became a crazed man drenched in fear, but none berated him. Everyone's throat and limbs are frozen by the cruel slaughter that they witnessed this day.
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Table of Contents
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